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  1. multihuler

    corsair or dragon fly pro's and con

    Hard not to make a joke, cant beat a good woodie
  2. multihuler

    corsair or dragon fly pro's and con

    Hmmm, So, Walmart is owned by the Walton's I did hear that John liked to do things on his own merit, and he was well liked. I also know of John's love of trimarans, and sad that he died in a lightweight plane, Only wished I had a chance to of met him. Still believe Ian's x arms are a modification of the old one piece garage door opener, and Ian of course revolutionized the modern, trailerable, wonderful trimaran that are darn fast.
  3. multihuler


    Your boat, your dream
  4. multihuler

    NY to SFO the hard way

    Cape Horn eats much larger craft for breakfast, but glad to hear Ryan is crafty, he will need it
  5. multihuler

    NY to SFO the hard way

    I sailed on her with Russell and Richard Woods, the fun factor is off the charts, like riding a wheelie on a lightweight bike, of course there are risks. Ryan has some balls, and making it around has very little value in my book, but just trying makes me take off my hat. What a great adventurer he is, and may his deeds inspire others to live their lives to the fullest .
  6. multihuler

    Sunburner 27

    Correction, he bought one new sail, and a new engine. Harris's son is a surveyor and would be a wealth of information. There are a couple of people interested , but I think you could get him down to a great price as he is not using her. No pony in the race
  7. multihuler

    Sunburner 27

    I saw her a couple years ago, I was surprised how large the interior is for a little cat, her glass work looked like she will last a lifetime, not a factory finish . I also thought he bought new sails for her not too long ago. The owner is a nice guy and selling because he bought a big trimaran
  8. multihuler

    Race 2 Alaska Put on Ice another 12 Months!

    400lbs, 40ft stick, Morrelli /Melvin turbo charged C Class 25 would be a weapon, just not sure of the level of fun. I did offer my 40ft tri to Katy and the girls team, as I think this race might be fun just to watch
  9. multihuler

    Is it a Terrible Idea...

    Newick designed great boats, one of my favorites. Native hull number 1 was Moxie's older sister, 1977. Today she looks near near, and lives in France, yes, 1977
  10. multihuler

    Is it a Terrible Idea...

  11. multihuler

    Foiling F-Boats

    So, that means the F32 Carbon Credit for sale in oz built around the foils, and tiny cabin doesnt work? If you want to critique you could at least look it up
  12. Barely room for two people, must be highly experienced, I have only sailed her once. Share expenses, will practice and launch 2 weeks before the race in Richmond. I live in Reno, so it is a lot of work to get her ready, assembled, etc Boat had already won the tbf. No drama, no tight schedules, dry suits best I didn't put this on crew forum to stay away from monohull sailors, nothing wrong with their choices, but cant speak monohull Ps, alot of tuning involved
  13. multihuler

    Foiling F-Boats

    Interesting, from a m 32 and mama tried, what else is there? M32's have defective masts, other than that it doesn't get any better, and mama tried was near perfect other than needing a minor? Overhaul. value in a 20ft cat? no family invited. my flagged boat is the semi foiling, carbon f32srx in Australia. She appears to be a deal, price dropped $50k, and light, but sitting on the market would raise questions. Large or small crew, small cabin, dry sail, big foils, stupid fast
  14. multihuler

    Race to Alaska best boat

    If it is plan b I will invite the entire rowing team and do the.burger run
  15. Not smart, but badass Over $75k invested $18k, half for $10k Morrelli 25x14 c class, carbon, Phf approximately -75, excellent sails.