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  1. Stiffler's Mom

    Did ARGO MOD 70 Trip Today?

  2. Stiffler's Mom

    Older / Smaller J Boats

    J/33 was great design. Easier than J/35's, bath tub cockpit and can hold their own clock racing.
  3. Stiffler's Mom

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Hull 7 will be a demo boat in Texas. PM me if interested. Should hit the water by 5/1/19
  4. Stiffler's Mom

    J/122 Inner forestay

    Hit up Corrosion X. He has a 122 in Texas and has looked into that I believe.
  5. Stiffler's Mom

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Hobie 33 S2 C&C
  6. Stiffler's Mom

    Urgent help about new membrane jib

    Fuck that. The sail is flat out wrong. The sailmaker should have replaced it no questions asked. Did he measure the boat?
  7. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 Aft Bulkhead Rot

    Not totally un common. Saw a boat this summer with the exact same issue. The replacement is not hard, just time consuming.
  8. Stiffler's Mom

    J105 big asymetric

    110 sq/m was used widely in PHRF in the past.
  9. Stiffler's Mom

    caption contest

    No you fucking idiot, I said blow the sheet.....
  10. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 gin pole

    Have done several. The fulcrum point is 16" above the lower spreaders. The rig is easy to balance even if you tie off at the lowers. The key is to have the gin pole slightly tilted forward so the rig can fit in the deck hole. The nicest one was a Houston owner that found an F 27 trimaran carbon mast section and made one.
  11. Stiffler's Mom

    Newer J80 Crazing

    Grab a moisture meter and run over the affected area. Could be cosmetic
  12. Stiffler's Mom

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Not the 1st time. We got leveled at the J/80 worlds in Santander by the media boat.
  13. Stiffler's Mom

    fresh water racing bottom paint

    Hearing good things about Black Widow... Tell more..
  14. Stiffler's Mom

    holy christ!

    Dillon Open Regatta. Look at the pine trees in the background. Straight up. Eye witnesses say a big microburst with hail. 10 minutes after this pic it was blowing a pleasant 10-12. Jesus hates J/24's
  15. Stiffler's Mom

    fresh water racing bottom paint

    Have a friend buying a new boat. He will wet sail in fresh water on a relatively warm inland lake. What paint are people putting on now for a racing bottom? Don't want ablative.