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  1. Life Vests?

    I sailed Tech dinghies in college, raced 470s later. Always wore a pfd. Bear in mind what sort of water you'll be sailing in. I once capsized in April at a regatta, got separated from the boat ... in 45º water. Took over 30 minutes to get picked up by the crash boat. That's when you learn (1) always wear a pfd and (2) get a wetsuit when racing in cold water. Hypothermia's no fun at all.
  2. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    hmmm ... since all the really cool Harken gear one sees on the Ego Displays has its genesis in what Pete & Ole developed for dinghies, I guess there's a certain amount of trickle-up in this game. It'd be nice to see actual racing amongst the reincarnated J class, but they might scratch their brightwork. As to the rest? Good luck to those who get paid rides, and one hopes they have actual careers in their hip pockets to switch to when play time's over.
  3. Team NZ

    Do you suppose Burling was gentleman enough to give Spithill his jock back after what he did to him at the start of the 2d last race?
  4. Terry Kohler

    I believe "Agape" was one of his IOR/ORC boats from the '70s. (wiki Agape (Ancient Greek: ἀγάπη, agápē) is "love: the highest form of love, charity;.agápē embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances) from dcbsheb post earlier http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2016/09/23/passionate-womens-match-racing/ Sad you too need to make a political statement, statisticly about half the people on these threads agree with his positions mostly. Take it to PA! Four things: (1) I know what "Agape " was. (2) I know what ἀγάπη means (and ἔρως and φιλία as well). BFD. (3) Terry Kohler's political positions were well-known (he wasn't shy). (4) Ask me if I give a sh*t what anybody's political positions on this thread might be. As some folks say: thank you for your input. That's Midwestern for "f*ck off".
  5. Terry Kohler

    I managed to bum a ride back from the Mac on Kohler's Learjet. The man wore a blue chambray workshirt (like what the Coast Guard issued we EMs back in the day) with the boatr name ("Agape") embroidered on the back, bowling-shirt-style. I thought it was the most wonderful pimp-out of the Chicago YC toffs. A former 470 competitor worked for him, was maybe 180º away from him politically, characterized him as maybe the brightest guy she ever worked for. The man was a bundle of contradictions: major conservationist, major supporter of anti-conservationist political types, but he did well with North and sailing. R.I.P.
  6. Cruising Yacht Design

    Just got back from sailing that very boat from San Jose del Cabo to Ensenada via the "Clipper Route", some 1200 miles of cold & wet. So I told the owners about this thread. They tell me that they have a copy of the drawings with Rod Stephen's name & signature on them. When they get a round tuit, they'll find them (in a storage unit ashore on the other side of the US from where they are), scan them, and shoot me a copy ... which I will post here.
  7. Melges'es Found in Georgia

    Sorry, T-bone, but (1) I am not angry in the least; just added some Mere Facts to a too-heated discussion; (2) I have no opinion on Boo-Yah's nor Canal Bottom's emotional states, and (3) I have not a clue who they are nor why anyone should conclude there's a new form of Trinity out there. I've been practicing law for going on 40 years in a city not all that far from Lake Geneva, and I have a clue what kind of BS is found in family law ... which is why I have steered clear of it. A friend who practices it says, to every prospective client, "the only certain outcomes of this process is that you will be broke and lonely. Still want to go ahead?" Spouses who take the law into their own hands, as it appears Ms. Melges has, deserve what comes to them. Self-inflicted wounds are not good ones.
  8. Melges'es Found in Georgia

