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  1. Racing Rules question

    Collisions were avoided "just". But there was lot of shouting and angst!
  2. Racing Rules question

    While racing. Heading for a mark on port, the leading boat tacked around the mark but hit it, then speared into the oncoming port-tacked fleet on starboard. Having infringed at the mark does the starboard tacker still have right of way over the port tackers??
  3. Ideas needed for removing a water tank

    What sailak said.
  4. Tacktic (Raymarine) T120 Problems?

    I have this problem sometimes when sailing close to the wind. I "think" the boom lines up perfectly between the mast head transmitter and the receiver on the binnacle so blocks the signal, but not every time. Any other point of sail doesn't cause this problem. Very occasionally the problem arises when the full cockpit bimini is open, again I'm assuming that it (its metal hoops most likely) interferes with the signal from the top of the mast. Fixes itself once the bimini is put away.
  5. Splicing different sized double braid together

    I already have this on the luff cringles and it works well but as you say, expensive. 33ft sloop.
  6. Splicing different sized double braid together

    Thanks for taking the time to offer up all these ideas.
  7. Splicing different sized double braid together

    Ok thanks. Didn't know about the L-36 site...looks to be full of goodies, thanks.
  8. Splicing different sized double braid together

    Sounds like a good (and cheap) solution but a question: Is exposing the core the UV a problem?... it is spectra. Do you know what type of rope it is (endura braid, etc)? Most spectra out there will be uv stable, lots of the manufacturers have their own proprietary coatings they add to protect the core when stripped. I'm curious what kind of boat you have. Single line reefing can be a pain in the ass to set up, especially on a main sail big enough to need 10mm dyneema double braid reef lines. I don't know the brand of spectra. The rigger who setup the single-line system put in the 10mm which does seem like over-kill BUT it is easy on the hands and suits the clutches and winches... though they will work with 8mm. The system works very well when reefing, quick and safe (no one has to leave the cockpit) I have marks on the halyard where to drop the sail to for both reefs then just nip the reefing lines up quickly. Can do it in a couple of seconds after only a short point up into the breeze. My boat is a 33ft Sloop, Gib Sea 33.
  9. Splicing different sized double braid together

    Sounds like a good (and cheap) solution but a question: Is exposing the core the UV a problem?... it is spectra.
  10. Splicing different sized double braid together

    OK thanks... will have to look up VB cord.
  11. My single-line reefing system works great EXCEPT when shaking out a reef as the 10mm line creates heaps of friction around the leech cringe. SO plan A is to use a smaller line eg 8mm to reduce the friction BUT I want to keep the 10mm at the cockpit end for ease of handling and clutch size. THUS the ideal solution would be to splice the two DIFFERENT sized lines together. Anyone know HOW!?