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  1. In the video Chris White and Henk de Velde are talking about wing masts. https://chriswhitedesigns.smugmug.com/CUSTOM-POWER-TRIMARANS/Trimarans/JUNIPER/i-kqSSNvn
  2. Looking for Rogue Wave

    There's an article with recent pictures on 'sauver Roque Wave' in Golden Oldies newsletter August 2016. http://www.goldenoldies.biz/NEWSLETTER37.pdf
  3. Frog

    Good to hear you're still cracking Cosmic Egg jokes, aye. Hmmm...You sure Eric isn't in highest possible spiritual spheres worshipping holy grounds of yet unidentified foiling sailable objects? Hope she sails well, the Frog that is.
  4. The cruising boats that make you dream thread...

    You think they should stop making shirts? Oh, not at all….. you're not a gen unless you got a nice shirt on governor are you…….
  5. Best Nonfiction Sailing book

    Try books from Henri de Monfreid if you can get them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_de_Monfreid
  6. what is it?

    Russell, Couldn't agree more on a serious photo bank for all Newick's boats. My idea with the pictures was to start a website someday with relevant info on the history of each boat. Is the website of your "project Cheers" already in the air?
  7. what is it?

    Raps, No, not sure if the bottom picture is Quicksilver, I've gathered thousands of pictures of the graceful Newick's over the years and wasn't very accurate documenting them in the beginning. Quicksilver is mentioned in several articles in early NEMA newsletters http://www.nemasail.org/news.html#news For the rest I know little about Quicksilver apart from that she was brought to france decades ago and still sails on the the Atlantic side. Last year she was put up for sale but not sure she was sold. This PDF is from GO site, If you want to know more you have to contact GO I guess. Fiche GOM - QUICK SILVER 07-14.pdf
  8. New imoca boats

    All what is known is that CDK is currently completing a full build-optimisation and refit of the yacht. Pics from here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1760998817505034&id=1702954373309479 The name of Heerema's sailing team "No Way Back" can be read through the plastic
  9. what is it?

    Reassuring to see Russ and Rob are on speaking terms again and again and again. Why not take the opportunity to make an appointment to go sailing together since you guys have proved for decades now you got so much in common. What else than true love and passion would stand this particular way of communicating. I'm sure it will pay of, Oh and please remember the more than steep learning curve to profit the worldwide proa community. Have fun. Cherio, For Quicksilversuckers:
  10. Looking for Rogue Wave

    From GO newsletter No.12 2008: After a visit in dec. 2007 Charlie Capelle thought Roque Wave's structure pretty sound although looking very rough and Harald Halvorson is mentioned as owner? who was supposed to bring the boat to France and also ordered a new mast. Nic Barham whom I visited in 2008 when he had the Val Tahiti Belle for sale also told he sailed Roque Wave several times in Dubai and might know more. I might still have his address somewhere. The link to the newsletter: http://www.goldenoldies.biz/NEWSLETTER12.pdf
  11. New imoca boats

    Vid from the Vendee Globe site with some skippers elaborating a bit about the new boats. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3azdm8_start-jacques-vabre-transat-va_sport
  12. New imoca boats

    Pieter Heerema's RC44 was called "no way back".
  13. The cruising boats that make you dream thread...

    Well, quite a lot of thought's actually. Already quite some years ago it was the cruising boat of my dreams, as a matter of fact. That very same boat, the empty hull, standing for years in a corner of a shed at "Atlantic Yachts" in Harlingen the Netherlands, where I lived at the time. Already carrying the name "Nagy Barat", which means big friendships in Hungarian. At one point I was notified by the owner of the shipyard it came up for grabs. I didn't have any grabs already owning a boat so it was sold and was moved to an other part of the country. I clearly remember it being loaded on a trailer leaving me with my thoughts…& dreams... I thought then and still think now this Dick Zaal design "Northern Light" has beautiful sea kind & worthy lines. There once was a website following the, then owners I think, working on the yacht's interior & outfit but progress was slow, very slow, and I lost track and perhaps also real interest in pretty heavy displacement yachts. A couple of weeks ago it turned up again and as I said, still like the lines. There are better pictures and more detailed info in the link. http://www.jachtmakelaardijkappers.nl/jachten/83013/colin-archer-type-northern-light-51.html
  14. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    With all respect to your newly acquired boarding ladder building capabilities, I like the idea, but would the boarding ladder not be safer and even more lighter with with some grip holes and perhaps rounding off the outside top for better ergonomics & looks and, to be honest, more in character with Frankie's classic style. We tried it out and found we grabbed the shrouds right from the dinghy, so handholds were unnecessary. I don't understand the "round the outside top" comment as the ends are already all rounded...... Ok, my lack of proper explaining and knowledge of nautical english. What I meant was something a bit more like the pictures. The ladder looks so heavy & boxy compared to the lightness & refinement of Frankie's lines.