    is that really how it works? 30 days? In very simple terms yes. The person is a felony fugitive from justice no different than a person who broke out of jail under the rules in 48 of our 50 states. In this case the lady was under specific court order to not take the kids more than 150 miles from home without first notifying the judge. The lady told her parents they would never see the kids again and disappeared with the kids missing a number of court ordered events. Last Tuesday the State of Georgia picked up this fugitive from justice. The State of Wisconsin now has a minimum of thirty days to come to Georgia with the paper work from the judge signed by the governor. If they arrive within the 30 days Georgia will turn over the prisoner to whoever has that proper paperwork. This all could be extended by any of the parties in an open courtroom with a judges order all subject to the regular appeals. In today's world picking these people up is contracted to private vendors at +/- $1 a mile. Imagine the worst boat delivery/repo crews with chains. The UCLU and others have many issues with the current practices. The other side is these people are at least accused felons fleeing the judges courtroom and the state trying to bring them to justice. The states and local governments do not want to spend the limited police resources traveling round trip to pick these people up. The best possible outcome for Michalene M. Melges would be for the judge in Wisconsin David M. Reddy a judge of Walworth County Circuit Court to quash or drop the warrant for some reason? That has not happened. Even if Georgia would somehow let her go? If Michalene were stop by the police anywhere she would end up locked up in that states jail starting the process all over again. Michalene did not just blow off her ex and parents. Michalene broke a long list of laws and most damaging she blew off the judge she had an agreement and order with. That resulted in a national if not international manhunt after the kids missed more than a week of school with no contract with anyone who would discuss it with the judge. Like it or not. Michalene Melges is held under the same rules Charles Manson would be held if he escaped California and was found on Georgia. Sometimes the governor will send his plane with the state police to fetch the fugitive. You decide if that should be funded by the taxpayers and whether political correctness should allow the friends and family to foot the bills privately. So for now Michalene sits and waits for the Governor of Wisconson to hire a contractor to pick her up and bring her back to see Judge Reddy. If they do not show withing 30 days. GA could let her go. The global warrant for her arrest would remain active until she settles with Judge Reddy and the State of WI. The lesson here the risk and pain if you get caught fleeing a judge across a state line is Yuge... Certain "rights" most think we have are simply non existent. If Michalene can even get a hearing in Georgia the only legal argument allowed is a claim she is not Michalene Melges and Georgia has the wrong person. Okay, but what I am thinking is that since she never skipped bail she would entitled to bail as much as any other individual who had been arrested for whatever reason. I mean, at this point she is merely under arrest, not convicted, and so would'nt she be entitled to bail? She can apply for bail once she gets back to the judge whose order she violated and once she has convinced the judge she is not a threat to anyone or a flight risk. So the first painful step is sitting in the GA prison waiting for the Governor of Wisconsin to send someone to pick her up. Then there will be a very uncomfortable multi stop slow ride back to Wisconsin in chains. Only then will she be granted a hearing with the judge in WI that put the warrant out. In Wisconsin any parent who hides a child for more than 12 hours once the divorce proceedings have started is guilty of a felony. Michalene defied a judges legitimate order, committed a felony crime against children, and fled the state for days. The court will see this as far more that "skipping bail". Best bet is she will at least need to do inpatient time in a psychiatric facility and then somehow get a one or more mental health professionals to testify to what the problem was and why there is little risk of doing it again. The standard for those that cannot admit fault, accept guilt, and convince the court that this is all behind them and never will happen again is to rot in custody until the youngest child is mature enough to protect themselves. Today Michalene is in a GA jail because she is a fugitive from justice. Once in WI custody she will stay there until the courts agree she is not a threat to anyone including her own children. For some of us type A people. Standing in open court and looking the judge in the eye with a forthright statement that this was all our fault, we are so sorry, and would never do anything like this again is really hard maybe impossible. Does she look like a "all my bad, so very sorry, this will never happen again... I only hope everyone can forgive me someday....." Until she does. No BAIL, No outside world for her. Rather than take shots @ Boo-Yah, how about a little shot of public record: State of Wisconsin vs. Michalene M. Melges Walworth County Case Number 2016CF000188 What is RSS? Filing Date Case Type Case Status Ascending Date Order Descending Date Order 05-24-2016 Criminal Filed Only - Complaint with warrant filed05-24-2016 for Melges, Michalene M. Defendant Date of Birth Address 09-28-1975 951 South Lakeshore Dr., #7, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Branch Id DA Case Number 4 2016WL001059 Charge(s) Count No. Statute Description Severity Disposition 1 948.31(3)(a) Interfere w/ Child Custody-Other Parent Felony F 2 948.31(3)(a) Interfere w/ Child Custody-Other Parent Felony F 3 948.31(3)(a) Interfere w/ Child Custody-Other Parent Felony F 4 948.45(1) Contributing to Truancy Misd. C 5 948.45(1) Contributing to Truancy Misd. C 6 948.45(1) Contributing to Truancy Misd. C 7 947.01(1) Disorderly Conduct Misd. B That might calm a few of the gripers (including the ed, who needs to get over whatever has been bugging him about judges and lawyers).
  9. Looking for Crew in Milwaukee, WI

