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  1. We did this one years ago (2005?) and it has held up well. Clearly some stainless fabrication was involved and I'm never going to claim it was the most cost effective, but it ended up looking like it belonged there. The prod itself is removable (there is a pin aft), but I actually think it stays in place most of the time.
  2. suider

    F1 2019 and E too

    So, clearly, I’m happy with the way the race turned out... ...and we knew there wouldn’t be a ton of passing in Australia... but I actually thought it looked like there were more opportunities... what I mean is MAYBE the new aero and absurdly big front wing will actually help overtaking chances this year? Maybe? I do sort of miss the ridiculous cascade elements, though... although the vortices off the rear wing sort of made up for that... I personally still wish they would let us know what actual compounds they are running this year too... even if on a number scale... like was yesterday last year’s hyper, super, and soft? Super, soft, and medium? Soft, medium, hard? My morbid curiosity wants to know!! And I personally didn’t find the ‘old’ system as confusing as the announcers tried to make it.
  3. suider

    F1 2019 and E too

    If my guy doesn't have what I think he does, neither of those choices would upset me- that's for sure!
  4. suider

    F1 2019 and E too

    Well, we are almost there, so I have to throw my hat in the ring for Bottas taking the championship... he's pissed after last year and I've been a fan of his since the Williams days... and I definitely don't think he is as weak as a driver as he showed last year. After the first couple races with no team orders I think he's level or ahead of LH and I still think Merc can develop faster than the other teams, even if they didn't look AS strong in testing. I mean, it's no fun always expecting the favorites to win, right?
  5. suider

    F1 2019 and E too

    Interesting rule change (expected) awarding a point for fastest lap- assuming said driver also finishes in the top 10...
  6. suider

    Electricity and Corrosion

    I'm well aware of the difference between galvanic and electrolytic corrosion - as well as Ohm's Law. I'll quietly continue to follow the thread. Cheers.
  7. suider

    Electricity and Corrosion

    I'm certainly not the most argumentative guy here, but I am going to have to disagree with all of this except swimming in marinas- which is sound advice for a litany of reasons. 'Hot marina' and other such terms get tossed around an awful lot without actually understanding what it takes to make a galvanic cell. Disregarding the fact that, in this particular case, he seems to keep his boat on a mooring and not in a slip (so I DEFINITELY feel good about my diagnosis of it coming from onboard the boat), some type of connection to the other boats is required for them to be part of the same galvanic cell. Electrons aren't predatory animals, swimming about in the water looking for metal to eat- it's just not the way it works- they need a closed circuit. Maybe (and this is a HUGE maybe) if two boats were abnormally close (ie, rafted) and one had a massive stray current leak (faulty bilge pump, submerged and compromised wire, etc) some signs of stray current corrosion may appear on the second boat- but I'd even have to see some proof of that could, in fact, happen- I'm just trying to think about a potential (HA!) situation where there is a chance it could happen- albeit highly unlikely IMHO.
  8. suider

    F1 2019 and E too

    I don't put too much in the 'Indy v. F1' argument... and the Indy guys are JUST getting used to the track... but watching the side by side at COTA is at least interesting...
  9. suider

    Electricity and Corrosion

    Fair enough... portable battery chargers (as it seems you are aware) are a HUGE issue with stuff like this... when he said no AC I was taking it at face value, meaning no AC at all coming on board...
  10. suider

    Electricity and Corrosion

    ...but he says no AC system- so he's not plugged in to other boats via the AC ground... I'm afraid the call is coming from inside the house.... Josh, I'm close to you and have a silver/silver chloride half cell. In the spring or summer I could always catch up with you and we could do some readings where you usually keep the boat and just see what could be the issue. Like others have already suggested, do your best to seal up that drive leg. As far as your 'mystery wire' goes... who the eff knows? It could have been a bonding wire (as opposed to a lightning protection wire) from the DC panel to the engine- it could have been an engine ground and they had left over green 8ga wire so they used it- the amount of wire that gets re-used (or even used originally) for a different purpose than it's color indicates is staggering and horrifying.
  11. suider

    Freeing frozen thru hull shutoff valves...

    +1 on all of this... do look into lapping them as SJB suggests- lapping compound is cheap and you'll get a much better fit.. and it adds a tiny amount of time to the project..
  12. suider

    Who makes custom soft fresh water tanks?

    I would tend to agree with IStream, but there are companies out there. Aero Tec Labratories ( will do a custom flexible bladder tank for you. There is also an outfit in AUS, but I can't come up with their name off the top of my head.
  13. suider

    Synthetic Teak for Cabin Sole

    It is the latest in a long line of solutions that we have tried for protecting surfaces while work is on-going... it's always a balancing act to come up with something that is relatively fast to install from a cost effective standpoint, but also offers 'real' protection. This is a polyethylene material that does well with spills, provides a pretty good working surface (not too slippery), can be at least sometimes be re-used, and cuts/installs easily... we sourced it from Grainger, but I'm sure it is available elsewhere...
  14. suider

    Synthetic Teak for Cabin Sole

    ..... and like most of our projects, we document REALLY well until completion for some reason, so I have thousands of photos of the restoration in progress, and effing none of the cockpit sole... but anyway, the side decks here are original, but the cockpit sole is PlasTeak teak/black... In short, I found both of those products to be as advertised and they both seem to work well... I'll stop hijacking at this point now!
  15. suider

    Synthetic Teak for Cabin Sole

    After I posted that, it dawned on me that we are currently doing the sole in a Sabre with the Lonwood product. Obviously, we are still in the dryfit/prep stage, but you can see here how it compares to the original teak/holly sole that was there.