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  1. New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    Anchored at Isla Danzante, BCS Mexe Here's my take on the original poster's question about old school new school bigger better kinda stuff: This my E37 fully outfitted for cruising with amenities like 16Kbtu reverse HVAC, watermakers, full N2K networked electronics suite, 10ft air floor Avon, 2 Torqeedo outboards, 2 ISUPs, combo gimbaled all-electric microwave/convectionoven/grill/twin burners, refer and freezer, dual 150A alternators into high CAR batteries so no need for solar/wind/propane/gasoline, 2 dreadnought Martins, 88 key piano, 3 tuna sticks, a 6 foot Rife speargun, snorkeling gear and wet suits. Daily long hot showers are encouraged for all my crew in a real dedicated shower stall that a couple can use simultaneously (thanks Bob!). This "old design" boat swallowed all that kit and lI think it ooks as clean and zen like below as it does on deck. You can do that in a 2-3 person boat. In this configuration it's a great day sailor as well as a cruiser. Wife approved a $750K budget for a replacement boat 12 years ago, but with a nasty caveat - I'd have to sell the E37. Put my deposit down anyway on a new Beneteau 57. Mainsail jammed in the mast on sea trial. Backed out of the deal. But couldn't leave it at that. So I chartered a B57 and we banged uphill from St Martin to Antigua just to see. Cavernous volumes of empty air with no where to sleep at sea. Big crash on every 10th wave. Kept wondering how much more uncomfortable I would have been in the E37. I am not against newer bigger boats, it's just that for our style of cruising it hasn't made sense. I see the only rationale as faster passage making, but that's absurdly infrequent over a long time of boat ownership. A bigger crew requires a bigger boat. A bigger boat requires a bigger crew. Circular logic to me. Unless you just like to be around a lot of people at sea. Bob disses his E37 design for its IOR-like high aspect small main, but I find that a bonus feature for shorthanded cruising. No need for lazy jacks, stack packs, or lumberjacks. I find having the sail area disproportionately large in the headsail much easier to manage than in the main. As regards the Dashew school of big 65' cruisers that can be safely handled by just a couple, I am sure it can be done. I am pretty sure I could learn technical rock climbing too. I just don't want to do that. I am still pursuing my childhood dream of traveling the world's oceans reasonably safe and comfortable. So totally open to new boat suggestions myself. I just have this E37 problem.
  2. New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    Agree with KDH. Racing really biased me poorly for the cruising we are doing now. If you've got enough wind for hull speed in a non-planer, carrying extra sail area is wasted. And lolling around at 4 knots boat speed in light winds when you could be doing 4.6 with a spinnaker up, is just fine given the realities of cruising. Particularly in coastal tropical Mexico where we are now. I had a new cruising chute with a sock made before leaving San Diego. Bagged the thing is twice the size of 3/4 oz symmetric in a turtle bag. Total waste of money and storage space. It lives at home in the basement now. Even with rockstar crew aboard for the SD-Cabo leg we had it up all of about 3-4 hours in a 1,000 miles. Just not worth the hassle. Particularly when my Esprit 37 runs so sweet under main and poled out 140.
  3. rigging help

  4. rigging help

  5. rigging help

    I read the Dyneema cannot be used with a head foil furler...don't really want a mix of standing rigging types. I'll stay with rod. And DHL.
  6. rigging help

    Nirie, Got a rod rigging problem too, here in La Paz Mex. 10 year old rod rigging on a 1979 Bob Boat, that replaced the original as a precaution before we headed South. Navtec K-150 tangs hold the aft and forward lower's cold headed Navtec rod ends captive in a micro stem ball sleeve and cup washer. All 4 stem ball sleeves on the lowers have developed progressive cracks over the past 2 years. Remedy is to cut off the cold headed ends (that appear fine) so you can slip the stem ball sleeves off the rod and replace with new, and then reform the heads. Only problem is the nearest cold heading machine is a 1,000 miles away. Cannot coil the rod to a small enough diameter to fly it home commercial as oversized baggage. How did you ship your rig to Florida from Guatemala? I am also eager to know how to convert from rod to compact wire. Anyone? Why do designers put rod on cruising boats?!!! Chute
  7. weather forcasts

    Valis, love your David Lindley avatar. Huge fan myself. Hope he someday gets the rights back to the El-Rayo X recordings.
  8. weather forcasts

    Are you just trolling? You can't be serious. It's nice to know where local high pressure/no wind areas are so they can be avoided. It's also nice to know where the crap is so it can be avoided or at least minimized by sailing on the safer side of it. Conditions change, and so do courses--and even routes. When freeway lanes are suddenly closed without warning, I exit and take an alternate route. Don't you? Above we are discussing weather4D versus Weatherrouters and you said: "Not on my latest passage--I think it would have been a waste of money. They're basing their forecasts on the same information we had." So my take away is that your weather4D app ("the formation you had") failed to forecast what you actually experienced. And that you surmise Weather forecasters would have as well. Then you muddy the discussion with a non sequitor about the importance or reading local conditions, but clearly that is of only temporal tactical value. We are talking about forecasts, right? So back to the original discussion - how do you make the case for weather4D over weather routers? Just trying to understand your logic.
  9. weather forcasts

    how does reading local conditions assist routing?
  10. weather forcasts

    Not on my latest passage--I think it would have been a waste of money. They're basing their forecasts on the same information we had. But eyeballs, compasses, anemometers and barometers on site were far more valuable than anything available from the mainland. We had constantly changing conditions and smallish cells all around us. For example, we'd be cruising along in 30 kts TWS and 20-25' seas, 6-8 sec period, mostly coming from the same direction. Then the wind would drop to 20-22 TWS, yet the seas would rise to 30', shift 10 degrees and begin breaking--and we never experienced the wind that freshened the seas. Sometimes we could spot a front driving it, other times not. But none of that local detail is available through a weather router. Basically, you ski the moguls as they come to you. Call audibles on the field. Whatever metaphor suits you. So weather4D forecasts were worthless on your latest passage?
  11. weather forcasts

    wouldn't constant contact on passage with a professional weather router (or two) via satphone be best?