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  1. El Boracho


    5 MPH is pretty slow, but at just one farthing per furlong I am happy.
  2. El Boracho

    Drip Drip Drip

    Surely the Twitter user agreement prohibits using Tweets to target nuclear weapons? No?
  3. El Boracho

    Drip Drip Drip

    Yes, but no. His posts in the joke thread could in no way come from a young person. His painful very-old-timer jokes suggest he is well into his dotage...senility.
  4. El Boracho

    California posts massive budget surplus

    Exactly! My career was Silicon Valley. My retirement is cruising in SE Asia. Seems silly to do otherwise. Doubtful anyone could work in Ohio and then retire to the Golden State. The US Treasury sends me each month what amounts to a year’s salary here. Sunrises and sunsets are free...except for the yacht costs...
  5. El Boracho

    California posts massive budget surplus

    Yup. Truly amazing state. California should do some nation building in the flyover region. Try to extricate itself from the subsidy cost of those states. Probably pointless though because the special combination therein of ignorance and stubborness. MAGA!
  6. El Boracho

    Is Trump mentally fit to be POTUS?

    Are Trump voters and sycophants mentally fit enough to be considered civilized?
  7. El Boracho

    How much freeboard is enough freeboard?

    Not measured in feet, perhaps? But in heal angle. Also depends on the hull form. Some hulls get hugely sucked into a hole which moves the wetness problem aft.
  8. El Boracho

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    One of the 70’s was out there cruising full time, or was. Which one?
  9. El Boracho

    The Internets - overall good or bad for society?

    Yes. Usenet was epic. Both very good information and brilliant trolling. We even kept score on the trolls. With any idiot now able to stab at the screen, you know who you are, the average quality of both information and trolling is dismal.
  10. El Boracho

    The Internets - overall good or bad for society?

    Had to say “I’m unsure.” I have a quite narrow internet experience...however it extends back to before the inception. Sure was good for me as a Silicon Valley engineer. Obviously the internet is now about 99% pointless worthless blather...from forums thru conspiracies to gazillabytes of pointless youtube videos. I suppose anything that keeps the filthy teeming hordes sedated is a good thing.
  11. El Boracho

    Real Life Examples

    Living here in the Philippines, I’d have to admit that Trump becoming president bumped our leader here, Duterte, up a notch on the best leaders list. So we can be proud of that. Heh. Perhaps the USA joining this Banana Republic corruption and nepotism group has added some dignity to the governing style here, also. Our US income tax went up a bit, and the deduction shenanigans bumped us out of our paper-poverty so we lost our healthcare subsidy. And the deficit and debt issues may ruin our children’s finances. Good to see the wars and nation-building continue uninterrupted. Mostly just a real life embarrassment. With the little added thrill that a true nutcase has the nuclear codes.
  12. El Boracho

    Trail Cameras Again

    A couger tail is oddly long. And thick with a brush at the end. No mistaking it. I call that a bobcat. When we had chickens in the wilderness it was the foxes. They sneak in without the dogs noticing. But worse they are smart. The chickens, of course, panic and leave the safety of the coop. A fox on one side of the pen scares the idiots to run against the opposite fence. A fox waiting there pulls their yummy bits thru the wire. Leaves rather a big mess. Dogs show up too late. Good fun but no eggs. Double fence works, but the supermarket does too....
  13. El Boracho

    Decisions, Decisions. Opinions Requested.

    I use lamp oil. It is scented kerosene, I assume. Cheap, smell not too bad, cleans medium okay. Adding a bit if GUNK degreaser can help, but then waste disposal is an issue (especially for cruisers). The used solvent can be stored in a bottle where the old grease will settle out...ready for reuse.
  14. El Boracho

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    Great in theory. Works in some ideal anchorages. Ones without wind, current, obstructions above and below the surface, etc. All too often one lacks the luxury of any extra time between when the anchor lets go of the bottom and clunks into the roller. An aggressive washdown pump is the general solution.