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  1. Ah yes, the multiple centreboards ... which one to use ... ah well, it kept the Bethwaites nicely employed (less so Keith Revell) ... although I recall making a hollow one myself from an Australian cedar wardrobe that my parents had deemed as not modern enough for our house ... The bloody thing would probably be worth about $50 000 now ... Indeed it did ate, and on the foils. We had three centreboards IIRC, one huge, one middling and a small one.
  2. Ahh, ok, I recall the Brewers and I'm just wondering if it wasn't a hull by Keith Revell, although the aft tank confuses me a bit, but in those days there were quite a number of people knocking them out. Yeah, Iain was always scribbling away even as a kid, he and Heather (younger sister, who could sail tolerably well, but wasn't really into it and with all the old bollocks that was going on about age limits in those days kinda was a bit of a turn-off ...) would hang around me at The Spit on the weekends and on visits to M&W, so I got to know the whole family pretty well. Al was always under the house tinkering away on bits and bobs, but it was a good dry place where I could put together their masts and rigging for them. Al is still kicking on at 91 (I think), I was meant to get together with them all when I was back in Sydney in March and April, but didn't get the time ... next time perhaps ... I think the last stuff I did for Iain was some masts for the 18s (and a couple for some other 18s) one night in the late 1970s. Five fully rigged 18's masts in a night ... by about 0430hrs I was over it ... but all of them managed to get back onto the water for the next race ... Cheers, Peter
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking ... around about the right timeframe for it. I'm a bit baffled by the topper on the end of the pole ... but as 1975 was after my time, perhaps that was "normal" ...
  4. Hi DD, I can't say that I recognise it although the sail nr is relatively early. It has a touch of the early "Bethwaite" about the hull (although a little hard to tell from this pic). The boom looks like one of mine and the mast (if a De Haviland) probably one of mine as well ... or did you make them yourselves? Nice pic headed in towards Balmoral though (coming back from the Bombora mark?) ... Cheers, Peter
  5. Ahhh, ok, I understand ... Another Bob Cherub came to mind as well, Gladys Victoria (for Dixie Wilmot), probably around 1973, although I don't remember much about it because I'd moved on by that stage and I'd left M&W, I certainly don't have any photos, stations or line drawings of that one. I remember making a promotional film in the middle of winter when the Contender first came out, sailing up and down just off Clontarf in shorts and a T-shirt being tea-bagged by the gusty and cold SW breeze whilst Ward (Pally) Austin's wife ran along Clontarf Beach in a bikini waving at me ... Bob always voulnteered me for the best jobs ... Yeah, Rene (Rowena Wilmot) was always a little conservative ... Bucko certainly would've been into it though ... I ran into her and Geoff Davidson (Dixie's crew for some years) a couple of years ago at the RSYS whilst I was doing a ladies race with a mate's wife (Brian Richardson from Australia II) 'cause he preferred not to interfere in her sailing exploits ... Here's a couple more of Hello Goodbye in Auckland, a Swinger (being chased around Middle Harbour by Nick Creech in the middle of winter in a tinnie wasn't my idea of fun, although Craig had a great laugh about it) ...
  6. Hi, as you can probably see, I'm not on or comment often, what is the "Pre Matthews" thread? Which Cherub were you at MHYC? Cheers, Peter
  7. Oh, I forgot about a 5.5 metre for Frank Tolhurst, Kings Cross, Bob gave a half model of that to me at one stage that disappeared from my apartment in the late 1990s or early 2000s ...
  8. Bob designed my Javelin (built by Ian Peden) in 1968 and scaled it down to a Cherub in 1970, two of which were built by Ian Peden for Grant and Karen Simmer (Rock 'n Roll and Boogie Woogie). The photo below at The Spit is of left to right ... me, Grant Simmer, Ian Hobbs and Tony Leahy. When I cleared out my apartment in late 2013, I discovered the line drawings and stations that Bob had done for the Cherub (see below). I still had them because I had made a couple of half models, one of my Javelin, the other for Karen Simmer of Boogie Woogie. My memory isn't what it was, but I think it was Bob that also designed another Cherub (Hello Goodbye) for Mandy Wilmot and I. Jamie Wilmot and I built it as a plug, then took a couple of boats from it for the 1972 Cherub World Championship in Auckland (they were too heavy for anything much than a major blow, well, that and I was crap ...). Just seeing the Swinger mentioned above, I recall teaching Don Buckley (Colour 7) to do the fit-out of them for his after-school job ... I remember doing some fitting out of Tampico II, designed by Bob for the father of one of the apprentice sailmakers, Garry McKenzie, when it was first built (again by Ian Peden if I remember correctly) moored alongside I think Ferguson's Boatshed at The Spit. After it did its first Hobart, I sailed it back as far as Eden with a couple of guys from the Navy where "Mac" McKenzie had some relatives. I vaguely recall the weather forecast was pretty dire for the week ahead and after a tense conversation with Craig Whitworth on the 'phone (If you want your job, get back here now ...), I caught the bus from Eden to Sydney the next day ... and to think that I turned down Alain Colas' offer to sail Pen Duick back to France via Tahiti to go back to Sydney ... idiot. Bob also designed a very early Sharpie/FD like version of the Contender with a tiny jib and a hard chine, we called it the Yellow Submarine (pre-dating the Beatles song) ... absolutely terrifying ... I sailed it a number of times whilst it was stored at Adams' Boatshed at The Spit in the early 1960s, it was eventually sold to the son of the stationmaster at Warrawee in the mid-1960s.