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  1. Great race between the MANUARD Mach 40.4 BANQUE DU LEMAN and the RAISON Max 40 CREDIT MUTUEL.
  2. ALL@SEA

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Bernd Kohler was unashamedly inspired by the G32 when penning his "MaXi" design... It lacks the G32 grace (among other attributes), but may be worth sharing (if it hasn't been already). If I won the lotto one of the boats I'd commission would be an updated, carbon, G32 based design... although there would be little to update.
  3. ALL@SEA

    70' Cruising Proa....Big Red Yacht

    Also (from memory of a video years ago, too lazy to look for it again) although the mast step was mobile, the stays were about 3/4, so moving the foot forward moved the masthead back. It seemed a lot of effort for relatively little gain in moving CoE forward.
  4. ALL@SEA

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    Pescott did (does?) great cats in that range - not sure of he has a website.
  5. I know this was mentioned previously, but it's interesting hearing Mr Goss' experience.
  6. ALL@SEA

    New Moore 33

    I don't think you're going to legally road transport a 30+' version of a Class 40 anywhere. What part of the topic I was referring to mentioned traierling? Thread drift seems inevitable, but have a look at the quoted text, or even all of post 124, and I don't think trailering in relevant in that context.
  7. ALL@SEA

    New Moore 33

    The Classe 950 (though a bit shorter, and hardly thriving as a class), the Sunfast 3300, and the JPK 1030 would come pretty close to filling that niche - in my eyes at least.
  8. I love the look of the boat, and the concept, but no mention of water ballast. I've sailed a Mumm (Farr) 30, and they suffer upwind without significant weight on the rail... however I'm glad its on the other side of the world, as its close to ideal for me, but I've bought a Mount Gay 30, which isn't a bad compromise.
  9. ALL@SEA

    Measure twice...Duplicate IGNORE

    From the same "government" who bought a fleet (?) of trains from overseas that didn't fit through some of the regions tunnels.
  10. ALL@SEA

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Just having a bit of 'fun' with the photography... ? Thanks for providing the boat porn Shaggy.
  11. ALL@SEA

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Sarah or Maria Island (depending on east or west coast)?
  12. Incidentally, this just popped up on facebook - looks good, the self tacking jib track would be a trip hazard, but probably worth it.
  13. I'm trying to get my head around this mainsail... not quite an AC twin skin, but are they chasing a similar concept? The mast doesn't seem to lend itself to a wing effect. CLASSE MINI _ LES SABLES LES ACORES EN BAIX DE MORLAIX 202… _ Flickr.html
  14. ALL@SEA


    From memory she featured in the "Yachting World" 100 year anniversary issue. Interesting boat with lots of ideas that never caught on.