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  1. hobiecat.com forums, if you haven't already checked it out.
  2. Top-lelvel Laser sailors don't get those bodies by sailing, they get them FOR sailing.
  3. Was down in Miami for the Bacardi Sailing Week. What's going on with that big live-aboard fleet anchored off Coconut Grove?
  4. Assuming you are strong enough to actually lift the mast by yourself... Make sure boat is still tied to trailer or sitting on ground to prevent bow tilting up. Bow down is much preferred if possible. Hook up mast to step on beam using stock Hobie link and pins. Run a line from the forestay and through the bridles (hooked together) and back to the jib cleat. Raise the mast up (standing on rear crossbar to start and walking forward as you go), hold forward with one hand, and pull this line tight and cleat to jib cleat. You are now free to hop off and pin the forestay to the bridles. Again, only works if you can lift the mast.
  5. I am betting there are too many similarities to this case; USS Eisenhower hitting an ANCHORED ship in Hampton Roads back in '88. Murphy's law of multiple things going wrong at once and multiple people/agencies doing the wrong thing. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a274926.pdf
  6. My daughter beat me in both races on Sunday. I despair for the future of MY sailing :-(
  7. I thought a big advantage of a solid multi-element wing was the slot between the elements. I don't know where this rig would fall on a performance scale between say an A-Cat "small" wing mast and a full-on wing. If the full rotation is a big deal, what happens if you just engineer a mast/sail for a normal rig that allows full rotation (like a Laser :-)
  8. You can put Hobie 18 wings on a Hobie 20 (with some mods), IF you can find those two parts in good shape. I don't use mine much but not ready to sell it yet.
  9. Statue of Liberty Race on beach cats, Little Feat/Feets Don't Fail Me Now " ... such a pretty sight, like a rollin' into New York City with the skyline in the morning light..." especially when we WERE rolling
  10. M24s were making up 5 minutes over two laps on the A Class cats at Miami this year, when it was very light. That was on the leaders; doing better than that on mid-pack As. Once it got to trapping conditions, the A's were gone.
  11. Might be possible that some of the coaching that Terry is giving Bora is not really necessary...certainly his calls to the crew for "big hike" are pretty pointless; crew appears very dedicated to max hike ALL the time upwind.
  12. Is the possibly some corrosion on the aft end of the torn plate (brown stain, 2nd pic)? Ongoing crack that led to final failure?
  13. There's a place for both. When you want to prove your crew in a one design fleet is the best, and you absolutely positively need the best possible tacks and gybes and spin work, and you need to do that every time, and you need to fight the crowd, you want to sail W/L. If your boat prep and crew aren't up to that level of effort, you probably won't enjoy it as much. If you want to put the navigator to work and offer some variety to the crew, passage races are great. There is more chance involved; sometimes the slower boats catch a break and come out ahead. A lot of boats that do passage races are NOT working as hard as a Volvo crew. Passage races might even be more fun, but that depends on the circumstances; siting on the rail in a cold rain for 30 miles upwind might lead the crew to prefer moving around 8 times every mile or so. Most of the popular passage races on the Ches. bay are overnight party-in-a different-town affairs, which certainly has it's own attraction, too.
  14. Still have the book. Fair winds.
  15. Did anyone catch this last night (might have been on earlier)? They had some new information regarding drift patterns and the previous coal cargo that might have clogged the pumps, but I didn't buy their final conclusion. Why would you abandon a ship that you thought was slowly sinking when you were in distant sight of land, and get in an overcrowded small boat, instead of just sailing the ship much closer to land? Especially when you have a vested interest in the cargo that could potentially be at least partially salvaged closer to land? They noted the first guys to board the empty ship did not smell alcohol fumes, but by their own theory, the ship had been abandoned for some time; those fumes could have dispersed by the time it was boarded. I don't think they came much closer to solving the mystery.