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  1. Alternator pulley replacement - sizing?

    Diameter, belt width, and offset. Ask me how I know. An alternator shop in Malaysia, once-upon-a-time, simply made one. Took just a few minutes.
  2. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    Just installed “4G LTE” here. For the house. Wayy out in the provinces, end of the highway, third world Philippines. Intense competition. TRULY unlimited data.. 100s of GB per month. Works great. Popular porn sites blocked (I hear, heh). $30 USD per month, with box, antenna, house phone, everything. At my “first world” home in California: “Not available.” Intermittent weak, and expensive, 3g signal. The single monopoly provider obviously has no incentive.
  3. WTF is up with this obsession with skin color??

    If by “here” you meant the U.S.A. I would propose there many variations. Some light skinned people feel a good tan indicates wealth and leisure. Maybe paleness indicates a coalminer or cubicle grunt. Seems like some latino outdoor workers make some effort to stay lighter. I doubt any of the many dark skinned American races would make any effort to look like a cracker.
  4. Jones wins.... what now?:

    ...that Crazy Glue adheres well to both a desiccated corpse and seashells?
  5. Boom vang load calculator

    You can work the other direction. If you are pulling on a line by hand figure a hundred pounds and multiply by the tackle ratios. With a winch either figure the power ratio or put a spring scale on the winch handle. That gives a static number which is a reasonable estimate of the working load. Looking at well-rigged comparable boats is a good way too. Greatest load on a vang might be when the boom gets wet in a broach. Or maybe dipping on a fast run. That’s when booms break at the vang. ?? Maybe. The ultimate static breaking load on the cheap plain blocks is wayy greater than the working load because running wear of the plain bearing is the bigger issue.
  6. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    1. So God rejected Moore, chose Jones? Right? 2. Trump winning cleared his transgressions, many say. So Moore losing is a judgement of guilt. Right?
  7. Space Absurdity

    I would think Musk is subject to US law. The US is bound by some space treaty that prohibits ownership. Or something like that. The typical way around all that nonsense is getting there first with big weapons.
  8. WTF is up with this obsession with skin color??

    The White Race should not flatter themselves thinking these whiteness seekers are trying to become like our White Race. They want light skin for reasons internal to their own culture. Here in the PI dark skin is very much associated with the labor classes that work in the fields, outdoors (Rednecks?), street people, the poor. Lighter skin implies leisure and comparative wealth.
  9. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    Hitler was not a mass murderer either, until he was. Anyway, there were very fine people on both sides...
  10. Kung Pao Anarchy

    More hot peppers. Less corn starch. Super hot wok. That is all I know.
  11. Tether to masthead?

    Single-handing? Teathered to the masthead? For a youtube video?
  12. Martec 2 Blade Folder Replacement...

    I am using a Slipstream stainless steel two blade geared folder now. Seems to run just fine.
  13. Loopholes in the new Tax Scam Bill

    Did they find the part that fulfills Trump’s promise that we could file on a postcard?
  14. I Study Liars

    Because they believe it is a war. Class/race/culture warfare. Anything goes. Like a Pro wrestling match.
  15. Space Absurdity

    The law says he cannot. But the reality is that the one with the better war machine wins the territory. That is the way it has always been.