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  1. Bsquared

    who doesn;t love blue claw crabs?

    Somewhat related; anyone else seen soft-shell mangrove crabs on the dinner plate? Pretty sure we ate one in St. Augustine lately, and apparently there is an industry already established.
  2. Bsquared

    Hobie cat EPO 2 Rudder Blades

    Sailing Anarchy :-)
  3. Bsquared

    Hobie cat EPO 2 Rudder Blades

    Try the Hobie forum at, or at least the multihull forum here at SA.
  4. Bsquared

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    I don't think the definition of "fishing" in the rules includes a recreational boat (or even a charter boat) pulling trolling lines; you have to be pulling substantial gear that restricts your ability to maneuver. Besides, that guy wasn't trolling at the speed needed to ride over the top. Damn lucky no one got squashed.
  5. Bsquared

    The Umbilical Cord

    I have been using the Bethwaite system for quite a while now; started when my daughter started sailing with me. I have an aluminum plate and a carbon one; both of them benefit from putting a plate in the back so that clothing doesn't push up into the ball slot. One advantage is fewer dings in the hull (no hook) when climbing back on. I think with a little practice there is no difference in blind hookup vs the ring/hook type. I did buy some replacement "can't miss" ball/handle assemblies from Murrays that had a much smaller ball and wire than the Bethwaite ones; they don't look like they will "stick" in the slot as well, so I haven't tried them yet. The Holt Allen ones shown above seem to be ridiculously expensive. Also not sure what that little plastic plate is supposed to screw to...
  6. Bsquared

    "National Cleavage Day"

    That's easy-I'll take the cat over that fake pirate thing.
  7. Bsquared

    Another clinton related person found dead

    Um, wouldn't this be a Trump-related person?
  8. Bsquared

    scored a 50$ hobie cat forums, if you haven't already checked it out.
  9. Bsquared

    Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    Top-lelvel Laser sailors don't get those bodies by sailing, they get them FOR sailing.
  10. Bsquared


    Was down in Miami for the Bacardi Sailing Week. What's going on with that big live-aboard fleet anchored off Coconut Grove?
  11. Bsquared

    Hobie 16 mast stepping

    Assuming you are strong enough to actually lift the mast by yourself... Make sure boat is still tied to trailer or sitting on ground to prevent bow tilting up. Bow down is much preferred if possible. Hook up mast to step on beam using stock Hobie link and pins. Run a line from the forestay and through the bridles (hooked together) and back to the jib cleat. Raise the mast up (standing on rear crossbar to start and walking forward as you go), hold forward with one hand, and pull this line tight and cleat to jib cleat. You are now free to hop off and pin the forestay to the bridles. Again, only works if you can lift the mast.
  12. I am betting there are too many similarities to this case; USS Eisenhower hitting an ANCHORED ship in Hampton Roads back in '88. Murphy's law of multiple things going wrong at once and multiple people/agencies doing the wrong thing.
  13. Bsquared

    Sail like a Girl

    My daughter beat me in both races on Sunday. I despair for the future of MY sailing :-(
  14. Bsquared

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    I thought a big advantage of a solid multi-element wing was the slot between the elements. I don't know where this rig would fall on a performance scale between say an A-Cat "small" wing mast and a full-on wing. If the full rotation is a big deal, what happens if you just engineer a mast/sail for a normal rig that allows full rotation (like a Laser :-)