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  1. Bsquared

    Random PicThread

    Christine in her first life!! Nobody driving
  2. Bsquared

    LONQR 2

    If its good enough for his small block, its good enough for him :-)
  3. Bsquared

    Random PicThread

    Rosina Revelle, down to the beauty mark on her cheek
  4. Bsquared

    Garage Renovation Anarchy...

    I just put a winch in mine so I don't have to bust a gut pushing my boat trailer up an inclined driveway. Should have done it 20 years ago ;-(
  5. Bsquared

    Hobie 16 Rebuild

    Should check out, lots of experience over there. If you drill holes for epoxy injection, use a drill stop to limit hole depth, because you only want to go thru the top glass layer and the foam inside, NOT the inner layer of glass.
  6. Minor correction, looks like they left Cape Town 5 Feb and arrived home 5 Jun; not 14 months getting back. Real sailing, for sure. Wonder how dry that boat is below...
  7. Bsquared

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Disclaimer, I sail one of the “old breeding stock” classics. Those boats pretty much rule in light air, although most people don’t like to sail or race in light air :-). Trapeezing downwind has upped the game for the classics, and the purpose-built new classics look pretty fast. I haven’t seen a lot of the convertible boats but so far the foilers look very draggy in c board versions. Classics are very simple (although adjustable rake dagger boards adds a big variable), and the foilers seem to keep getting more complex :-). Do you like to tinker as much as you like to sail? Do you want to be challenged or do you want to go fast quickly (with your experience the classic will be pretty familiar). One other little detail, I bet you can find a competitive used classic cheaper than a good used foiler.
  8. Yep, the vaccine is bound to be bad with big industry and Gov't behind it. Suggest you go back and expose yourself to smallpox and polio too, just to make sure you have one of the "good" immune systems...
  9. Bsquared

    Putting A class in water

    A small anchor and a buoy; throw it in deep enough to float your boat; walk it out off the trailer (or beach wheels, preferably), tie the line to the forestay, do whatever you need doing (like putting in the daggers, hooking up the mainsheet, moving the trailer, etc), untie, climb on, and take off. Do the same in reverse coming in. Only problem is doesn't work well on a rocky bottom.
  10. Bsquared

    Building an A-class Catamaran

  11. Watch your ass and carry an airhorn on your life vest?
  12. Bsquared

    Fast singlehander for 60 yo's for messsin' about

    LOTS of over 60 folks (and some 70s) in the A Cat fleet. The older straight-board boats are not complicated; mast rotation, cunningham, traveller, outhaul. Set the trap up high to make it easier to get in and out, and have fast fun. Might be able to find some old plywood boats for $2500 or less, but I think even a 20 yr old Boyer would get $4K.
  13. Bsquared

    Trailer Light Thingy

    I bought an aftermarket one for my Sienna; it did come with connectors that plugged into the tail light harness, but also required a hot lead. I just ran one from the 12V accessory jack in the back, although as noted this does require the ignition to be on. No issues, and I'm pretty sure mine has a self-resetting circuit breaker, as I've had a short or two that didn't blow the accessory fuse, but did require turning power on and off. That's easily done with the ignition; not sure how the OEM wired directly to battery handles shorts.
  14. Bsquared

    what is it?

    Is the lock on the cabin worth more than the rest of the boat?
  15. Bsquared

    Marine A/C Options

    It may not matter much, but those portable units with one exhaust duct are not nearly as efficient as a window unit. You end up using your cool indoor air to cool the condenser, which then gets blown out, and that creates a negative pressure in the room being cooled that draws in more hot/humid outside air. I don't think they even list EERs for them. If you can find one with two ducts, one for air in and one for air out, it will work a lot better.