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  1. F1 2017

    I know everybody keeps bringing my boy VB into this mess, but I saw his track limit foray as maintaining his position as opposed to advancing his position- he had to avoid (more?) contact with DR so he went wide and kept his foot in it... but DR was the one who forced him wide from behind... That being said, when even Kimi can't figure out how/why MV was penalized , there is clearly an issue with consistency... you know, for a change...
  2. AIS to wifi without VHF

    Digital Yacht's iAIS receiver may do what you want- for a price... they do specifically mention iNavX... you will still need some type of VHF whip to receive the packets... I've had quite good luck with their products in the past, but I haven't had occasion to use this one yet... http://digitalyacht.co.uk/product/iais-receiver/
  3. Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    It sure looks like the Racor Model 110, which means you need a R11 element- either P (30 micron), T (10 micron) or S (2 micron)- while definitely not as popular as they used to be, most suppliers should have them- Defender definitely does....
  4. J 24 Worlds

    Sailed with Welles a fair amount in the past, so I always have to at least check in how he's doing... and the maine-based boats (Al (youregatta), Mr. Hankey, and Sea Bags women team) I know most of so I'll always be rooting for a strong turnout from them...
  5. F1 2017

    Bottas had been struggling all weekend on anything else but the ultras, it seemed... which was odd that the mercs were the ONLY team not to bring a full complement of ultras.. which would have cost them dearly if LH wasn't able to hold off Vettel...
  6. F1 2017

    Will the goddamn summer break ever end???
  7. I can't stress enough to not forget to check the DC negative side of things- this almost seems like 'one of those' issues as the DC power is trying to find it's path 'home'- maybe even through a 22ga LED DC negative wire. I often tell my guys these days to START with fault tracing with the negative side of things because it is much more often overlooked than the DC positive side. And smaller draws will still often work, provided it finds some path 'downhill'. So, nothing new, I'm afraid, but just don't forget it- I've had techs come back to me SWEARING the DC negative was all set, only to go down to a boat and find a (to me) glaringly obvious negative side omission.
  8. F1 2017

    Sainz and Kvyat.... oh, wait.... In all seriousness (and I'm biased because I was a fan since his Williams debut), I'm surprised Mercedes hasn't offered Bottas a new contract yet- so I'm half wondering if there could be some silly season stuff with the Silver Arrows...
  9. F1 2017

    Nah, Seb. He didn't jump- he just drove away from ya! VB77
  10. Poll: Next AC Boat

    I just don't get this hatred of Burling. How many Olympic gold medals do you have? How many America's Cups? Just tells me that he can sail at least two different types of boats better than I. And likely your grandson.
  11. Summer of 92 on a Frers 41 we must have listened to Social Distortion's self-titled album ten thousand times.... ....only broken up by a few Kevin Bloody Wilson select 'hits'- our battle flag that year was a stylized 'double decker dog'
  12. F1 2017

    It was at least a fairly exciting race for the beginning anyway. I feel for VB- doesn't happen often, but the pit crew effed his stop up royally (which then also hurt Lewis). It is at least good to see 'happy Vettel' back after the last couple of years.
  13. Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Man, this thread always used to be at least within the first 1-2 pages... I guess I wasn't the only one to take a fair amount of time away from SA....
  14. F1 2017

    As a Bottas fan I was a little disappointed in the safety car spin, that's for sure. But some better racing than Australia, I thought...
  15. epoxy pump, west systems 5:1

    This one?