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  1. El Borracho

    Mast Mount Radar Mast Base Connector

    Both the Ethernet and video coax signals are going to deteriorate with that sort of solution*. Best would be to buy a new cable. Second best is to pull it all out, take to an electronics shop where someone skilled can permanently rejoin the signals in a electronically-happy way. Maybe you are hoping to use the connection for future mast steppings? Good luck with that. Much better to plan the run so the cable can be disconnected properly. You are not the first. Many fine radar cables have had unfortunate trysts at the mast step with cutter wielding boat boys: “What could possibly go wrong?” * See impedance mismatch, reflection losses, ghost images, high Ethernet error rates.
  2. El Borracho

    Autopilot use during singlehanded racing

    I usually tack without the AP. Luckily all the boats have had layouts amenable to steering with some secondary bodypart. Just takes practice. On the SC50 the headsail sheets are often moved to the runner winches nearer the wheel. On my earlier Cal 36 I’d steer the tiller with leg or foot pressure while trimming. Works great...certainly better than the hapless Raymarine landlubber geeks imagine a tack is accomplished. When I do use the AP thru the tack I do not use the idiot autotack command. That never has the appropriate angle set. I just push some carefully considered number of +/- 10 or 1 commands.
  3. El Borracho

    your worst distance race experience! What happened?

    Owner forgot the charts on a race to Ensenada. Zero visibility in fog on a midnight arrival. Cannot find finish or port in very light wind. Hilarious six hours of wandering in the fog listening to other boats finish.
  4. El Borracho

    A knot puzzle for the day

    The soap.
  5. El Borracho

    Will a new traveler make a difference?

    I assume the old track is aluminum. Without intact hard anodizing those bearing don’t have much hope of working sweet. That is the cleverness of the Harken style: hard anodizing and plastic balls that won’ t ruin it in the first hour. Anodizing is as hard as glass. Bare aluminum is like putty. Nobody would use it as a bearing surface...except maybe on lawnchairs.
  6. El Borracho

    Will a new traveler make a difference?

    Winch it down? With a new track it will be scary to ease it down without a wrap on a winch. That style main sheet adds a bit of resistance, but not enough to hinder anything. You could possibly replace your bearings and get the track refinished. Might save some money.
  7. El Borracho

    Will a new traveler make a difference?

    Buy a new Harken setup. I recently did. Old Harken seemed fine unloaded, looked good, but apparently was not. Also, bcuz the traveler control blocks tend to be small use the smallest diameter hi-tech line you can stand. It will roll much easier on the small blocks. For example, my main is about the same size as yours. The traveler line is 10mm.
  8. El Borracho

    How do you clean up butyl tape?

    A cold morning certainly helps. I use a spatula and then genetic paint thinner on a tiny and quickly-disposed-of rag. Paint thinner can itself leave some oil that might take a while to evaporate so some cleaner compatible with the process underway might be needed: Alcohol, water and detergent, etc...
  9. El Borracho

    Diesel engine cold start - air intake preheater thoughts?

    The one lung 7 hp diesel on my concrete mixer is a thing of wonder. Starts first pull every time (if I remember to set all the gizmos appropriately.) Rope start. $250! Comes in a 12 hp and electric start. Air cooled though. Common in open boats here in the PI.
  10. El Borracho

    Cutlass Bearing & Engine Mount Replacement

    Not so sure the shaft log tube should be used as a guide when there is a strut....yacht construction being what it is... The bore in the strut and fitted cutlass bearing are better alignment guides. Wedging the shaft in the tube is a clever idea. Trying to preserve alignment by replacing one mount at a time seems like a dubious idea. I wouldn’t have the coupling bolts installed during alignment. If the history of the shaft is unknown it should be checked for straightness...boatyard lift operators being what they are. Dunno about your access to the adjust the nuts, but I have found it worthwhile to cut a wrench down to a stubby size for adjustment. Seconds with an angle grinder on a cheap wrench has saved much time.
  11. El Borracho

    Engine Troubleshooting Help

    DIY remove and replace? Or risking huge cost uncertainties with a mechanic? Given that the engine and transmission are old and of uncertain condition I would buy new and be done with it. The new engine and transmission cost vs. rebuild can start to look small compared to labor. But financial situations vary so anything is reasonable. No reason to restrict rebuilds to So Cal. Much engine work is done in the midwest. There is nothing particularly special about that engine, either, so no need for marine or Yanmar branding of the shop. Back in #1 you said the age is 30 years. Every component is a candidate for renewal at that age. Hoses, wires, instruments, controls, tank, heat exchanger, shaft & seal, even the engine room paint and soundproofing. Etc. Have you yet determined the cause? That little engine should have been on the garage bench by now for a good looky-loo. Might be something simple.
  12. El Borracho

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    Heh. Yeah, short handed sailing. But the maintenance of all those slick gizmos? Boatyards around the world will profit handsomely: So that’s a big plus.
  13. El Borracho

    Piecemeal rod rigging replacement

    Check with the major famous yards you have. They will not be shy about the job and can do the work without screwing around. Dunno about the price...I review and sign yard my bills with my eyes closed.
  14. El Borracho

    Racism in Mathematics?

    What? One line of FORTRAN on each card. Sometimes one would command the compiler to produce a linkable object deck. It was unreadable machine code. I think some EBCIDIC? base 12 IBM crap. Those keypunch machines were the pinnacle of mechanical devices. They would copy cards to allow simple edits. Use special cards to cause formatting, tabs, data fields, etc. All the while making mountains of chad. Probably still in use in the Pentagon and VA.
  15. El Borracho

    Racism in Mathematics?

    When the program got serious we would ask the sysop to punch sequential numbers in card columns 73-80. Then if the deck gets dropped, like if an actual female distracts the geek’s attention, then the sysop can put it all right again. The unnumbered deck then is what passed for a backup floppy. Everybody knows this stuff, right? Of course I was with the cool geeks. Card decks were for squares. We used paper tape and minicomputers for zero turnaround time, duh. In 1974 turnaround time on the mainframe was 12 hours at best. One typo and your homework is toast.