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  1. Donn

    RIP Doug Peterson

    Goodbye, my friend. Your generosity and contributions will never be forgotten. Last seen waving goodbye outside Old Venice. Classic Doug: his old Mercedes wagon no longer had reverse so he had to be careful where he parked.
  2. Donn

    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Very sad, but hopefully not the end. Had a lot of great times with the crew on the old girl BITD.
  3. Just got a call asking if I'd heard about Ragland, Neil Young's old schooner. Seems she was being delivered back to Neil - repo? - and arrived in the Bay Area minus both masts, only two splintered stumps. Speculation is that the cost to replace the masts is probably prohibitive and her future is uncertain. Anybody seen her after her ill-fated voyage? Pics?