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  1. Check Tom Speer home page for Z foils modelization
  2. So, what about this new foiling cat Do you think she is well positionned on the market versus her peers ? How many other alternative to foil at affordable price, with a serious boat, elaborated by professional Naval Architect ? What would be the taking off speed for this toy? Any info regarding the price including VAT for Eurpeans customers, would be welcome, while it might change with time. Have a good week
  3. As stable as the S9..... windward https://www.facebook.com/hollandcomposites/videos/966716083382537/ Enjoy
  4. According to the infos I got from my contacts in France, it is all about retaliation and vendetta. A floating boat company has been selling its boat in France for years, cheating the tax. After 15 years of tax cheating, even the most stupid little clerk of french IRS was aware of the problem. and at the end of 2014 we have seen the price tag of this boat builder been increased by 20%: the amount of the tax previously cheated. Since this date, some of the boatyard friends have been subject to IRS investigation and probably fined. One of these friends whose interests have been aligned with the boatyard for the last 25 years, is also a FFV very good friend, he used to work for FFV in the Tornado team during decades. So it is very likely this situation is the result of Bordeaux' Hill Billies plots who want to retaliate against foilers boat makers who have absolutly no responsabilities in their troubles with IRS. The probability for this explanation is above 80% according to my contact, but I don't know how he measures the 80% Cheers
  5. It could be smarter to discuss new"s Dario hull after reading the following article: If Andew Mason takes time to post a few lines on this forum it deserves probably some attention http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=169430 direct link to the article: http://www.cupinfo.com/en/americas-cup-2013-oracle-design-andrew-mason-13067.php
  6. Well said Waynemarlow, I d love this thread to be an opportunity to have more in depth discussions regarding stability, and structure/stiffness issues. Sailing Anarchy is a great place to diversify my vocabulary, I was hesitating to compare the ongoing debate to a mumy rant at the hair saloon, but could no find the appropriate vocabulary , so "TART BUN FIGHT" is the perfect answer to my question Thanks again Waynemarlow. Happy Sunday W
  7. I would not agree with the following statement: "Contrary to what some might think, super accurate control of foil rake isn't needed, because the sailor automatically adjusts it with body weight movement. So long as the foil is set up accurately with toe in and rake being the same on each side, the way you change between modes doesn't really matter." IMHO you should pay attention to the relative angle between main foil and rudder foil.
  8. Welcome BRYD, A 2011 Thesis from Manchester University "C-Class Catamaran Wing Optimization" written by Nils Haack is available on the web Please could you disclose what was the subject of yours ? Cheers
  9. The trampoline looks strange, just if there are a lot of telltales to show the air flow ?
  10. Even if ultra-light, the wing's weight increase the RM when healed to windward
  11. Thanks for your remarks Phil I guess CL= Center of Lift
  12. It looks like a SWATH hull concept with foils + simple hinge flap wing Can it become the next A-Cat standard ?
  13. I'll bet that tomorow, we 'll ear about Groupama/Lombard-Odier C UP with hybrid OD boats, as above-mentionned.
  14. With a bulk order at Mutliplast, I feel confident, you'll get an attractive price. Of course, Cammas, will not give his last generation foils, but each team could make a few pâirs if not overbusy with the platform
  15. "Ancient gods are dead new ones are not born yet" I agree 100% with Mr CLEAN analysis, who euphemises a little bit. In other words, such a domination is killing the class; So instead of waiting passively for this scheduled decline, I think it remains an opportunity to maintain the little cup attractivness. After the Steve Clark openess which enable Fredo to smoke him, the Little Cup and Groupama could go a step forward on this point: GroupamaC tools and moulds still exist. So it could be possible toput on the market sisterships of GroupamaC, with or without foils, with or without wing. The price is likely to be competitive vs a new project started from scratched. So it could be cost effective for new teams which would save hundreds hours of CFD for a marginal gain, thousands hours of building, and would provide a lot of time for sailing instead of fixing ancillary problems on the parking. Not exactly a OD , just like a C-Class "reboot" , waiting for a new breakthrough which would make GroupamaC obsolete. By the way we could have a little cup every years. If it is the "Groupama Cup" for a few years, it will not be a disaster, even if some pride could suffer a little bit. That's just an idea, otherwise, just wait for the squirrels to suss out a solution. Which catsailor on this forum didn't dream to sail GGroupamaC ? Cheers