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  1. ALL@SEA

    Australian Sailing

    I'm not waiting around!
  2. ALL@SEA

    Australian Sailing

    Summer time, 3mm should be fine. I used my 4mm (+boots + hood) all winter, the 6mm stayed in the shed. East Coast Tas waters are warming at some of the highest rates on earth, and that photo... well, not a long way west, still under the effects of the EAC in summer ...
  3. ALL@SEA

    Faster ama shapes

    Carbon Credit relied somewhat on C-foils (and pretty sure she is a bit lighter)... as for the results, from what I can see they weren't really conclusive - It looks like CC was quicker around the course slightly more often than not....
  4. ALL@SEA

    Faster ama shapes

    I could very be wrong, but I seem to recall that the more cruising oriented Grainger Airplay was a pretty similar speed to the carbon, semi-foiling F-32sr Carbon Credit(?) when they came together head to head...
  5. ALL@SEA

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling Keiper and WILLIWAW.htm
  6. ALL@SEA

    Older fast Aus multies

    I don't recall seeing anything of her in racing results over the years, but note she was mentioned up thread...
  7. And after breaking the stat and having to sail back after building a good lead... but wasn't she Hong Kong or somewhere? I sailed up the Derwent that year between the two of them on my laser - being tossed about in the spectator wake trying to run square - one of the most frightening sails of my life at that young age!
  8. Its official:( Hopefully she finds love and stays out of the Whitsunday charter fleet...
  9. ALL@SEA

    Défi Azimut 2019

    Interesting to see Charal with the FR0 with most others flying MH0s... less drag = less power needed.
  10. ALL@SEA

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    I usually sail my Elliott 7 1 or 2 up, fits the bill nicely, until the breeze is over about 10 knots where she suffers to windward without weight on the rail. Other than that, she's fantastic, everything is light and within reach, and goes on a trailer easily.
  11. ALL@SEA

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    She was in a promising position when she pulled out on her last attempt... would another failure see her into another party pontoon on the Brisbane river?
  12. This is the result of that surgery. She's still in Hobart as far as I know.
  13. There are (were?) two Gustos, one (the first, I think) is in Tassie, and is the former Whitbred, then Open 60. I think the second is the former Langman Open 60/66 Xena/Grundig/AAP?. The boat you're referring to is (I think) the former "Broomstick", which as far as I recall was never in the same league as Langman's beast.
  14. ALL@SEA

    Sun Fast 3300

    Heaps of form stability though, I doubt she'll be tender. We'll see.