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  1. El Borracho

    Dow 50K or higher?

    After being only half in (mostly AAPL) for four years I went full stock market bull after the election. So far so good with some new/green/alternative energy ETFs (+70%). Studied infrastructure sensitive stocks but they all seem so dull...infrastructure in the USA is going to be all the same old stuff. Low bid, thin margins, zero innovation. I had high hopes for the booze stocks during the Trump/COVID but the market said “nope”.
  2. El Borracho

    Trump's farewell party.

    What were the sycophants chanting?
  3. Good point. I have had far more paint events than I have had good paint jobs.
  4. El Borracho

    Temp for painting

    Central sees those dismal painting temps year-round. It is not so much the temp as the evening dew that dribbles out the scuppers to ruin the paint. Of course yard says it is no problem but the diver videos prove otherwise..... @Baldur ... you are coming to the PI? On your boat? I heartily approve. We are in the PI now, Quezon Province, but the boat is stranded by COVID in the US.
  5. El Borracho

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    He’s in Seattle, maybe Imperial units...80 gallons? I thought 80 grams seemed pointless, heh. 80 gallons is 290 kg ... three to five people hiking ... A computer is necessary for pumping water?
  6. El Borracho

    Physics of sail power.

    My guess is that you are dividing the boat into two parts: The sails, and everything else. To measure the force accurately everything else must be in the state it would be in on a beat in 12 kt wind. A Farr 40 has exceptionally large topside exposure to the wind when heeled, for example, so (somehow) arrange for that heel angle while towing. Plus the hull is making leeway so consider (somehow!) attaching a bridle to tow it at that angle. Set the rudder too... And of course wait for a 12 kt breeze...
  7. El Borracho

    Physics of sail power.

    You began the thread with units of force. Now, above, you wrote energy. I would probably work in power, though. I know why TWS is used in polars and the like. But AWS seems better suited for this calculation. Your idea of dragging a hull thru the water with a spring scale to establish a driving force is deeply flawed. An aside: The blades of a wind turbine are very slender compared to the volume swept yet they extract energy from the entire swept disc. Even if transformed to the helical path vs. axial. Somehow this notion applies to your effort.
  8. El Borracho

    Trump’s legacy

    Kudos to Hillary, Soros, the Democrats, Deep State and the Fake News for pulling this stunt off ... completely undetected at that. I want these people running the government. Just imagine being able to destroy New York’s Finest Stable Genius Good Brain Guy. And like a Hollywood movie do it just minutes before he destroys the country. Incredible.
  9. El Borracho

    Could you, would you, weld a trailer axle (vs. replace)

    Certainly a trailer axle is a generic trailer shop item. If you go shadetree make sure your insurance and karma are enough to cover the highway fatalities.
  10. El Borracho

    Physics of sail power.

    Perhaps your calcs should be done in power, not force. Estimate how much power is in the wind near the boat. Why is coefficient of lift not in your scribblings? Would seem important for calculating a force going to weather.
  11. El Borracho

    Physics of sail power.

    I did not dig into your spreadsheet. But my guess is your “dynamic pressure” is typically called induced and parasitic drag. The induced drag on properly trimmed sails produced prodigious amounts of lift ... a portion of it in the direction of travel. Perhaps work on the DDW case first as it is largely force from drag.
  12. I understand (from Lat38) that some old guy cruises a SC70. Maybe solo...at least short handed. No need for gybing while cruising. I don’t recall ever doing it. Anyway, those sleds go plenty fast with just a plain headsail. The runners are no big deal in cruise-mode either. Would make a great cruiser. Maybe the long walk between work stations would be the biggest negative. Kudos to the seller for what looks like a really clean restoration/upkeep.
  13. El Borracho

    Physics of sail power.

    Did you ‘go wrong’ when you calculated that the wind causes a pressure on the sails rather than creates lift? Foils create lift forces many times greater than the drag. 20...40 times? Also the volume of air affected by the foil extends far beyond the edges of the foil. In my sailing experience the winningest racers use zero physics knowledge. They trim the sails to where the boat wins the race. Same with pilots: trim the airplane to not crash. And your mistresses pics, please, newbie...
  14. El Borracho

    Day tanks - who’s got one, how did you set it up?

    Run an overflow line from the day tank back to the main tank. All this complexity show why simply cleaning or replacing the proper tank is such a good idea.