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  1. Goes well up wind? I don't know if the Holland 25 was ever popular over there, but there are plenty kicking about down here in Aus. I learned to sail crewing one of these as a kid, and she'd power upwind in 30-40 knots (so long as the owner didn't try to carry too much sail - #4 and 2 reefs, and she'd keep up with many many bigger, supposedly faster boats).... Downwind was ok up to hull speed, after that she'd just dig a huge hole in the water - not to mention roll! http://www.boatpoint.com.au/boats/holland/25/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixVgHz6zSGM Pretty good headroom for a 25'er too.
  2. Something like this (from the front page) http://frontstreetshipyard.com/windfall58/ ?
  3. Just spotted on gumtree - https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kettering/sail-boats/elliott-5-9/1159718385
  4. That shirt is a long way from home!
  5. I see nothing too unpleasant, let alone horrifying. There are plenty of terrifying clips recorded in benign conditions, but with inept crew.
  6. While working in the Whitsundays I did hear a bare boat charterer call up over VHF requesting another anchor as they'd used both of theirs....
  7. Are those foils going to need fences to prevent cavitation? I'd imagine there'd be disturbed flow caused by the hull where they enter the water.... but I have an active imagination, and lack a hydrodynamics degree.
  8. Hi Stiletto, I've listened to the podcast, but can't find any footage... Are you referring to a video, or were you lucky (although luck would've had nothing to do with it) enough to be there in the flesh? Cheers, ALL@SEA
  9. There's a facebook page - "classic crowther designed multihulls" - with some great photos of SSWs, and also some very knowledgeable sailors. Great design, well ahead of its time!
  10. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/emu-point/sail-boats/45-ft-yacht-project/1153285079 Down to $15k... "wouldn't buy the materials for that!"
  11. What caught was the bow roller....
  12. Ninie, a Tasmanian One Design, built in the early 1900s - Pictured here in the 1985 Betsy Island Race. My father was aboard, I was probably just out of nappies. Last I heard she was in a shed south of Hobart, she hasn't been in the water in probably over a decade, hopefully she'll sail again one day.
  13. Deja vu all over... http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/169106-boats-that-i-would-buy/#comment-5106753
  14. http://maritime-executive.com/article/ship-sinks-containers-floating-in-fiji-harbor
  15. I remember reading about John Pizzey a couple of decades ago, and it is well worth looking into some of his solutions... I'm not sure if he's still about, It'd be great if he could weigh in on the discussion. http://proafile.com/magazine/articles/tag/john+pizzey note the reverse bow/sterns in i988!