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  1. ALL@SEA

    Older fast Aus multies

    Look t the height of the boom:(
  2. ALL@SEA

    Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Poor quality shot taken at first light this morning.
  3. ALL@SEA

    Older fast Aus multies

    It doesn't look as though she was ever as optimised as some of the previously mentioned Graingers, but she's not in NZ...
  4. I was just talking about her with one of my crew yesterday. She ticks a lot of boxes, but really I shouldn't be thinking about new boats - I love mine, although I can't really take her offshore! Toecutter II looks stiff, and at a size that she should be manageable short handed, but is seems she has about 7 POB in one of your pics. Is she designed (like the Mumm/Farr 30s) with crew weight integral to stability? Cheers.
  5. ALL@SEA

    Corsair 970

    Specifics - what do you require that something like this ( ) doesn't offer?
  6. ALL@SEA

    Grainger rocket factory raw 30 tri

    One (detuned, cruiser) seems to be a regular competitor here - - maybe they could help? I think the one for sale gave the all carbon F-boat a run for its money when they met.... Nice looking boat.
  7. ALL@SEA

    Older fast Aus multies

    Just curious, how'd the old girl go compared to the F-boat? Probably not in her element in those conditions. Cheers.
  8. Originally (I think in the days before everything went up on the internet - hence I can't find a photo) she was basically an over-sized skiff with a huge sprit, and the wings had racks extending another meter or two - whats left can only be considered stubs. She also had far less weight in the keel, which lead to a few interesting wipeouts. She's far more conventional these days.
  9. She sails well, especially downwind. Does a bit of coastal racing, but might be a little tender without weight on the rail. Always looks like fun, but I don't think she rates - although less of a problem in PHS.
  10. ALL@SEA

    JJ Giltinan, not a word

    Call me old fashioned, but I find that more entertaining than the Superfoilers.
  11. ALL@SEA

    Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    I haven't seen a comparison drawn to the Mini Transat fleet. I'd imagine that the Volvo/IMOCA fleet would be a more robust fleet, and a proving ground for new sailors to the class in the same vein as the Classe 6.50, while the pure IMOCAs would still be at the bleeding edge of design, and sailed by the icons of the sport as it is today. I don't think having more class compatible boats would be a bad thing for the IMOCA - just look at all the tired old boats that were hauled around (or at least part way) the globe in the last edition... I'm less sold on the Volvo side of things, but a crew of seven (including OBR/navigator or cook?) may be feasible, and interesting enough to watch?
  12. ALL@SEA

    Caribbean 600

    Sorry to continue the drift, but the Moth's red headed stepson - the Wazsp - has an unstayed rig... Horses for courses.
  13. ALL@SEA

    Older fast Aus multies

    I'll check with the broker, but a good source told me she's going to Darwin. I'll be really upset if someone tries to convert her to cruising, I really couldn't have bought her at the moment - I simply can't afford more than 1 boat... the wife tells me so!
  14. ALL@SEA

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist