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  1. rstone

    What design is this?

  2. rstone

    What boat on cover of Cruising World?

    All semi custom. What makes Dauntless unique is the small forward off center hatch.
  3. rstone

    What boat on cover of Cruising World?

    Morris Justine 36 Dauntless
  4. rstone

    Coolboats to admire

    Hard to gain any perspective here but likely a base for the original windlass as shown. Recall British boats of that era having flush "skylights" so maybe the case. Not sure when she crossed the Atlantic but now sailing in PNW
  5. rstone

    Coolboats to admire

    Woodnutt?? Guess I can't be accused of fanning any flames now.
  6. rstone

    Coolboats to admire

    Bull, that is a beauty --thanks for posting. Believe Giles designed the "slot" for partners for the reason given by Ismael. See design penned in 1940 and likely changed to a more conventional partners in the 20 boat production. My uncle owned a 1939 32' Reg Freeman design with the same detail. Sold it in 1962 before purchasing a Morgan Giles West Channel Class. In the summer of 1966, Uncle taught me to sail on the West Channel Class on the River Orwell at Woolverstone. (Harwich Yacht Club) Believe a year or two later, a young Dylan Winter arrived from London to attend the Woolverstone school for boys next door. --Small world.
  7. rstone

    Keel Failure

    Keel/centerboard with remnants of the board housing??? If so, long shot guess, Tartan 34
  8. rstone

    help identifying this boat

    That's "Now you know the rest of the story..."
  9. rstone

    help identifying this boat

    "Vinky" Now you test of the story...
  10. rstone

    help identifying this boat

    Long ago had the opportunity to buy "Quick Sliver" Raven hull #151 on Lake Lanier, GA Later, #15 an original plywood version --Rumba (ex Flyaway) also slipped by in Mashpee, MA Reluctance to follow through blamed on a disagreeable wife.
  11. rstone

    help identifying this boat

    Cape Cod has been in business a long time. They still build the 24' Raven you're familiar with.
  12. rstone

    help identifying this boat

    Believe it's a GoldenEye by Cape Cod Ship Building.
  13. rstone

    Show your boat not sailing

    With exception of the shipping channel, Mobile Bay is fairly shallow --9 to12 feet above mud and sand with little tide. Gunkholing to neighboring waters I guess about the same. Gulf of Mexico is a bit deeper. Nothing around here compares with the beauty of Maine's coast. The lobster pots, I wouldn't be too concerned with but granite ledges lurking under the water....bad juju.