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  1. ovb

    Russell Purdock...anyone remember?

    Yes ….I remember this POS....the whole thing stinks to high heaven I am looking forward to the day when we see Russell in hand cuffs, leg chains wearing orange jump suit waddling off the bus to prison...and then one by one everyone else involved in this crime exposed and given their day in court.
  2. ovb

    My children are ...

    My 35 year old son has 3 kids and it looks like is going through a divorce....my 29 year old daughter is unmarried and childless and wants to open a deli
  3. ovb

    removing stubborn nuts....

    Way old school...apply heat...take a candle... push on to the threads...remove and allow to cool...
  4. ovb

    Seattle Area Must Sees/Dos

    Have her go to the motel 6 in Issaquah up toward the entrance to the state park and pour a bottle of beer on the ground where in 1971 a state trooper made me pour out a entire case of ice cold Rainer and said now take the young lady home and then go home ...I will drive by your house in 1 hour...and he did....remember when cops could do that?
  5. Did you have to sit on the group W bench?
  6. ovb

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    So what's going to happen... thank god no one was hurt...but what happens to the poor sob with his boat in his slip and has worked hard for the last 5 years getting his Santana 23 into top shape...bottom job...buff and wax...new sails and rigging and new electronics...does the insurance company pay for what he has into it or what Craig's list S23 is going for? the poor dude is mowing his lawn and the phone rings and a 25 million dollar yacht does a wrecking ball job on his boat. ?????
  7. Last week I was watching my 3 yr old grand son ( not close enough ) and he was messing with the house phone a couple of minutes later 2 police cars are at the house checking on us...they said some one called 911 and hung up...does this happen a lot? ..Thanks for this Q and A and for serving...
  8. ovb

    Feel good story of the day

    Thanks for the story...it came when I needed it....Thank You
  9. ovb

    The Boat (2018) Film

    Has anyone read the book by Farley Mowat " The Boat Who Wouldn't Float " great book ...I wish someone would make a movie of this story...
  10. ovb

    rant: driving fuckery

    I drive a lot in rural Oregon ...two lane black top some gravel roads and we got these guys that drive what I call cartoon character trucks...you know way lifted 4wd 1 ton diesel with huge wheels and tires and most of the time they don't even have a trailer ball or hitch on them...these guys tail gate and then risk life and limb passing you to get to the stop light a head of you...then at night they got all these real bright lights ...looks like a moving Friday night football stadium....I like to watch them jump down to get out and then climb up to get back in ...always a good laugh...
  11. ovb

    Engine Conversions

    I saw a friends Miata sounded great opened the hood and it had a v-6 some sort of British engine and the swap looked factory...100 more hp and approx. the same weight...its a kit you can buy...
  12. ovb

    Easy Rider DTS

    My 10th grade biology teacher was just talking to us after class and said that he had just saw a "pretty powerful movie " called Easy Rider and said that we should see it ...said it would open our eyes and minds....a month later my cousin went off to basic training and left me with his panhead chopper to care for...way too cool
  13. ovb

    Someone is raiding my crab pots.

    When I was a boy I would spend the summers with a bachelor uncle on lopez island...he had a " communal " crab pot...his friends and neighbors would pick the crab they needed out of the pot and leave a 6 pack of beer...man some times that pot was heavy
  14. ovb

    Moms cooking... your favorite

    My Mom made the best Christmas cookies....My dad made the best meatballs and the best potato salad...red potatos...sourcream….red onion...celery......bacon and horseradish...black pepper to taste
  15. ovb

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    Santana 23k....light air rocket good to single hand and way fun to sail two up