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  1. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    So I've seen "removable seats and tillers" mentioned a few times in Gunboat marketing stuff and articles. Does anyone have a picture of what that setup actually looks like? I haven't seen a picture of it.
  2. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    What do you mean by hydrogen power? Got some sort of fuel cell generator thing going on?
  3. Se7en_speed

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Nothing to contribute about GB woes, but this is an interesting write up of Moonwave's hybrid system.
  4. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    Nice video of them cruising at 20 knots
  5. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    Hey greenflash, how do you get away with no generator? Do you have a larger battery than would otherwise be required? Can the props do Regen?
  6. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    From their facebook: "Bow cutting through the chop, skimming along at 20-23 knots boat speed. At this point, someone asked "who wants a coffee? Gotta love this boat." - William Jelbert Gunboat COO
  7. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    Interior Layout options, seems that the main options are the aux cabins port and starboard, or a more roomy master cabin. The cabin furniture can be moved around or removed for lightship racing And bonus master cabin shot
  8. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    New renderings from
  9. Se7en_speed

    Gunboat 68

    Some interesting details I hadn't heard before: