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  1. WhoaTed

    My daughter called

    I cringe whenever either of my daughters call. Occasionally means a car is broke or “doing something funny”; not often the case but still the first thing I think of when I see who’s calling. I’ll mention it to my therapist next week.
  2. WhoaTed

    Funniest Movie Scenes

    And going way back: (going over a contract) ”What’s that?” ”oh that’s the sanity clause” ”ahh ha ha, you no foola me, there’s no such thing as sanity clause!” Absolutely classic IMO, and the script was a vague guideline when The Brothers were on set.
  3. WhoaTed

    Funniest Movie Scenes

    “Newbomb, did you come already?” Hollywood Knights flies so far under the radar of quality comedies, rarely hear it mentioned. Highly recommended. ”Volarrrrrre...”
  4. WhoaTed

    OMG, the Ed and I

    Awesome! Meat’s on the invite list for all that, right?
  5. WhoaTed

    OMG, the Ed and I

    Gold right here. ^^^
  6. WhoaTed

    Neil Young

    Buffalo Springfield (Young, Stills, Furay etc) were a pretty big part of the Canyon scene; Young was also good friends with Joni Mitchell from their Canadian days, she either hung out or lived there also. Pretty cool that so many influential musicians (and some not so much) lived/hung out in a relatively small neighborhood. Kind of like the perfect storm.
  7. WhoaTed

    Neil Young

    That sounds like yet another one, “Laurel Canyon” two-parter you’re referring to was released just a few weeks ago on Epix (?). Thanks, I’ll have to check it out. “Echo in the Canyon” is another documentary on the Laurel Canyon scene released a couple of years ago; sounds similar to the newer one and highly recommended. The dramatic film “Laurel Canyon” that was released in 02-03 (Beckinsale, McDormand, etc) was what I thought he was referring to.
  8. WhoaTed

    Neil Young

    Found it...anything with Frances McDormand in it is usually worthwhile. I’ll check it out, thanks. While “Laurel” is fictional, “Echo” is a documentary...tons of old footage and interviews with musicians and folks who were there. What a scene!
  9. WhoaTed

    Neil Young

    Do you mean “Echo in the Canyon”? Excellent documentary on the LA musician/Laurel Canyon 60’s scene. Highly recommended. Young’s book “Waging Heavy Peace” is worth a read if you’re a Neil fan or interested in his music. His writing isn’t polished (to say the least) even after editing, but he seems honest and forthright; it gives insight into this eccentric dude. It’s on my bookshelf.
  10. WhoaTed

    How About Some Spring Lines

    Really Jack, far easier and faster than a Flemish or most other methods; takes a handful of seconds to “monkey” a few feet of line and no time to shake it out. Might look complicated but super simple once you see how it’s done, I’ve always been surprised it’s not more widely used.
  11. WhoaTed

    Used Car Anarchy

    Spark plug change? Be sure to do the wiper blades while you’re in there. Hertz keeps coming up, I took a look at a few of their sales sites after hearing they were filing; there aren’t any deals there relative to KBB and NADA valuations (at least on the larger cars/SUVs). Pass.
  12. WhoaTed

    How About Some Spring Lines

    I’ve very often flaked dock line ends chain sinnet-style (also known as monkey braid): quick and easy to flake, quick and easy to shake out, and can usually be hung over the edge of dock or boat if necessary to avoid clutter/trip hazard and keep the line from laying in water. Also an option for storing the long tail of any line (mainsheet etc), and lengthy extension cords on land or water. Extension cords look thoroughly tangled when stored this way, I enjoy the looks of surprise on the uninitiated when I shake the cord out straight and untangled.
  13. WhoaTed

    Random PicThread

    Is her last name Winter?
  14. WhoaTed

    Random PicThread

    “Donuts make my brown eyes blue...”
  15. WhoaTed

    Sailing downwind

    FishFood is Tetramin, that’s him looking embarrassed in the pic, first civilian on the left. The girl’s thumbs-up is insulting to the whole situation.