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  1. Stiffler's Mom

    J-80 mainsheet systems

    Salsa, or Buzz line. I used Maffioli but just did not see the advantage for the price. As for cleats, the Harken 150 can bind up under heavy load. The spin lock un cleats easier but the sheet knuckles up at the cleat when you smoke it at the windward mark. I've been tempted to put an Oxen self cleating laser style ratchet block in just to see if I could hold it dinghy style.
  2. Stiffler's Mom

    Most egregious cheats?

    A certain J/105 back in the day. All boats were on the hard going through tech and you could obviously see this bow was highly modified. Looked like a Mumm 30.
  3. Stiffler's Mom

    Online sailing movies

    Pornhubs premier service is free if you can run through an italian Server. Just Sayin
  4. Stiffler's Mom

    Melges 24 Hull 1

    I think it may be at Rush Creek in Dallas.
  5. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 Outboard Mod from Hitting Rudder

    Take 1/2 of a Dolfin outboard stabilizer tab and bolt it on. Other easy ways to not gnarl the rudder is can't the outboard away from the centerline when you clamp it on. Only works in light air or you will cavitate,
  6. Stiffler's Mom

    J105 tiller

    Karl Anderson at Karl's Boat shop makes really nice tillers. I'm sure he can do it.
  7. Stiffler's Mom

    TP 52 Deal?

    If you really want it, It can be done. I was told that Super series rags are 4-5k for a jib, and 8-10k for a main. Understand these are used. DPI on the sails are gonna be about 1/2 of what an off the shelf sail is so kiss off getting 4 years out of them. What are the other fixed costs? Dockage, pedestal and winch rebuilds, rope, electronic bugs.. Keep the pro$ off the boat.
  8. Stiffler's Mom

    J/24 Worlds- predictions?

    Stacked fleet.
  9. Stiffler's Mom

    Beat The Man

  10. Stiffler's Mom

    Beat The Man

    Thx! Bump..
  11. Stiffler's Mom

    Beat The Man

    Mark is the man. This will be my 4th project with DryUV. These guys get it..
  12. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 125% Genoa

    New Rig is AB Spars. Spreaders and bracket are a major upgrade. New furler as well. Profurl. Open drum so no more SNAFU's with the Harken. All class legal. The new boats are SWEET...
  13. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 125% Genoa

    125% is a definite ratings sail. the 155% can sail to its rating hit as well and will do great on reaches if you barber haul it down. Here is #1592 with a 3di Raw 155% crushing the fleet.
  14. Stiffler's Mom

    McConaghey 38

    One got chopped up for the NYYC gang to test for the cup.
  15. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 - Anti Fouling Paint

    Black Widow or Baltoplate.