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  1. multihuler

    R2AK on a beach cat

    Good for you to support the madness, , ,
  2. multihuler

    Transpac 2021

    I have the ride, but what are the associated costs? Is it possible to get insurance?
  3. multihuler

    R2AK 2021: Still not a buffoon ...

    Dick Newick once told me second place is first place loser
  4. multihuler

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Excuse the sail shapes the downhauls weren't working
  5. multihuler

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Sadly I don't have time for Cakewalk, I would do anything to get her repaired, 34x 26, 2000lbs she is a incredible trimaran Living in Reno gives little time to use the fleet, I have offered inexpensive/cheap partnership's on any of my boats, in any location.
  6. multihuler

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Mortals will never understand
  7. multihuler

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Wow, what a great opportunity with a incredible boat, you live the bucket list!
  8. multihuler

    Why do you race?

    Race to Alaska, best race ever, two rules, no engine or outside assistance, the last boat is the real winner as he gets more time in the event. Racing to me is 3d chess, analyzing equipment and the elements to achieve said distance goal , the race to Alaska lasts 5 or 6 days, for some over 20 , it is a social media race as well, stopping in a pub for fish n chips or bowling gives way to anything goes, racing 24 hours a day is one of the greatest challenges in the meaning of live, living to the fullest, minute by minute, sometimes even seconds count
  9. multihuler

    Ditch the rig

    Work x time is becoming a problem , she was the testbed, and whatever modifications it takes to rebuild still gets a silly fast cat.
  10. multihuler

    Ditch the rig

    She can afford the extra weight in a repair/rebuild
  11. multihuler

    Ditch the rig

    Great, I will send you money, and the boat, actually heading to pt tomorrow. As everyone is having a cow, they are just c beams, there were built to be demountable but someone glued them in place
  12. multihuler

    Ditch the rig