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  1. J/80 Redux

    Early US boats had a Hall spar that was really bendy. The 1st J Europe boats to hit the US were Hull 397-410 and had sparcraft masts and booms. They brought them in for the Worlds in Newport. I personally like the French hulls a bit better but US boats still can be competitive. With any boat, check the keel sump and bolts. If you are just beer can cruising and racing, I suggest epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint. Also, keep the main on slides on the mast and get a beater jib and sock. 2 minutes off the dock to full sail.
  2. J33 Stories

    Used to race a J33 called Pirate in Galveston Bay. Owner kept it in bristol condition. Had some good rides and regularly beat on the J35 and other 70 raters.
  3. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    Splitting hairs. Soverel is more comfy but needs more crew and has runners. Olson I believe sails a bit more loose and rewards dinghy sailors. Hobie 33 beats both in my eyes.
  4. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Why 20%? that is 2 blokes out of 10.
  5. cool or horrifying?

    Only took 35 knots to get a J92 to plane...
  6. Sport boat polish

    Rejex for sure. Made by a sailor. Really good stuff, applies easy and no buffing required. Did a J80 and had to leave it in Galveston Bay for a week. Came out clean.
  7. Boats , besides Jboats, With retractable bowsprit

    Farr 395 may work
  8. Cal 40 would fit this perfectly
  9. J33 Stories

    Sailed one in Houston for years. Would beat up on the 70 raters regularly.
  10. Key West Dead

    Anyone that has been to KWRW can attest it breaks down to about a grand per race on a "normal" budget. I have been 9 times and love the regatta. It served a purpose after SORC went to shit. Sure, the Q guys and DeVos stepped in to throw it a lifeline. If they did not, this would have caved years ago. The only people we can blame here is us.. We are the sailors that choose to go or not to go. No boats, no $$, no regatta. Look, NOOD participation is down, BIRW is all but extinct, Charleston was down a bit this year.... I see a trend...
  11. J-27 vs J-80

    J/80 hands down. Much easier to single hand, cockpit is roomier for beer can racing and the boat does not do too bad in PHRF with a 130% genoa. Also, if you decide to sail 1 design, the 80 has fleets around the US.
  12. French built boats

    Back when I was competitively sailing J/80's the Frog hulls and masts had a significant edge on the US boats. Can't speak to later models.
  13. how to ruin racing, part 2

    Definitely for another printing of the clown shirts.... great regatta apparel
  14. KWRW Predictions?

    Somehow it always stays on life support. Take out the 70's and Super series - RIP
  15. KWRW Predictions?

    J70- Catapult or Masclazone TP- Azurra IRC-?