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  1. chorus1

    what is it?

    Model to make a film ?
  2. chorus1

    Older well known IOR Boats
  3. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    I reported his damn post
  4. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    ot it this morning, Toulouse, France :))))
  5. chorus1

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Nice video good sound good vibes French Vibes !!!
  6. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    Switzerland ?
  7. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    Joran was a red Rooster "babe", quite speedy in light breeze ! Think Joran were the fastest Tina in light airs....
  8. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    With all the new photos with Red Rooster, i realized my half hull was fully wrong for the ending lines... I added some other corrections too (Tiller, aft pulpit ....) fz3-15327067362580
  9. chorus1

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Wrong place for the orange flag... It must be the upper one on board;)
  10. chorus1

    Eligibility to Race

    very clear answer to your question : yes, any organisation can refuse any entry to any sailor according to the RCV Rule 76.1 But the refused competitor is able to protest about that decision (in the rule itself) That's it, cristal clear.
  11. chorus1

    Morning Cloud III

    OK P_Pop, i acknowledge.... Do you think the Morning Clouds were bought with lobbies money ?
  12. chorus1

    Morning Cloud III

    Interesting... Have you any evidence for that kind of assessment ? How do you think he won a year for his political job ? (Meant "official")
  13. chorus1

    Morning Cloud III

    Pubicaton closed :à (French version)
  14. chorus1

    Morning Cloud III

    beginning of my french account about MCIII published : (French version)
  15. chorus1

    Morning Cloud III

    The bow is a little wider than S&S at this time. Looks like a design from North Lands, Sueden or Finland ?