    Weekends and distance races, but not Wednesdays. PM me to discuss.
  10. Disgusting Boat Name

    A guy once named his 470 "The Heartbreak Of Psoriasis". Then another guy, @ the Nats, showed up with his boat, named "Tegrin".
  11. Melges'es Found in Georgia

    I think a woman with some definition to their arms like that is incredibly hot. I'm not talking female body builder type, but those are better than your typical American woman who either has fat ham hock biceps or is so skinny as to have no definition. I would say those are about perfect. My daughter was a skinny little gymnast. When the Marine recruiters came to her high school, they offered a free hat to anyone who could do a chin-up. She did hers one-handed, then walked off. The recruiter called her back "hey, strong girl". Nothing wrong with a woman who's capable of cranking a winch.
  12. "Hi my name is Bedford, and i'm an..."

    I had a brand-new master's degree and, on the strength of it, scored a nifty job that was in the same town. On the first day I asked what sort of vacation we were allowed. They said "two weeks". So I said "in two weeks, I'd like to take two weeks". They were taken aback, asked why. I said I race boats in the ocean, and this thing called the Southern Ocean Racing Conference is something I've been doing for the past couple of years and want to do it again. They thought it was cool, and let me go. I stayed with the job for almost 5 years, commuting to Chicago to race every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Never got free airplane tickets, no posh hotels, no snazzy restaurants, bought my own 'sportswear' ... but it was fun, and lasted through law school ... when I graduated, needed to set it aside and build a practice. Now I'm retired. Making connections after a lengthy hiatus ain't easy, but I've managed a few. Need help making your boat go? I've got foredeck and navigational skills that are obsolete as hell, but at my age I can still trim, steer, and don't get rattled when it turns nasty out there.
  13. Cruising Yacht Design

    Not to contradict someone as sound a guy as Mr. Perry, but .... check out what I cited in <http://bluewaterboat...vens-hylas-47/> and the accompanying link, identifying a number of boats as being cut from the same bolt of cloth (as it were). My friends' boat is the non-pilothouse configuration, with a quarter berth on portside and a little settee on starboard, all aft of the head & galley.
  14. Cruising Yacht Design

    Sorry, but "Rod:" became "Ros via dystypia. Rod Stephens was the designer, and yes, S&S was the firm. I have it from the boat's owners, and its documentation. Maybe ask your friend Bill who actually designed the boat? Need proof? How about this: <http://sparkmanstephens.blogspot.com/2011/09/design-2390-c3-steven-50-pilothouse.html> All that proves is that Sparkman and Stephens were the design office responsible. We knew that already. OK, skeptics: <http://bluewaterboats.org/stevens-hylas-47/> Note that the Hylas was sold under a variety of names: <http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=5694>
  15. Cruising Yacht Design

    Sorry, but "Rod:" became "Ros via dystypia. Rod Stephens was the designer, and yes, S&S was the firm. I have it from the boat's owners, and its documentation. Maybe ask your friend Bill who actually designed the boat? Need proof? How about this: <http://sparkmanstephens.blogspot.com/2011/09/design-2390-c3-steven-50-pilothouse.html>