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  1. Yeah, I'm a cranky old sailor that enjoy's off-topic trolling. And enjoys the bleeding edge of technology. So here is today's emission. What do ya think? SpaceX today launched the fist test satellites for Starlink. It's a satellite-based internet radio system that represents the first nail in the coffin of SSB. Maybe VHF too. The one feature of SSB that has yet to be duplicated by space-based communication systems is the ability to jawbone for hours to a group of equally bored peers. Cheap globally available internet will move you old radio codgers of yesteryear over to Twitter, or, maybe better, free up lotsa bandwidth in the SSB bands. It's only a few years out...
  2. daddle

    Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    Buy the largest ones, then length doesn't matter.
  3. daddle

    Caribbean 600

    Makes sense. Thx.
  4. daddle

    Billy Graham dead at 99

    Not a fraud. It is more like a debilitating disease, a handicap, than a con in many cases. He sure inspired many that I mean many truly fraudulent con artists.
  5. daddle

    Bronze Nuts?

    Oh, you haven't lived! Seems like the low precision generic s/s marine hardware has enough clearance that it does not easily gall. I too have not seen it happen. And the Lok-Tite probably helps greatly. However well cut s/s threads gall readily. Even just spinning by hand. I have one that I just spun on for a test fit and will need to be ground off someday by someone else. It is loose but has several friends holding the part. Shoulda used lube.
  6. daddle

    Caribbean 600

    Well that was informative. The 21st century. What engine or electrical failure caused retirement? Lack of power for charting and navigation? Are sailing instruments required for safety? Powered winches or foils? I realize it is a complicated and hazardous zig-zag course. In this century is it typical to be unable to finish a course without power hungry charting? Batteries cannot do enough even with an effort at conserving power? I want to know.
  7. daddle

    Drip Drip Drip

    It's politics. One would think a populist politician's family would avoid even the appearance of corruption. Especially one with a "Drain the Swamp" plank. Technically Jr's little business trip may be okay. But the optics are terrible. Stinks. Yet there it is. Not hidden, yet denied.. And apparently perfectly acceptable to the faithful. The Clinton family ware not good in this regard either. Obama was most careful. The Bushes likely just too dumb, but their Cabinet worked the corruption perks pretty hard.
  8. Yeah, it occurred to me you might want a SSB and a book. I can, and do, read. That is why offered the SSB part, free no less. You don't really need the book. You simply attach the several components together. And add some very pricey (failsafe) backstay insulators. All the info is in the ICOM, Pactor and Sailmail manuals clear as the day. Newsflash: A Satphone is a radio. I said ^^^ SSB is cool. WTF? Ram an opinion? Did I post in all caps? Or what? I'm the least cranky person on SA. I'm laughing all the time here.
  9. daddle

    Drink more - exercise less

    I could probably drink more. I'll need some help. Maybe a more supportive stool at the YC bar. I had figured I would die in bed, but wifey is nearly half my age now so that may not be as likely. I don't think the research indicated to "exercise less."
  10. Yeah. Proves my point. The time and cost of the rehab goes in the negative column. For my new standing rigging the new backstay insulators for the SSB, alone, cost more than a Satphone. That was the last straw.
  11. daddle

    Reasonable Gun Control

    Gizmodo: Florida State House Declares Porn Is a Health Risk, Assault Weapons Totally Fine Though YCMTSU.
  12. daddle

    Caribbean 600

    Engine? Electrical? Sailboat?
  13. Yup. That is why it will soon go to the recyclers as electronic scrap. Along with the windvane. These two giveaways will prove that neither SSB nor Windvanes are wanted by anybody but tinkerers and armchair sailors. Their net utility on a modern yacht is zero, probably less considering the hassle.
  14. SSB is cool. But a huge waste of time and resources. Satphone is the way to go. But no flames please. Just my opinion. And to soothe the pain I have another unbelievable giveaway. I have a complete IC M-710 setup. Whatever Icom AT tuner, couple of PACTORS, cables, mics, brackets, that antenna isolator thingy. All working when de-commissioned. A little has tens of thousands of real sea miles ya know. There's a slightly non-working 710R too...I think it's just a loose or corroded connector somewhere. I think there is a roll of copper foil somewhere too. You gotta unscrew a couple of the parts from the yacht. All for free in Monterey. You gotta come get it. I too fucking old to screw around. If you are some kind of geek or idiot that wants to jabber on SSB come and get it.
  15. It would not be a guess. It would be calculated. If the boat has a course component that is not accounted for in classic calm water sailing - pehaps known from careful calibration - then that component must be current.