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  1. ASA

    best new foiler for beginner?

  2. ASA

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Check out the footage from Day 1 of the INSPIRE Youth Racing Program aligned with SailGP, a lot of these younger kids it was the first time in the boats. The NZ sailors had a few months in the boats. Check the FOILING TACK at the 50second mark of this video, there are many better ones that were perfromed at last years European Champs and all events since. The next VIDEO Shows the week in review and what a great opportunity this is for youth boys/girls aged 14-20 as a pathway. Bearing in mind the strongest age demographic is 18-35 in the WASZP with a good Masters scene. With 900 boats out there currently and once events start rolling again the big fleets will continue off the back of 100 boats at last years European Championships. The last video is of the SLALOM racing and how good this class is with a variety of racing formats. With a lot of the class infrastrucutre already set up, it is a great introduction to foiling and beyond into competitive racing.
  3. ASA

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    Great interview with Amac taking everyone through his thought process of the MACH2 and how it remains an accessible, competitive platform for people all through the fleet.
  4. ASA

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    LIVE STREAM - GOLD FLEET RACING Check you local times for Start time
  5. ASA

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    Moth Worlds Preview Panel If you want to see and hear from all the key people involved in this years Moth Worlds, from the pros, to the internationals, to the host club. check this out. Gold Fleet racing will be live broadcast through Down Under Sail Facebook from the 16th December
  6. Check out the trailer for the WASZP Documentary - TAKING FLIGHT! Showing the essence of the class and how it has evolved since production began in 2016 - The Sailors, the events, the culture and the future! FULL DOCUMENTARY LAUNCH - 30th October 8:00pm AEDST PREMIERED ON FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE -
  7. ASA


    More Great action from the FOILSZ kit on Lake Garda!!
  8. Check out the action from the 2020 WASZP SLALOM event held prior to the European Championships last week! Awesome format.
  9. ASA


    This is the WASZP SLALOM Course. You travel through Gates similar to downhill SLALOM skiing. The wind strength and angle changes makes it impossible for the boats to sail directly to marks downwind as the angles are always changing. This way it opens up passing lanes and allows the boats to sail their correct angle downwind.
  10. ASA


    Check out the action from the 2020 WASZP SLALOM event held prior to the European Championships last week! Awesome format.
  11. WASZP are currently selling for $16,850 delivered in Australia including taxes and duties, just to dispell that comment. This is off the official manufacturer website.
  12. Ever watched a one design foiling race? 60+ WASZPs around a course is just as intense as Moth racing, purely because its closer, super competitve and it is fast enough to still get the heart pumping. I would hardly say the WASZP has not kicked on? All fleets around the world have shown significant growth, honing in on 800 boats in 2 1/2 years, in Australia they are outnumbering Moths 2-1 in every market except NSW and even then there is a similar amount of boats sailing in Sydney albeit spread out. Given the fact the WASZP and also the UFO are 2 and a bit years into a journey I would say they have made significant in-roads. Plus the culture of the WASZP is what is getting a lot of people in, its fun to sail, its fun to race and the people are fun to be around. When you are at an event, you can go to the pub or spend time with your family and friends, roll-up an hour before the start and go sailing/be competitive, then party afterwards, this appeals to a significant amount of people. Moths are moths, they are the fastest and most efficent thing out there by a mile outside of Kite-foiling. But a lot of people aren't that interested in spending an extra 25k to go 3-4 knots quicker. Nor are they that interested in spending the same amount of money to go quicker and spend their life not going as fast as someone in a race because of $$. Its development vs one-design. Its tech heads against people who just want to go sailing. They are nothing alike except the fact they all fly above the water.
  13. ASA


    New FOILSZ Laser kit from the KA Sail Stable. Whats the thoughts on Amacs new design?
  14. ASA

    WASZP - International Games PERTH

    The WASZP International Slalom was a hit with a couple of rockstars in AC/VOR sailors Tom Johnson and Luke Parkinson stopping by to mix it up! SLALOM Grand Finals TOM JOHNSON & LUKE PARKINSON Interview