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  1. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    Craiglist isn't big in Australia but there are other options.
  2. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    Yep. I hear you.
  3. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    Good idea. I have a "recycled" boat parts place near me, I'll give them a try.
  4. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    Thanks for the suggestion but a swivel won't go through the windlass, spliced rope will (and already does).
  5. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    New chain is SO expensive. Trying to save bucks where I can. This might be a false economy as you suggest, but sure that this analogy stacks up. I'm cutting out the worn parts not putting more back in. But thanks for the thought.
  6. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    If I knew everything I wouldn't need to post in a forum of other sailors. I was hoping for advice like: "It's not a good idea (or is) for these reasons". Not an earful. Thanks for the helpful advice despite the attitude with which you delivered it.
  7. _dinsdale_

    Anchor chain

    On my 10 metre sloop, I have 30 metres of anchor chair (+ 100 metres of anchor rope spliced in). A couple of sections of the chain are badly rusted while about 16m is still in good condition. Enough for my boat BUT the 16m is in two sections. Thinking about cutting out the rusted section and rejoining the two good pieces of chain with a rope/chain splice... say a metre long nylon between the two pieces of chain. Any problems with this? Thanks in advance.
  8. _dinsdale_

    Rules question

    Sorry haven't been back since last post. Yes we retired.
  9. _dinsdale_

    Rules question

    Okay, thanks all.
  10. _dinsdale_

    Rules question

    I discovered I went round the mark the wrong way a long while after the rounding (way too late to go back and unwind myself and round it correctly). As soon as I discovered my error, I did a 720. Does this exonerate me?
  11. _dinsdale_

    Racing Rules question

    Collisions were avoided "just". But there was lot of shouting and angst!
  12. _dinsdale_

    Racing Rules question

    While racing. Heading for a mark on port, the leading boat tacked around the mark but hit it, then speared into the oncoming port-tacked fleet on starboard. Having infringed at the mark does the starboard tacker still have right of way over the port tackers??
  13. _dinsdale_

    Ideas needed for removing a water tank

    What sailak said.
  14. _dinsdale_

    Tacktic (Raymarine) T120 Problems?

    I have this problem sometimes when sailing close to the wind. I "think" the boom lines up perfectly between the mast head transmitter and the receiver on the binnacle so blocks the signal, but not every time. Any other point of sail doesn't cause this problem. Very occasionally the problem arises when the full cockpit bimini is open, again I'm assuming that it (its metal hoops most likely) interferes with the signal from the top of the mast. Fixes itself once the bimini is put away.
  15. _dinsdale_

    Splicing different sized double braid together

    I already have this on the luff cringles and it works well but as you say, expensive. 33ft sloop.