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  1. El Boracho

    The Dog Ate Tucker's Homework

    Look folks, Hillary can murder a dozen people and skate. Burying some data belonging to fuckwits like Tucker and Rudy is comparatively trivial.
  2. El Boracho

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    Right wing arithmetic...like Trickle Down from the wealthy. 40 busses for 29,000 people means 14 round trips each. Nobody could have known....
  3. El Boracho

    Missing Canine?

    Saving up energy for the big vote counting fight. Dog is "standing down and standing by" with the crash cart for the coming death rattle of fascism.
  4. El Boracho


    Jesus Christ! Take it to Myth Anarchy.
  5. El Boracho

    The Dog Ate Tucker's Homework

    Forget the Electoral College and SCOTUS; the Post Office just selected the next president. President Biden! Good to see Newman again.
  6. Team Trump still has that in their Talking Points? Really? I flew from Asia to America in early March, as I have said before, no restriction whatsoever. Nobody asked anything. Nobody checked nothing. No quarantine. No medical check. A hundred flights a day. Old debunked claim. Nothingburger. Try again. Encouraging partying was a mistake, indeed. But quickly and honestly rectified. Nothingburger there too.
  7. El Boracho

    The Kushner tapes

    As if it matters in the PI, but El Boracho is an old guy. No, not just sex, but the whole lifestyle. Gotta try it to know it. It's more fun in the Philippines. On topic: Kushner is the opposite of filipino. And the third world is the place to be when things go bad in the first world. They know how to survive with a smile.
  8. El Boracho

    The Kushner tapes

    Yup. But I must apply for a visa now. No more tourist visa on arrival. Must prove I’m married to a national and have a home there. So you are out of luck. The government is partially bad in the PI, certainly. But has little practical effect on day to day life. And I think Duterte even enjoys high approval ratings. And good GDP growth. Trump would be jealous if he knew. Going there as a single guy, or just apparently single, will literally blow your mind. It did mine. The PI is out of control. In a good way. A typhoon last week destroyed a few cruiser’s boats that came loose. So there is that...
  9. El Boracho

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    Interesting. That is what I use. But 35 is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The difference in rig taping between that and the no-name discount stuff is astonishing.
  10. El Boracho

    The back fell off

    Impressive that she floats. That special green antifoul job is also popular around here.
  11. El Boracho

    “The Big Guy “

    Might be the WH editing posts. They have a record of such antics with Biden quotes and photos. Ju'sayin'.
  12. El Boracho

    Generator Anarchy??

    Unless there is a belt or gears inside, which I have never seen, a 60 Hz non-inverter generator is going to always spin at 3600, 1800, 1200, 900, 600, 400, 300... My guess is 1800 (30 rev/second X 2 poles) for small generators as the other rpm's are not conducive to both long life and power output. An inverter generator will run at whatever speed the designers choose for a given load. Genius. Could be constant, but probably not. They seem to run pretty slow when lightly loaded. Which is sweet.
  13. El Boracho

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    When the luff begins at the deck and ends very close to full-hoist. "LP" means "luff perpendicular", which doesn't say anything about the actual size of the sail. No need to get all bothered. I was only questioning that a 135% LP genoa would clear the spreader. As @longy helpfully pointed out you have swept spreaders. That along with some of the other things can get you there. All my full size 135's have extended well past the spreaders; with the wear patches to prove it. If you are really interested in going fast and pointing then tack that sail to the stem. And use a #1 when it is light. Did we learn if this was a race program? Because re-leading sheets while cracking off for a short reach to an over stood mark doesn't sound like a racing plan, however leading between the shrouds for one degree of lead angle does?
  14. El Boracho

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    Thanks for the pics. Okay, interesting geometric oddity that a 135 does not intersect the spreader...especially when led inboard. Kinda by definition the common 110% LP headsail just clears the spreader. The 10% accounts for the leech hollow. It's just basic geometry. So a typical (proper) 135% LP headsail must intersect the spreader. That's also just simple geometry. I suppose a number of characteristics of your setup could make the difference. Maybe (1) it is not really a 135% LP for that rig's true hoist, or (2) the leech hollow is huge, or (3) the raised tack and possibly less than full hoist are enough to allow what we see, or (4) the spreader is exceptionally high, or (5) a little bit of all of these things. Whatever it is you have a significantly de-powered 135 under typical sail measuring practice. Which is fine if you like it.
  15. El Boracho

    Generator Anarchy??

    An inverter generator will certainly dip in speed when a load is suddenly applied. The reaction time of the throttle to increase speed and thus power is much to slow...at least a few strokes. The inverter attempts to keep the output constant using whatever energy is available from the engine and generator (or alternator). In doing that I could imagine that the inverter generator speed might dip even more than the non-inverter style as it uses whatever momentum is available to keep the output up to target voltage. The non-inverter might also dip less in speed because as the speed drops the voltage drops and that reduces the load considerably. So dips in speed with an inverter generator might not result in any change in output voltage.