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  1. ovb

    20 years in Prison - for being a Girl

    WOW...Mrs. PB hit the nail on the head....you lucked out my friend....
  2. ovb

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    A couple of years back I had decided to have Viking ship tattooed on my right forearm I had a picture and I showed it to a friend to suggest a tattoo artist...he has several tats and works in law enforcement...he said that has seen some inmates with a like appearing tat that were members of group...enough said ...no tat....I am with PB I hate the smell of cigarette smoke also...
  3. ovb

    Might have fried the starter motor.....

    Get a nice bright flash light and give the entire engine compartment a inspection...start with the battery... check for tight cables and wires any signs of fraying or corrosion? follow cables to the starter...make sure and check the ground cables... if everything is ok it my be starter time...
  4. ovb

    AMAZON Prime. Good Luck With That

    I know it costs me ...but I try to buy from local small business....you know try on the shoes before purchase....old fashioned I guess
  5. ovb

    If You Love dogs......

    Thanks for the video PB....last year I lost Whidbey my 15 year old border collie...and we now have Emmy lou a border collie pup...I forgot how much NRG they have...I must be allergic to this video too....
  6. ovb

    Garbage disposal (US) Anarchy

    When to the deli with my uncle and his 60 lb. boxer " pups" on the way home we stopped for a couple of beers and the dog ate a entire garlic salami and a pound of limburger cheese ....farts were silent but deadly and would clear a room faster than Hillary with one of her why I lost speeches....poor old pups would just stand there with his eyes watering.....
  7. ovb

    American Whiskeys

    One that I have been enjoying for a while is a Canadian Whiskey named Pendleton...smooth and full bodied.... that green dragon sounds scary ...
  8. ovb

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    When I was a kid I could fix bikes and lawnmowers...my first job was pumping gas at a service station [ remember those ] when the service bays got busy I helped and was good at repairing cars and trucks I scored big time and got a apprentice/clean up boy job at a shop that specialized in foreign cars and was blessed to learn from and work with a couple of old time mechanics ...one spoke with a British accent the other with a German accent and these guys knew how to fix things not just replace parts I spent the next 25 years working in Dealerships, independent shops and even failed with my own shop. Twenty years ago I got fired from a dealership for being a huge Asshole to management for not going with their program to "upsell "service and repairs.....took jobs in other fields and then 10 years ago I went to work as a CSR for a small IV pharmacy that dealt with hospice and home health folks ….best job ever... I do work that I can see helps people...I got to work for a man that our grand parents would have respected and this Jan 1st the small crew will shut and lock the door and turn out the lights and retire...
  9. ovb

    What's your boat beer?

    PBR when its hot...cooler days Two shy brewing's pilsner named ELLA.....but my favorite is a free beer.....
  10. ovb

    She's a clean, white girl.

    A hologram of the Duke
  11. ovb

    I had a Cal 20

    I first boat I ever sailed was a Cal 20...the sail school had 3 of them...tough boats … like a bowling ball with sails.....
  12. ovb


    I live on a scenic rural road...you know banked turns …. hills and downgrades short straightaways....the kind of road for a nice drive or ride...sports cars, hot rods are just fine but I am beginning to hate Harleys....on nice week ends every few minutes 2 or 3 roaring by ….last weekend I called for paramedics and helped drag a crotch rocket out of my neighbors hedge
  13. ovb

    Irrational fears in a business context

    A few years back I was a shipping and receiving coordinator in a warehouse we had several young folks working as stockers and loading and unloading trucks...I gave one young man a job to stock some items and told him to be done before noon and it was 8 am ...when noon came about the items were still on the cart ...I hunted him down and asked what has me been doing all day and he said that he had been distracted and would get to it later I gave him a small speech about wasting time and money ...sent him home and assigned another worker to stock the freight...took her 1 hour...next day the young man shows up with his mother and she begins to rip me a new one for demeaning her son and making him feel bad about himself...I was having a hard time not laughing and brought the GM into it... he recommended that the young man seek employment in the fast food or car washing industries
  14. ovb

    Retirement Anarchy

    Thanks to all who responded...I have decided to take all the Fridays off for the rest of the summer...it gets me used to time off and the company used to dealing with me gone....if all goes well retiring by the new year ...a little summer steelhead fishing never hurt anybody....
  15. ovb

    Retirement Anarchy

    Hello Friends.....I need some input...its getting that time in my life to pull the plug on my working life...I am 64 receiving SS but still working full time I feel obligated to my boss [ a honor to work for and with ] to keep at it because there is no quit in him he is 72... single ..ranch in Montana... a 44 ft. sloop... hot car...Harley...all the toys but still is hard at it ….the business that we are in is on a slow downward slide with the big guys taking over by being a slight bit cheaper ….by me still working I get health ins and we are making huge payments on the house ...but I am burned out...you know stick a fork in me...Iam done...if I was a butterball my thing is popped out....this is not the only man I know that wont give up working I got friends with no plan to retire...why? I get the guys saying …"I love my job"...but who is to say that you wont love trout fishing more?...do you guys know anyone like this?..are you like this ??? the business is at a point where I am using pto to make 40 a week and when we speak about work being slow he says " it will come back"...the youngest person at work is 60 and there are only 5 of us and he has told me he feels like he has a obligation to provide a livelihood for us..men like this are few and way far in between and I feel privileged to be apart in this company ….have any of you guys been in this kind of situation? what would you do??...any thoughts....Ideas???? Thanks.... Mike