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  1. BobK

    B&G H3000 cpu usb driver

    I agree.
  2. BobK

    Ordering new sails - set wind speed?

    We usually ask that lighter racing sail be made a little stronger as don’t want to blow it up getting to top mark or having to go head to wind. This has nothing. To do with sail shape more of safety factor. And yes I’ve been on boats where after broach sailmaker swore then said “made it too strong”
  3. BobK

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    Have J44 with 8' draft.sail in southern new England with 6 plus tides and light air. Use kellet hanging 9 plus feet down otherwise rode wraps keel when tides change. We use properly sized anchor, chain , rode, etc. Maybe even over sized BUT this is solution for me when anchoring in tide changes and current areas, especially in crowded Anchorages
  4. Thank you. Boat handles quite well and with dodger up very dry and warm down below. Biggest concern is draft even in New England which limits harbors so the guide will be invaluable!!
  5. Presently own J44 which is actually 45 ft loa and 8'1" draft. Rigged for experienced couple to cruise including desiel heater, extra tankage, etc. Can handle offshore but really not world cruiser. Any opinions on how suitable she'd be?
  6. BobK

    Installing a removable cruising Anchor system

    Check out how done on J44.removable bow roller
  7. BobK

    Polishing stainless welds

    Try local motorcycle shop. They use it to get blue off pipes
  8. BobK

    12 meters in Long Island

    Both 46 and 42 Saw in Fisher's west harbor then Newport with Arabella
  9. How about J44. If your in LIS there is level racing. Most are converting to asymmetrics for distance.
  10. When is last time you changed exhaust mixing elbow? Black smoke is sign that it's clogged so only getting partial fuel burn.
  11. BobK

    Stack pack or not?

    Use lazy jacks. Have line with Brummell hooks under boom where jacks attach. When club/shorthand racing can detach and move jacks forward to mast or remove entirely when fully crewed. Incidentally boat is J44.