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  1. I wish I only had a 72' boat, I CURRENTLY HAVE 335', WANNA TRADE? Cheers, Stephen
  2. Jump starting the adventure, written in the sand on the beach. the future Hostel /crews quarters are a 43ft Cross trimaran( one of two available )) she is currently in Kentucky lake, has 5 berths in three separate quarter's, 50hp yanmar, enclosed bridgedeck, two showers, large galley, diesel genset, air conditioner (low on freon), radar, and huge frig/freezer. She needs to go up the Mississippi to Chicago, through the lakes, stopping at the Toronto multihull club, then Erie Canal, NYNY to North Carolina. lots of cleaning, gorgeous interior and will fix whatever needs fixing under way. She can depart July ? and would like to get to North Carolina for the First Ever "Sail like ya stole it multihull rendezvous" around November 1st. the second crew quarters is a 38ft Open wing Harris trimaran in Yarmouth Maine, excellent sails, her engine bed is prepped for the new 27hp Yanmar, I will install new tramps and paint touch up .she could easily be ready in two,three weeks to also head down the coast for the rendezvous, but no hurry. the Antrim is 1/2 on the east coast and 1/2 on the west coast, she likes 55knots so it is more of a question of getting the crews quarters ready before picking her up, she is available in a partnership BUT would only use the money to pay for another racing trimaran that is already picked out. CRAZY ENOUGH! Sometime after the rendezvous, I would take the fleet to the Ft Lauderdale, Key West race, then? Cuba and/or the Bahamas or? Can it be done? I am planning on a budget for hardware/boat related gear and hope to get sponsors for entry fees etc. I AM CURRENTLY A ONE MAN BAND, so I hope to find capable crew to run a few boats, eventually at the same time. why so many boats? it is fun, the more the merrier? just want to try to share something I can't explain . the hostels will be support and media boats. RACING Ft Lauderdale Key West requires a minimum of 4 in a crew, so there is plenty of room for deserving crew members. logistics ; sail in legs allowing easy on and off, one way rental cars are $100 a day, so it is not expensive to jump ship. GOM or Golden Oldies are a great group of European members that keep vintage racing multihulls alive for future generations, they are my mentors. I do not OWN any of these boats, I AM THERE CARETAKER! these are available to ANYONE THAT CAN PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS AND BELIEVE IN "Karate Kid" wax on wax off. will it work? I am leaving Reno Nevada in the next two weeks, I will post daily positions and additional updates in the attempt . Additional race and support boats are available depending on participation. Whoops, most important , once the support boats are in place fun racing/ training will be the theme of the commune, at this point there will be two boats,phrf -65 and -75 one cat, one tri to match race against, honing one skills in the search for profound existence. WE SHARE OUR TOYS AND LIFE IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY! Hope to see you and support a dream or two. Stephen ps, I have the 2018 R2ak winning boat , but boy she needs work, if you have the time I have to boat, she will outsail a f31 and easily out row her
  3. one of the crew members told me this and it isn't wrong to get sponsors . so they have a gimmick, why would that make me a douchebag?
  4. you got it, in the 2015 and 2016 r2ak most of my crew showed up two days before the start, and we had less than four hours of training. My son and i spent three weeks in the parking lot , 12 hour days setting her up, spending $15k, that didnt work very well . if I could set up a base camp (cruising boats to live on ) and sail on the race boats, it might be fun, learn something and arrive to a few races with a little skill under our belt. I have been collecting racing multihulls for 30 years and they sit in storage, waiting for an opportunity to sail. I am getting old, will always be broke, as I have too many boats and would like to share. is it realistic? I don't know, would it be cool to learn how to fly a hull on a Reynolds 33 for hours at a time, I think so. I live in Reno, so unless I go landsailing it ain't going to happen here. I have been everwhere in the US and North Carolina is a user friendly place to sail, my wife has poor health so I need a place that is easy to commute to Reno. the east coast has a great races and close to the Caribbean if a team materializes. I am not a tiller hog and love to watch my crews faces when they drive my boats, everyone in the R2ak got to surf Nice Pair for at least 4 hours, it was a hoot! Yes, I would like a multihull commune. yes, I would love to mentor younger sailors to the podium. The Antrim, Gougeon/ Gardiner have been stored too long. If you need money get a job, if you need a thrill jump out of an airplane, if you are afraid of airplanes try a high speed multihull. I am not going to be around for ever, and I would like to pass something along, if you want to work and sail we have something in common Stephen Marcoe (open to suggestions) 2akteamgoldenoldies on facebook Ps most of my boats are for sale UNTIL I find a way to take care of them.
  5. ps, this is a great opportunity to anyone building time for a captains license.
  6. R2ak racer would like to go bigger, needs minions to assemble/ prep an unorganized fleet of multihulls, in exchange you get to sail, race and cruise to your hearts content. Zephr, Antrim 40 x 34 all Carbon trimaran, offshore racer Cakewalk, vintage 34x26 Gougeon/ Gardiner trimaran ....perfect r2ak racer 25ft Newick trimaran powerboat for support/photo boat, 50hp 33X16 Reynolds catamaran, phrf approximately -65.....also perfect r2ak racer 38x24 cruising trimaran, comfortable support ship, currently at the famous multihull yard of Walter Greene's I will consider any race, anywhere, but prefer the east coast to gather the fleet, my only funding is barely enough to support the boats. preferred crew are self sufficient, have extra time on their hands, willing to help in a media campaign for future sponsorship (video /writing experience would be helpful). you get lodging at no cost and i will pick up expenses if sponsors are found. First choice is to gather the fleet in North Carolina this summer/fall . I like R2AK, Ft lauderdale to Miami, any Cuba race, Rolex cup, etc prefer to train/cruise in the Bahamas in between. open to any suggestions I am leaving Reno NV by July 1st to gather the fleet. Stephen r2akteamgoldenoldies on Facebook yes, I am a multihull addict and I am running out of time
  7. $36500 seemed cheap, considering they are not that old and $120k new, the 14ft beam caused the massive depreciation, and the 16ft beam boats are much more manageable.
  8. 2015 r2ak Nice Pair set the record to Victoria, beating a arc 22 and the Marstrom 32. 2016 Mad Dog ran a beautiful race and put themselves in harms way, but they weren't racing the other boats, they were racing mother nature and their own will power. 2017 was a boat race for line honors. Nice Pair is a vintage Crowther and Golden Oldies was to represent GOM multihulls the nonprofit in Europe that restore vintage racing multihulls, I won the Prize when Dick Newick's wife contacted me to thank me for represented GOM r2ak represents different goals, I envy the final finisher as it glorifies perseverance. so r2ak is what you make of it
  9. if the weather goes bad she has four berths, two are decent. this year's race would of gave some advantage to the Reynolds, and a used Marstrom 32 is $200k, so it beats it to the bank! berths and two
  10. the entry fee is approximately $1,000 and the return airfare is $500, so you might get a free ride, but there is no profit, unless you value fame
  11. bang for the buck, ($36500) a wide Reynolds 33 could own this race. phrf ratings for the Marstrom is -99, the Melvin -3, f31 -3 and a Reynolds is -65. A 40 Antrim is -75.
  12. I will give the 28ft tri the win, but the Marstrom 32 stole the race.
  13. Randy did I catch that right? you bought Mama tried? are you planning on r2ak 2018? Stephen
  14. wide Reynolds 33 are ten times the boats and are cheap right now