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  1. El Boracho

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    After considerable digging in the archives I found this pic of SC 50 era cabinetry. With exposed edges galore. Both rides are about the same age and have excellent fit and finish for such old girls...
  2. El Boracho

    On a 500kg diet

    Teeth are kinda heavy themselves. Us old guys leave them in the car if it's going to be a light wind race.
  3. We need to delay the November election until all the public servants who allowed this mistake are brought to justice.
  4. El Boracho

    Diesel Engine Delete

    On my one-banger concrete mixer the compression release lets itself go after one cycle. Both hands are needed on the pull rope. Starts every time. 7 hp diesel. Can be spun over a few times by holding the lever in. Seems like the smarter way.
  5. El Boracho

    The Rose Garden

    That's what I thought back in February. Bought DEO, a huge adult beverage company. Turns out the bar and restaurant collapse hurt them. And private drinkers are famously cheap...switching from glam whiskeys to PBR, apparently. Usually a good investment in a downturn. It's crawling back now. Should work out fine eventually as total drinking must be way up.
  6. El Boracho

    V-berth anarchy

    Once saw a little sign on a quarter berth, like Disneyland: "You must be this short for this ride ☞"
  7. El Boracho

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Sheesh! Don't bust an artery dude! I find it calming to punch the buttons on my calculator until I find a number which supports my worldview. Division and subtraction for happiness! Learned that from Wofey.
  8. El Boracho

    Tax the rich

    It may not be the purely "super rich" who are calling for higher taxes. Probably a subset better described as "truly successful super rich". These people know that they would be successful and plenty rich even with super high taxes ... 75% or more. The group does not include the likes of Trump. Also, many of the super rich people in commerce wisely see that having society falling apart is undesirable. They actually know that Socialism is what they need for their dreams: like infrastructure, health, and a calm contented consumer class that is not fighting over scraps ... buying pitchforks with their last dollars.
  9. El Boracho

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    The cored glass panel and epoxy fillet approach seems like a great amount of work. Especially the sanding and finishing. The thin furniture ply is very easy to saw, construct and finish. A brief touch with sandpaper, a coat of varnish and you're done. Compare that with sanding and painting inside cubbies...ugh. Finishing the tabbing is plenty painful enough. Do it before mounting the faces. Seriously mask the wood. Figure out how to make perfect tidy tabbing. Perhaps use vinyl-ester vs. epoxy since life is short. Is the finished weight difference significant? Doubt it. The foam core method won't be zero weight... I use a portable table saw in the cockpit with a very expensive carbide blade. Cutting the pocket openings has been a challenge. A hole saw and fine coping saw seems to work best. Pretty easy to neaten up the wiggly coping saw lines with a sanding block. Mahogany breaks out kinda easy so the sabre saw is problematic. Tip on varnishing inside cubbies: Varnish on a little cloth wiper works remarkably well. Foam core would be great for counter top backing, bunks, and the engine box. The old world DF ply is nothing like today's retail stuff. Seriously dense and aromatic with pitch. Sands to a perfect finish. But, yes, wood is so last century...
  10. El Boracho

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Also...we don't really ever know what percent power the engine is running into weather when the speed control is max. Would be nice to have a torque measurement (like a helicopter) during commissioning. Could be that the engine is indeed operating at less than max power when at max speed.
  11. El Boracho

    Diesel Engine Delete

    I believe that marine engines are specified for continuous power. They have been adjusted for a lower maximum power by limiting either fuel flow or governed rpm. The tractor is set at 2700 rpm. It is almost the same Kubota as in the boat which is set at 3200. I suspect because the tractor must endure significant overloading at low rpm which the appropriately prop'ed marine engine will never experience. So they cut back on the fuel flow to avoid bashing out the bearings at low rpm. People's priorities will vary. I don't have any illusions of the diesel lasting 10,000 hours.
  12. El Boracho

    Renaming the Washington...

    The DC Democrats!
  13. El Boracho

    Aluminum Anarchy

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negative_resistance It is a well understood and trustworthy thing. However the negative meter indication is mostly useless in the case of @Student_Driver
  14. El Boracho

    selling Puerto Rico

    Like many pleasurable pastimes tropical islands are better rented.
  15. El Boracho

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Well...yes...and exactly zero horsepower at 0 rpm, also. And as pointed out by others very low rpm is useless for a prop. For simple motor drives torque falls from there reaching zero at max rpm. An advantage of electric drive is that with sophisticated automatic controls the power can greatly exceed the basic rating. But the internal temperature must be carefully sensed and limited lest all the smoke leaks out. So that could help with the docking issues. Presumably a 5 kW motor could do bursts of 10 kW if the drive system was fancy. Fancy like a Tesla.