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  1. One of the most successfully line honours monohull of all time! Best wishes for future races!
  2. Any news about SpeedRambLoyal ? Is really Mr Bell going to sale it? No Hobart in plan for the record holder? P.s. Sorry for new topic but the old one has been archived...
  3. On the water, I think not. Some powered ships have the speed but not the range for that at such speed.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Riband these are the best candidates that came closest of being capable for it, not the warships of any navy. In the water yes, but only by older nuclear military attack subs which made a lot of noise at such speeds and as a result have no sensors to detect anything. The records are still classified, hence no evidence of actual case if such exist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_submarine_K-222 is an example of one sub being capable of more than such speeds, and also having had the required range too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa-class_submarine is also capable for that. By sail, not done as far as I know, but no reason why other large multihulls wouldn't be capable given the right conditions. Thanks for the info, and interesting question indeed ! They should communicate a bit more on this aspect Just to complete the topic: Actual record holder for Atlantic Ocean crossing is the Destriero, an Italian boat built in the 90's. Record is 58h and 34 min. Destriero didn't get the blue riband for classification reason ( private yacht and not commercial passenger ship). The boat also run 1400 nm in 24h... I don't know if it's also a record but is a lot! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destriero
  4. Loyal 100 in! Three maxis on the line
  5. Here the link to Palermo-Montecarlo tracking: http://www.sgstracking.com/live/palermomontecarlo2016.php?liverace=Live+Race And a photo of the wonderful Mondello bay during the start:
  6. EE didn't touch the water since Palermo Montecarlo 2015. Someone says they lost their sponsor... Anyway according to this post they will race again soon (it was April...): http://www.esimit.com/news/255/35/Esimit-Europa-2-ready-for-new-challenges/ Hope to see her sail again late this year... Maybe maxi yacht cup or middle sea race...
  7. Rambler in the entry list for Palermo-Montecarlo. Someone say that also Comanche will join...
  8. Next step? Transatlantic record attempt? Any news?
  9. And Why Kenny didn't choose the foiling mono? Reliability? Own inexperience on foiling?
  10. I also heard something about Larry... After yacht named sayonara and musashi, Samurai is a clue! Anyway till now not so much about her on the net... Not even a photograph! Following weeks she will compete in the Caribbean in some "my boat is bigger than yours" regattas (Loro piano superyacht in virgin Gorda and bucket regatta in st Barth). I'd love to see her versus the big Indian Comanche!
  11. Are they on time for caribbean 600? Just 2 weeks from the start!
  12. Here Italy... At 6 hours to go no way to see Plus7 live (https://au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/live/) With Internet up and Hola up I got this message on the video section: The video connection was lost, please confirm you are connected to the internet. Any suggestion?
  13. Only... 328 ft but definitely good looking!
  14. Rumors from last Palermo-Montecarlo says that esimit has lost is main sponsor. This year no maxi cup, no barcolana, no middle sea race. Schumann and Bolzan (skipper and tactician for esimit) are taking part to maxi cup but on other boats...