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  1. Training Wheels

    Newport Beach Sailboat Destroyed

    Thank you, any idea what kind of boat or the boat name? Saw a pic that looked like a double ender. Valiant?
  2. Training Wheels

    Newport Beach Sailboat Destroyed

    Anybody have any details?
  3. Training Wheels

    Marooned on Corona Island

    You engineer types worry about those pesky details too much!
  4. Training Wheels

    Marooned on Corona Island

    Maybe ask these guys to help you out and go in under the cover of darkness.
  5. Training Wheels

    Proa 21

    I shunt be showing my shunt.
  6. Training Wheels


    We’ve been using the aere inflatables for 3 years, and love them. We also carry 3 regular round fenders. Think we have 9 of the aere’s. They enable us to carry adequately sized fenders, as most fenders I see on boats are undersized. We have a rechargeable pump we use to quickly inflate them. They pack down small and are light.
  7. Training Wheels

    Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

    Much respect!
  8. Training Wheels

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Interesting. Aren’t you the guy that always talks shit about trimarans?
  9. Training Wheels

    Exterior Window Film

    Thank you, I believe 3M is the way to go, just too many choices. Fleet, so the 3M products are all good but all are lousy? FYI, the film has to go on the outside, inside is not possible.
  10. Training Wheels

    Exterior Window Film

    A boat worker just used a product on my mirrored glass windows that removed some of the mirrored coating. Now I’m thinking my only choice is to remove the rest of the coating and apply an exterior window film. I’ve heard that the 3M filmed are the best, but there’s too many choices. Anyone out there have experience with them? Can you recommend a particular product and how much tint to go with? Thank you!
  11. Training Wheels

    Help with Headsail Sheet Loads

    Is that headsail really 63 m2?
  12. Training Wheels

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    Give up the lake idea and take a trip to Banderas Bay, México!
  13. Training Wheels

    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.....
  14. Training Wheels

    bluewater multihulls

    Ditto! We love our tri. Have had it for 9 years, don’t think we’ll be selling for another 10 years at least. Not until we’re too old and tired. I’d be happy to die aboard our tri and you can find the boat aground in some remote location.
  15. Training Wheels

    bluewater multihulls

    They’re Lewmar Ocean hatches. Might be able to buy parts from them.