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  1. New full foiler

    Check Tom Speer home page for Z foils modelization
  2. New full foiler

    So, what about this new foiling cat Do you think she is well positionned on the market versus her peers ? How many other alternative to foil at affordable price, with a serious boat, elaborated by professional Naval Architect ? What would be the taking off speed for this toy? Any info regarding the price including VAT for Eurpeans customers, would be welcome, while it might change with time. Have a good week
  3. 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    As stable as the S9..... windward https://www.facebook.com/hollandcomposites/videos/966716083382537/ Enjoy
  4. According to the infos I got from my contacts in France, it is all about retaliation and vendetta. A floating boat company has been selling its boat in France for years, cheating the tax. After 15 years of tax cheating, even the most stupid little clerk of french IRS was aware of the problem. and at the end of 2014 we have seen the price tag of this boat builder been increased by 20%: the amount of the tax previously cheated. Since this date, some of the boatyard friends have been subject to IRS investigation and probably fined. One of these friends whose interests have been aligned with the boatyard for the last 25 years, is also a FFV very good friend, he used to work for FFV in the Tornado team during decades. So it is very likely this situation is the result of Bordeaux' Hill Billies plots who want to retaliate against foilers boat makers who have absolutly no responsabilities in their troubles with IRS. The probability for this explanation is above 80% according to my contact, but I don't know how he measures the 80% Cheers
  5. A Class Cat with UptiP Foils

    It could be smarter to discuss new"s Dario hull after reading the following article: If Andew Mason takes time to post a few lines on this forum it deserves probably some attention http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=169430 direct link to the article: http://www.cupinfo.com/en/americas-cup-2013-oracle-design-andrew-mason-13067.php
  6. A Class Cat with UptiP Foils

    Well said Waynemarlow, I d love this thread to be an opportunity to have more in depth discussions regarding stability, and structure/stiffness issues. Sailing Anarchy is a great place to diversify my vocabulary, I was hesitating to compare the ongoing debate to a mumy rant at the hair saloon, but could no find the appropriate vocabulary , so "TART BUN FIGHT" is the perfect answer to my question Thanks again Waynemarlow. Happy Sunday W
  7. A-Class gear developing

    I would not agree with the following statement: "Contrary to what some might think, super accurate control of foil rake isn't needed, because the sailor automatically adjusts it with body weight movement. So long as the foil is set up accurately with toe in and rake being the same on each side, the way you change between modes doesn't really matter." IMHO you should pay attention to the relative angle between main foil and rudder foil.
  8. what is it?

    Welcome BRYD, A 2011 Thesis from Manchester University "C-Class Catamaran Wing Optimization" written by Nils Haack is available on the web Please could you disclose what was the subject of yours ? Cheers
  9. Stunt S.9 in Full Production

    Is it a wanking ring ? or a crypto-crappy marketing ? So VALPLAYA wanks ITA 16 who is wanked by CHRIS'O which can wank himlself too because he has 2 hands. Sorry I couldn't resist,, it's so candid
  10. Stunt S.9 in Full Production

    Too bad they could not wake up and attend the long distance races at the last Foiling Week.
  11. Stunt S.9 in Full Production

    It's just about ratio, In classic Naval Architecture, one uses to consider the ratio of sailing area to wetted area, for a foiler you could intuitively consider the foils wetted area. and at first glance, just watching the advertizing videos that have been posted these last months, it's striking to see how the 4 T foils have a lot of wetted area, while the rig is moderatly powerful with 10sqm. The lack of R&D and lack of any CFD is likely to lead to oxymore concept like this one: a slow foiler But fortunatly, with Chris O to advertize foiling , bimare gets the best marketing support they could ever dream. Cheers W
  12. Foils

    Regarding the shared lift, I d have one concern: If a sailplane or glider is the reference with >95% of the lift generated by the main wing and the 5% remaining generated by the tail All the moments at work for a glider are very small, the CoG, center of drag, the aero center of the wing and so on...are very close from each other For a flying beach cat, the moment create by the rig, is very far above, the foils aero center, the boat's CoG, .... That's why I wonder if the sailplane "model" is that relevant for our cats? At the same time I noticed the AC72's foil packages are more in the spirit of sailplane, minus the high aspect ratio of the main wing. Same remark for C-Cats the only conclusion I can suss out is that I achieved the limit of analogy reasonning. But intuitively , for an A-Cat, higher surface & higher AR T foil, could make foiling easier, everything else equal To get a 40+ cm T foil span, it would be necessary to fit the rudders parralel, and aligned with the inner gunwhale of each hull. Regarding the arm race if rule 8 are deleted I would make the following remark: AC72 or C-Cat have no rule 8 and as above-mentionned, they do not show great AR for their main foils A-Cat rule-box does not put any limit on mast height, and surprisingly when going graphite from aluminium, mast lenght remains the same. I dont think removing rule 8 will be the can of worms some Cassandras are predicting Even if HM carbone would allow thinner foils, here again, a practical limit will be achieved quickly. Have a good week W
  13. 18' Whisper Production Foiling Cat

    Thank you Phil for your analysis of Moth's foils development, it makes the whole discussion much more interesting I wonder if using vertical acceleration could be an alternativve to wand for flap control. I mean, the main foil push upward, if the stopping mecanism is a silent-bloc. and the little vertical movment of the foil under load change could be used to activate the flap. The whole mecanism would be inside the strut, with just a pin or lever-arm to be connected with the foil casing. Of course, it addresses only change in foil's lift, no high control Cheers W
  14. Foils

    Thanks a lot Phil, Even with greater AR foils, split tips should improve L/D ratio for Moth too, unless rule-boxe... I feel confident somebody is brainstorming at the moment about it. A-Cat foils with split tips is probably the next to come. Cheers Everybody W
  15. Foils

    It's a thread about foils, that's why I would suggest those who are interested with the topic to have a look at the WASZP foils Split tips is not a new idea, it comes from bio-mimetics research and improves the induced drag and the L/D ratio But it's the first time it's done for a large production boat. Probably all foils specialists on this thread could confirm , if it comes from 3D carbon printing ?