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  1. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    I mean, did we just expect Albon to win the championship this year? With all of his 'struggles' he is only 11 points behind Max and fifth in the standings. If you take the Mercs out of the equation (because you really can't count them even against Max in third) he's in third place. I'm no Red Bull fan, but I think some of the criticism of Albon is a little unfair, that's all.... I could certainly be proven wrong as the season progresses, but it is a little early to put nails in his coffin... half hour till quali!
  2. suider

    Whale Mk V caution

    Agreed, I picked up a set of iFixit bits a while ago (which for at home electronics type stuff is a really nice little kit as well) mostly for the pentas, but it is nice to finally have some JIS rather than just cramming a Phillips in there.
  3. suider

    whats up with West Marine?

    Like others have said, it certainly isn't just them... many of our normal suppliers are having some supply issues... what is really odd to me is some of the things out of stock just seem SO random... like Monkey said, I understand fishing stuff... but we have been seeing odd shortages on 'strange' things.. nav lights, boat hooks, bulbs, etc... things that may or may not 'go together'... and on the OB motor side just massive delays from multiple companies- at least there it seems to be largely related to fuel-related things... but not usually 'customer-replaced things'... high pressure fuel pumps from Yamaha were backordered 4-5 weeks a little bit ago- your average customer isn't replacing that themselves... so I've been assuming we are all just waiting for the same ships
  4. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    Boy, I would think that the prancing horse would have a hard time stomaching the spec nature (yes, I realize it's not COMPLETELY a spec series, but pretty close) of IndyCar... don't get me wrong, I actually think it has done good things for the series- I know I personally have been watching it more and more... but spec racing and Ferrari aren't often tossed around in the same sentence...
  5. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    pretty sure he was saying that RP would set up a junior team LIKE ferrari and red bull- both of which just HAPPEN to start with the word alpha (although the ferrari one really should be 'alfa')....
  6. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    Button used to be able to have an issue and have to pit on one of the first couple laps and eek out his tires the rest of the damn race sometimes it seemed!! (so, in short, I agree with what you are saying)
  7. suider

    Propeller shaft- What am I seeing?

    like mike said, I'm starting to see the keyways a bit longer than normal although USUALLY in that case, the key is longer than the coupling as well as well... don't you have set screws that you could remove in your coupling, though? that would certainly tell you if the shaft had moved at all (meaning you no longer see the recess or dimple for the set screw)...
  8. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    not gonna lie, that would be really cool to at least seen done once....
  9. suider

    International 210 Outhaul 'winch'

    husker I tried to pm you- any chance you'd be willing to part with it?
  10. suider

    Alergic to sunlight?

    I was going to suggest the same thing... my wife has the 'opposite'- cold urticaria -but there are many types...
  11. suider

    Companionway Washboard

    I personally would take any of the myriad of suggestions here over starboard. I just don't love the stuff, I think it would likely end up bowing on you sooner than you might think, it's effing heavy, and it looks nice RIGHT UNTIL IT DOESN'T... I've just found that it doesn't clean up as well as you'd think it would. Full disclosure that I work in a yard that specializes in wooden boats, so we try and talk customers out of starboard in general, but I like the other suggestions (up to and including sealed edge plywood) over starboard.
  12. Likely a pipe dream, but I have a customer who would love to replace his outhaul 'winch' on his 210. Yes, I know- why? -but the boat has some emotional value to him and I think he just wants to have it 'the way it always was'. Realizing that there is no chance of getting a new direct replacement- is there even anything out there these days that is close that the hive mind has seen? I'm drawing a blank for sure on all my searches.
  13. suider

    Brightwork Anarchy

    Epiphanes is certainly what we have switched to (years ago) for all of our varnish, regardless of finish (gloss, satin, matte) and even some of their topcoats are really nice. I did my hull with their single part enamel and it was awesome coverage and held up for years. But the varnish thins easily, accelerates well, holds up nicely. Highly recommend. Ha! Irrational 14 beat me to it as I was typing!
  14. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    Wow... that's not even up on the F1 site yet... yikes...
  15. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    Ok, went even more on a flyer... RUS in for NOR... ... did I mention I may have gone a little more with my heart than head??