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  1. ALL@SEA

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Cut each other's hair and you can have 1000... but in reality, I attended a wedding the other week, and no one will ever forget it as the most awkward avent ever - everything done right, but try social distancing at such an event!
  2. ALL@SEA

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Thanks again. It's an addiction I'll never break - despite this I never once regretted buying my current boat in the 4 or so years I've had her - and may well regret selling her (even if someone wants to buy her)!
  3. ALL@SEA

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Lots to chew over there. The survey is booked for tomorrow. I Think we'd negotiated a reasonable price, she passed the test sail with flying colours, and then this C-19 shit really started. She's a rare boat that fits our bill for shorthanded offshore stuff... ticks nearly all the boxes, has all the equipment, and has been owned and well prepared by a owned by a knowledgeable, caring owner. I've been looking a long time, and she comes closer than anything else I've seen - unfortunately I'm not after a common production cruiser/racer, otherwise I'd be taking the advice to step back. I think half the question is will prices stay low when things improve. I can hold onto my boat before I sell for a while, but don't really want a larger fleet! This boat is part of probably a 10 year plan, and IF prices bounce a bit once (if) things return to normality, I don't think (hope) we won't lose significantly more than depreciation... though I guess no one knows where this is headed. Thanks all for your advice - I can't say I wasn't warned if things go pearshaped. I'll keep you posted.
  4. ALL@SEA

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Good point, and probably not well thought out by me (ballsy wasn't what I was going for) - getting toward the end of nightshift.
  5. ALL@SEA

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    10% deposit, boat is a touch under $40k (subject to survey and rig check) ... I know the opposite is probably true, but it feels like a smaller financial risk going halves.
  6. ALL@SEA

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Well I've been looking at getting a bigger, more offshore orientated boat for a while, and a sailing mate and I just put a deposit on a 30' sportboat... and then the world went crazy. No doubt prices are going to crash like they did in the GFC, but I wonder, will they bounce back when (if?) the virus is controlled? Really, second hand boats have been great value post GFC - can they really go (and stay) much lower? I suspect I've just bought (or am about to buy) just before the arse falls out of the market... though I'm not too concerned, she seems to be a well built, well maintained, well equipped boat that suits our needs, and will be a 10ish year plan. What do you oracles think?
  7. ALL@SEA

    Don McImmitate's plywood RTW ClassMini580

    With zero research, would the length correlate to the maximum boat you can get from X number of sheets of ply?
  8. ALL@SEA

    Coolboats to admire

    And an engine.
  9. ALL@SEA

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Couldn't agree more, maybe he was overreacting, or lost something in the translation ... he's just bought a Laser, and is pissed off that he's not allowed to sail it! He said "Yeah but you're not even suppose to get out of your house. They've got the army on the street in italy and spain"And when I asked for clarification: It just started today. You can go to work if you still got one and can't do it from home. And you can go shopping but you can't see people Sorry Tanguy if I've misrepresented ya mate.
  10. ALL@SEA

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    A french mate just told me that in France you're not allowed out of your house, and in Italy and Spain they have the army in the streets!
  11. ALL@SEA

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Half of us seem to spend more time here than on the water.
  12. ALL@SEA

    Outside tour of my Sayer37

    John Sayer designed and built some excellent sailboats!
  13. ALL@SEA

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Tumblehome is all the rage...
  14. ALL@SEA

    Older fast Aus multies

    I think the seller is getting confused, unless I'm reading it wrong and neo seeing the "same design" bit... Ian and Cathy's boat is (as you all know) another story all together!