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  1. chorus1

    Gary W Mull

    Here is Sparky, 29.9 MORC famous boat ! Design N°156 from Gary Mull.
  2. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    i also built a tina graupner model... cute model easy to sail
  3. chorus1

    Mini Maxi 72 / Super Maxi

    lets say millions
  4. chorus1

    Mini Maxi 72 / Super Maxi

    What a cute category !!! Billions of dollars to win between 2 or 3 top boats with the best prof on board.... and you at the helm... Think its not really sailing sport to come to race in a category where, if you have time and money you can win against only one another competitive boat Super Maxis : 2 class J ... Hum Sorry to see Cayard, Baird and consorts to applause, may be they got money from that, but this is not sailing competition this is sailing satisfaction ? Your advices ?
  5. chorus1

    What's this ?

    Bow quite different with NZL and foilers with fore bulb ?
  6. chorus1

    What's this ?

    flat deck !
  7. chorus1

    What's this ?

    look at the base of the hull... No flat at all ! look at the back of the forms ! (Berre)
  8. chorus1

    Dick Carter design boats

    Rare snapshot of Noryema on the dock !
  9. chorus1

    What's this ?

    Not Us one as first shot but NZ AC75
  10. chorus1

    What's this ?
  11. chorus1

    What's this ?

    Right for the bow
  12. chorus1

    What's this ?

    Right for the bow