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  1. Sanding Baltoplate

    first time applying Baltoplate. Must it be sanded by hand or can you use an electric sander, with fine paper?
  2. Seeking previous owners of my 1973 Plastrend PT-32

    I remember Fury in Miami also. Trying to think of the owner's name.
  3. Being prodded to sprit

    I have noticed that several boats in the 7.9 class have gone away from the downhaul. Just using the twings instead. Is this common in other classes, also?
  4. Computer advice

    Thanks, I have antivirus but no antimalware. No more porn sites
  5. Computer advice

    I admit, i'm not very update on computers. What is Malware? Why do I seem to get it regularly? Is it dangerous to my computer? How do I stop it? Thanks!!
  6. Competitor

    What rule should you use to protesting a competitor for sailing the wrong course? ie, rounding the wrong mark.
  7. J/88

    What happened to Easy Eight? I see they only finished one race.
  8. Gybing A spinaker

    Checked a J24 this afternoon. You are correct. I'm going to move the exit to above the forestay. Don't know if it will help our gybing, shorthanded, but can't hurt.
  9. Gybing A spinaker

    Tom Scott Nice P-18! The block you are using is that for an external halyard? If so where does the halyard the mast?
  10. Gybing A spinaker

    The exit blocks are side by side. Same as a J24, I believe. Will look at the J24 again this afternoon They are really jib halyards but one is use for the spinnaker, one for the jib. Not the best set up but has worked OK for the spinnaker for us for the last 25 years. Won a lot silver. Back to the original question. We have tried both inside and out. I bought the sail for short handed overnight trips and shorthanded sailing. Guess will have to keep practicing and see what works best.
  11. Gybing A spinaker

    It's an S2 7.9 which I am making into a pocket cruiser. Still want to be able to do some one design racing. I'm pretty sure the J24 is set up the same way. Should all the J24 sailors buy campers?
  12. Gybing A spinaker

    This is a one design boat and there were many built, there is a large fleet nationally. This is how they all have been flying the spin. for 35 years. Thinking of changing one jib halyard, but then it won't be class legal.
  13. Gybing A spinaker

    No prod. Fractional rig. Right now just using the spin halyard, which exits under the forestay.
  14. Gybing A spinaker

    I just got a cruising A spinnaker, for my 26 ft, cruising boat It will tack, with line, in front of the forestay. Should I try gybing inside, between the sail and the forestay, or outside of the sail?