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  1. multihuler

    R2AK 2019

    Is it really the last year for the r2ak?
  2. multihuler

    R2AK 2019

    I am so tired of this time consuming, money pit of a pirate race, please refuse any application of mine to race and win the singlehanded record, Or not, R2akteamgoldenoldies
  3. most people do there sailing on a lazyboy at home, all boats have compromises, beams, rocker, layups etc, looking at Skateaway she is a pleasant compromise. Most boats need some level of tic, last I saw skateaway the owner made her perfect to sailaway, I wouldn't of paid $30k to paint my boat to sell, but for those that can afford to go first class she is a prize.
  4. Line honors, single and doublehanded Farrallon island race in 1976 38' Newick Native, hull number 1# Thanks Dick, rip gqqqrcn1.bmp
  5. multihuler

    C-Class Little Cup news

    I am going offshore, and tired of storing this 1991 Morrelli/Melvin class C, $20k without the trailer, over $50k spent to go soft sail, 39ft Marstrom mast, stock main, and over size main turbo charged her, all CARBON boat. Delivery possible. Stephen
  6. multihuler

    Multihull Team with Radical boats

    So much for my navigation, 64 days till the start Cheers, Stephen
  7. multihuler

    Multihull Team with Radical boats

    The update; The next race is the first Annual Caribbean Multihull Regatta, Currently painting the Antrim Traded the Cross for a Maine cat 41, which I moved 2000 miles to Beaufort NC The Harris is still in Maine, can launch in three weeks, and I am using the 65 day countdown to be in transit, for the finish of the Route Du Rhum in St Martain Still need minions, drivers. R2akteamgoldenoldies on fb
  8. multihuler

    Available to crew for R2AK 2019

    What is your work schedule? Stephen R2akteamgoldenoldies
  9. multihuler


    Hi Geff, are your ready to race again?
  11. multihuler

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    My 16ft wide, fresh water, newer mast, (old one damaged on the ground) like new outboard, Reynolds is $31k without the trailer, and I will deliver her to the east coast for expenses, still on sa classifieds.
  12. multihuler

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Still for sale, see sa classifieds
  13. multihuler

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    Never flipped it, they not hard to sail level with the reefing system/ roller furler, but if you are going for the gold, I would add a inflatable mast head, but still would need a powerboat, shroud releases would be interesting.