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  1. Stiffler's Mom

    J/24 Worlds- predictions?

    Stacked fleet.
  2. Stiffler's Mom

    Beat The Man

  3. Stiffler's Mom

    Beat The Man

    Thx! Bump..
  4. Stiffler's Mom

    Beat The Man

    Mark is the man. This will be my 4th project with DryUV. These guys get it..
  5. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 125% Genoa

    New Rig is AB Spars. Spreaders and bracket are a major upgrade. New furler as well. Profurl. Open drum so no more SNAFU's with the Harken. All class legal. The new boats are SWEET...
  6. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 125% Genoa

    125% is a definite ratings sail. the 155% can sail to its rating hit as well and will do great on reaches if you barber haul it down. Here is #1592 with a 3di Raw 155% crushing the fleet.
  7. Stiffler's Mom

    McConaghey 38

    One got chopped up for the NYYC gang to test for the cup.
  8. Stiffler's Mom

    J80 - Anti Fouling Paint

    Black Widow or Baltoplate.
  9. Stiffler's Mom

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Hull#7 will be wet in Houston this week.
  10. Stiffler's Mom

    New J80 Jib @ NOODs

    USA #1592 has the new 3DI API 1 and it looks great. Easy to trim and handles the wind ranges quite well.
  11. Stiffler's Mom

    Yachts Too Far From Water

    The boat in Dallas is a Hinckley Competition 41. The owner has recently moved it to Annapolis to get completely refitted for a Bermuda campaign.
  12. Stiffler's Mom

    Houston area yacht clubs

    Both clubs have their good and bad. Can't go wrong with either. GBCA is the local anarchist racing club. You will definitely see yourself sailing in their events.
  13. Stiffler's Mom

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    #7 Should be on the water in Texas by Mid May.
  14. following... Have done Palma Vela. Ridiculously cool yachting venue...