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  1. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    To be clear- I didn’t create this... but MercF1 just tweeted it and it’s pretty awesome as both a Star Wars and F1 geek... ...and I’m not sure how I land on the innovation v. outlaw immediately argument... you could certainly make the case that merc has dominated since the turbo-hybrid era, so I’m not sure how to say they will be ‘more dominant’ with DAS, y’know? They were certainly the class of the field last year without it. And the year before that. And the year before.... well, you get the picture. I think if there were imposed restrictions on development (more so than already) what is to stop teams from not pushing the boundaries? I mean, as cool as the DAS is, I find the little tweaks to suspension wishbones (by several teams this year) to better direct airflow way more fascinating in the long term... Which is a bunch of what keeps techno-nerds like me watching it even if I have to get up at godawful hours of my weekend to watch it live... Did merc potentially find an (immediately closed) loophole? Yeah, it appears so... but they have also worked with F1 on the design process (apparently) and simply punishing them because nobody else thought of it doesn’t seem right either...
  2. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    And merc's new DAS steering already causing a little bit of scampering around to rule books.... I still can't figure out their bulbous nose, either... I realize it is a GREAT place to put a mercedes symbol, it just looks odd compared to the other cars (except RP- they seem to have taken the idea as well)
  3. suider

    The F1 2020 thread

    And there it is official... Chinese GP postponed....
  4. +1 on that... Of all things, I find it works best on my damn MacBook (which definitely makes it an anomaly in the marine world) as opposed to my Windows machines... but once you get used to its 'quirks' it does make short work of the loads and analysis... and a nice parts list for the network itself if you are gonna be using Maretron cabling, etc.
  5. suider

    JS transmission to PRM?

    Even if Chris at Atlantis Marine Gear can rebuild it (which it's worth giving him a call-the guy has worked wonders for us- and he's an afternoon drive for you to drop it off- heck, he may even have one kicking around).. those JS gears were pretty under spec'd even new- so switching to the Newage may end up making the most sense.
  6. suider

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    Again, it's older at this point, and you could argue it's a little more techno-historical-fiction than his other books, but Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson is really neat to read- MOSTLY because he went into all of this (at the time) fictional layout of cyrptocurrency as a laundering technique, funding dark projects, etc, set in two different time periods... and he wrote it in 1999!... LONG before it became commonplace- the rumor is that it was required reading in the early days of PayPal...
  7. suider

    What company is selling these?

    I think it's Seachoice Zonk, right? Not Seadog...
  8. suider

    Outboard check oil light flicker

    The circuit on all of those little outboards is essentially the same and (unfortunately) pretty bullet proof. You can pretty much be assured that the circuit 'thinks' its seeing an oil pressure fluctuation. Now, as far as troubleshooting goes...ugh... some of these have given my (and other) techs fits over the years. It can be a little bit of sludge that was dislodged while doing an oil change and is now slightly blocking an oil passage, it can be slightly overfilled with oil (causes foaming which affects pressure), it COULD actually be low oil pressure (by far the least likely-those mechanical oil pumps just don't fail), a faulty sender, faulty wiring..... and you could chase any of these ad infinitum. Believe me, people have. Your best bet is to hook up a mechanical oil pressure gauge (usually the easiest place is where the sender screws in) and verify that you have oil pressure, and that it is in range for that outboard. At least then you can feel 'safe' running it while you sort out what is causing the blinking light- or at least until you find a piece of electrical tape to cover it! Check the wiring to-from the sender and make sure it looks in good condition. I THINK that motor uses a NO switch (meaning open when running) for the sender so checking for continuity between the sender wire and ground while running is an option (although it could be pretty tough to see even on a good multimeter)... doing another oil change will actually sometimes solve the issue-maybe even adding a little marvel mystery oil to the oil and running it for a few minutes before changing it in the hopes the that will clean passages... Back to that piece of electrical tape....
  9. suider

    B&G H3000 Depth

    I'm an effing moron, Moonduster... I was thinking that the 744 would work fine with it, because it works with other Navico products, but it's likely too powerful a transducer now that I think about it... its a 600W... I have done a reset- I'm in touch with Navico to try and see if they will still send me the USB drivers which now seem to be unavailable online anywhere so I can try to at least force an update to it (no Navico MFD in the system) but I think I'm usually on their 'blocked senders' list ...
  10. suider

    B&G H3000 Depth

    Hey guys- Having an issue with a customer's H3000 depth. We get the infamous B&G dashes- and I can't seem to get any further with Navico. The system originally had the old B&G depth (with the 2 orange/green wires) which actually worked fine for several years until this summer. I have tried a new (known good) airmar transducer with no love. I'm wondering if anyone (moonduster? lionessracing?) has anything specific that I can test at the CPU itself. I'm loathe to tell the customer that his CPU is shot after a relatively short period of time, but I'm SORT of leaning in that direction, simply because I've already tried a new 'ducer. I do technically have a spare CPU kicking around so I suppose I could install that one first and see what I get- I was just hoping someone had something I could look for at the CPU before I went that route.
  11. suider

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Me in '09... I THINK at Annapolis NOODS- mostly because it ended up in the APS catalog somehow and I remember that year (even going down to warmer climes than Maine!) that it was just fog/raw/cold for the entire freaking event...
  12. suider

    Filling a Hole

    Depending on the aesthetics, I have had fine luck with the GNXs in this situation using something stiff to simply span the hole- the mounting screw tightens down and holds said spanning piece in place. Definitely the quickest and easiest- but also ugliest on the back side- I can usually hide it in a compartment or behind a headliner, so it may not work for you...
  13. I agree with sassafrass and mgs... from what I hear the parallel arrangements are better, but I am just finishing up an estimate to replace a Questus (sorry mgs!) with a fixed mount system instead- I happen to be looking at the scanstrut system for this particular boat. The backstay mounted systems will definitely add a level of complexity if you are required to unstep on a regular basis- perhaps in warmer climates when a rig can stay up for several years this is less of an issue.
  14. suider

    Engine and prop too small?

    You happen to live pretty close (according to your location and screen name-although I suppose BC is bigger than I want to think about) to guys I often use specifically sailboat prop calculations- I have my own stuff that I use for powerboats, but their online calculator is quite good. And, at least y'all speak the same language! But you still need a gear ratio so we can at least know how many turns your shaft is making at the engine's 3600 RPM.
  15. Sidepower makes what you want already, I believe... but it is pretty pricey if memory serves... they made it to be able to run their 24VDC thrusters on 12VDC boats.... Edit: dealing a little bit with storm cleanup today, so I can't verify if it REALLY checks all your boxes- but it seems that the bits must be out there...