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  1. For this boat, all the design is a direct copy from the pics I got from the MOD70. I only adapted it to the small scale, making the hulls thicker and increasing the rocker to a 6cm draught compared to 4cm which would be 1:1 scale. The lowest rocker lies very much afterwards, together with the mast. Attached you see the center hull. Also there's a 1:1 scale model from a french builder. Very good looking indeed with the slim hulls but I guess it will be not sailing very good. It will be interesting to see how she tacks, should be very good. However the latest Mini40 try out the opposite quite successfully, meaning CB and CE of the sail much further forward. Lifting foils and T-rudders keep those boats from pitchpoling. There's still a lot to find out to make these little things faster. My current top speed is near 9 knots. Not too bad for a 1,2m long boat I think. Meanwhile the deck is fitted. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hoping that this forum returns to some RC-multi talk, here's an update of the MOD40. Wintertime is RC-building time for me. Plans are almost ready and will be freely available as soon as it runs smoothly and balanced. I designed the boat from pics from the web. Anybody else building something? Cheers, Chris
  3. Jesus! Doug, just ignore those idiots. They're worth nothing. Keep it up whether here or better in the moderated forum. My MOD40 built is getting forward. I will update you know in a few weeks. Chris
  4. You're right. I'll give it a rest. Take care!
  5. Jesus, you guys are SO smart, you must have two extra brains somewhere around your body. Your points are so simple and clear that it almost hurts. Of course (!!!) it is better to have a well machined high-techfoil. But ist is stupid (!!!!) to use the high end manufacturing method on something that you are not yet sure in terms of design. You call that overengineering. That's why you first try out things at lower level. Rapid prototyping, in this case hand sanding and so on. Did you actually experience in real life what it means to go into CNC milling? Read through some forums to get an idea. This is not a ready to run-thing. You spend weeks until the CNC runs well. I will never do it myself (but did it professionally years ago). In order to get practical you have to have a design first. Not an idea, but a precise set, length, width, profile, etc, etc. That just does not come by itself! Second you need to have the skills to 3D model that. Of course you can do it by yourself (=> do you also build a driller when you have to drill a hole??) but I prefer to design and sail the general boat and leave the rest to the experts. The same I do with the sails, basic size come from me, execution from a sail-builder. So I (not you as I understood) will go for someone to help me with the CNC. But only as soon as I am sure what the design will be! Can you tell/send me that? Foil for Mini40, 3kg weight. I am waiting.... Cheers! Chris
  6. shut up and let him build! True word! Shut the f up BalticB now and go pollute another forum with your stupid insults!! Same applies to this other freak. Poor Baltic Sea that some ah like you chooses its name as nick. Back to RC-Multis: the other RC sailor and I are making up contacts to CNC builders in order to check for curved foils or foil plugs. Not sure how complicated or expensive that might be. However it happens to be that one specialized workshop is only 5 minutes from where I am. Here in EU the RC multis are preparing for the EU championship which is held by the end of this month. My shinobi is almost OK. Just needs some more rig tension, so that the jib stays in shape in pressure. This WE I am finishing a shorter rudder with T-foil as well. Pics soon. Chris
  7. Only to add some practical RC-foiling-life to the current academical discussion.. ;-) Some pics of the shinobi with the old 30cm long foils with NACA 63410 profile. Meanwhile I built shorter 24cm long foils which surprisingly work much better. Same profile, same angle of attack, more (!!??) lift, more speed, better tacking ability. I guess the long foils (on the pics) just create too much drag. A shorter rudder will follow as well.
  8. Hey Chris O, why do you think these foils cannot be done accurately enough? Is it from practical experience or just guessing......? There are plenty of working examples that those shapes can be sanded by hand precisely. Many RC sailors do it for ruders, etc. and they are sailing fast enough! There's also another example for a curved model foil here http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showthread.php/357334-AC45-im-Mini40-Format?p=2933823&viewfull=1#post2933823 Actually the boat is flying with it already. Still of course the more accurate the profile is the better. I like the idea of a 3D printed mold that would be refined by sanding afterwards. Should be a lowbrainer for someone who knows how to 3D design such things. Good discussion here finally! Cheers Chris
  9. Hey Doug, the boat looks really cool, whatever the performace will be - I find it inspiring and very well built. What's your clue about the good light wind performance while the main hull bottom is so flat. Doesn't that increase wetted surface and increases drag at light wind?? Some news from my workshop. I scaled down a MOD70 to the Mini40 rules. It will be a semiscale version still sailing good but inteded to look much better than the regular mini40 boats. I added some volume to the hulls according to scale, should be sailing this summer. Cheers, Chris
  10. Hey Doug, just keep it up and get us updated. And Chris, if you critizise Doug for not delivering any practical evidence on new multihulls - why don't you just reduce your own post to just such posts. Thanks Chris (another one)
  11. Hi Doug, yes the flap is removed for reefing. I had a small "igotu" tracker on the boat. Received some helpful data...
  12. The cat above was really foiling. Not stable, not too much but even much better than on the small video. Here's an update of my tri. Not foiling but with a wing, standard rig and tons of fun! Top speed was 8,7 knots, length is 1,2 meter, wind was around 15kn. Cheers Chris some more action is here
  13. Hi Ian, hi Doug, I was also looking into the wing mast thing. There are some Mini40 sailing around with very nice rotating masts. The major advantage of course is to reduce drag and that is even more important at higher wind speeds, so at rig#2 or 3. There are some offers for those masts and suiting fittings around. In the end I stopped looking at it, cause it was to expensive all together.... http://shop.walickiboats.de/ Doug: interesting to hear from your boat. Keep us posted! Cheers, Chris
  14. The wing's aliiiive!
  15. Or you just do that: