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  1. Guns on Boats

    I presume they just called Prince Andrew ‘Porchie’ , after his father Lord Porchester
  2. Community Reputation

    The label seems to be retrospectively vindicated. As soon as you got the "whiner" label, you started whining about it.
  3. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    their sail trim made my eyes hurt As in tits with so little to cover them that a std bikini looks like a burqa by comparison
  4. Guns on Boats

    The Malvinas War was not really a naval battle in the classic sense of ship-versus-ship. The only ship-on-ship combat was the nasty sinking of the Belgrano by a British sub. The rest of the pre-landing battle was an air supremacy battle in which some of the targets were Brit ships.
  5. Guns on Boats

    Probably since WWI..in WWII sea battles predominantly comprised carrier groups throwing planes at each other. That, and the U-boat-vs-surface ship Battle of the Atlantic
  6. Guns on Boats

    Hence the higher incidents of friendly fire, rather than enemy fire incidents Indeed. Apart from transport and a few specialised uses such as SSBNs and cruise missile platforms, bluewater navies are now just a mixture of willy-waving for governments, pork for shipbuilders, and massively-subsidised maritime recreation for the military classes who relieve the boredom by shooting each other. It makes a change from wanking in their tiny sleeping cupboards. Coastal patrol vessels still serve a purpose, so I make an unresearched guess that the resulting lower boredom levels lead to less shooting each other.
  7. Guns on Boats

    Naval battles have been generally out of fashion for everyone since WWII.
  8. Guns on Boats

    Phew. Those grizzlies only eat men
  9. Guns on Boats

    Don't Take Your Guns to Sea either
  10. Guns on Boats

    Me too. That includes the massively violent, gun-flooded place on Canada's southern border.
  11. Mesh Lifeline netting

    I was tied to the mast as a kid (via harness). It didn't hinder my love of the water. My family was screwy in other ways. But they was right about the mast
  12. Mesh Lifeline netting

    Yer all softies. Just tie the little one to the mast, rather than turning the boat into a chicken cage
  13. Micro deck saloon

  14. Micro deck saloon

    Breton ingenuity again. Solo coastal cruiser for a disabled sailor, with deck saloon. Only 15 feet long. Article in French: https://www.bateaux.com/article/27754/guiclemanach-naviguez-un-fauteuil The profile rendering reminds me of one of @Bob Perry's delightful cartoons ... except that this one is serious and has been brought to life, apparently successfully, like a tiny sister to the clever Mojito 888. Google translation of the Bateaux.com article: Guiclemanac'h, navigate in an armchair! The cozy comfort of an interior wheelhouse and the large glass deckheads make us dream when we sail in winter - and even at night during the summer months. Until now, this privilege was reserved for units over 30 feet, and again ... here is an amazing sailboat that shows that 4.50 m hull are enough to claim comfort! Emmanuel Van Deth The 27-02-2018 At the start of the project, Laurent Petit, who as his name does not indicate at all, toises a good 1.90 m. Our man, fifty years well begun, seems cheerful and sturdy when he presents his Guiclemanac'h - we spare you the meaning of this strange name with Breton sound, just know that this is an assembly of early names . His cane, which he has just applied against the bow, betrays his pathology, however: a degenerative neurological disease that diminishes his physical capacities. Specifically, Laurent can no longer sail alone on a "normal" sailboat because he no longer has the opportunity to walk on a bridge, especially if he is idle. Guiclemanac'h A sailboat adapted to her handicap Hard for a guy who has not stopped sailing for more than 10 years ... This former geologist and physics teacher did his training at Glénans, passed his coastal and offshore licenses, his Captain 200 before being employed as head of edge. Until 2013, he was able to follow beautiful sailing: Granville / Cadiz, Tunisia / Malta ... Then the handicap coming, Laurent tried to find a suitable sailboat. A reflection that is a problem concerning many veiled, often elderly, or accompanying a person physically diminished. Guiclemanac'h Nothing that corresponds in current production In his search, the skipper is interested in Eric Henseval's Souriceau before trying his more livable big brother, the Aviator. Verdict: "too physical! And in addition I am tall ...". Laurent loves Miniji, but of course it is impossible to live aboard this tiny keelboat. In short, our man seeks a little five-legged sheep. "See six!", He added. Guiclemanac'h A custom boat Gradually, Laurent draws sketches. The idea of designing your boat is making its way. On the Net, discover the site Boat and Koad who will draw his project. It remained to find a manufacturer himself barred enough to finalize all the constraints. It is Alexandre Badri, based on the Bassin d'Arcachon, who answered present. With ingenious ideas to adapt to this particular demand: The tiller that passes under the removable cockpit to gain room inside that controls the two rudders via drosses. The anchoring system that can be handled from the inside thanks to a tube or the box with flush-mounted pulleys - with tube connected to the drift well to evacuate the water are all "home-made" ideas. Guiclemanac'h Ideas to adapt to navigation The boat is teeming with tricks to limit the effort: too much physics to start a thermal outboard? Place to the electric motor with remote controls, a solid fleet batteries - 2 x 165 amps - which comes to support the ballast lead in the funds. The kitchen unit is convertible into a chart table, all strong enough to support the support of Laurent. A solar panel to power everything ... "I plan to hold a week on board in total autonomy," says Laurent. Guiclemanac'h The problem of port maneuvers If the short cockpit has been planned to facilitate boarding from the rear, "there is only one problem to solve, it is the management of moorings," says the skipper. And that's the only reason why Laurent does not sail alone yet. With ten outings despite a particularly hostile winter on the Bay of Arcachon, it takes its marks: him the management of halyards and settings, his teammate bar - or rather one of the two small outer bars. Guiclemanac'h A comfortable and powerful navigation Well equipped - mainsail of 12.5 m2, staysail of 4 m2 and yankee of 5.80 m2 -, Guiclemanac'h starts at the first laughs and quickly sits at its hull speed, 5 knots. The course is good since the upward angle is 90 ° from one side to the other. During our test at the end of February, an icy 15-knot wind sweeps the desert body of water. Laurent takes two reefs, we convince him to release one ... A small gitard - normal for a hull so small - Guiclemanac'h claims indeed a sail reduction from 12 knots of wind, especially since the recall is not in the program. The short length results in a plug effect in the short chop, without really slowing down the boat, which revives very quickly. Guiclemanac'h Protected navigation The comfort, it is well with go. Laurent is always perfectly inside and ... warm! And he has the possibility, thanks
  15. Fuck! storm emma destroys holyhead marina

    Black sox, the time I spent in Holyhead was when making boat-and-train journeys from Dublin to London in the 1980s. It always seemed to involve being in Holyhea in the small hours, in the cold in a huge shed being eyed up by cops who would pull some of us out of the line. The scenes looked horribly like something out of the darker parts of mid-20th-century Europe. It taught me a few things about how the world works. I now have good friends near Holyhead. But I avoid the town itself.