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  1. Valis, love your David Lindley avatar. Huge fan myself. Hope he someday gets the rights back to the El-Rayo X recordings.
  2. Are you just trolling? You can't be serious. It's nice to know where local high pressure/no wind areas are so they can be avoided. It's also nice to know where the crap is so it can be avoided or at least minimized by sailing on the safer side of it. Conditions change, and so do courses--and even routes. When freeway lanes are suddenly closed without warning, I exit and take an alternate route. Don't you? Above we are discussing weather4D versus Weatherrouters and you said: "Not on my latest passage--I think it would have been a waste of money. They're basing their forecasts on the same information we had." So my take away is that your weather4D app ("the formation you had") failed to forecast what you actually experienced. And that you surmise Weather forecasters would have as well. Then you muddy the discussion with a non sequitor about the importance or reading local conditions, but clearly that is of only temporal tactical value. We are talking about forecasts, right? So back to the original discussion - how do you make the case for weather4D over weather routers? Just trying to understand your logic.
  3. how does reading local conditions assist routing?
  4. Not on my latest passage--I think it would have been a waste of money. They're basing their forecasts on the same information we had. But eyeballs, compasses, anemometers and barometers on site were far more valuable than anything available from the mainland. We had constantly changing conditions and smallish cells all around us. For example, we'd be cruising along in 30 kts TWS and 20-25' seas, 6-8 sec period, mostly coming from the same direction. Then the wind would drop to 20-22 TWS, yet the seas would rise to 30', shift 10 degrees and begin breaking--and we never experienced the wind that freshened the seas. Sometimes we could spot a front driving it, other times not. But none of that local detail is available through a weather router. Basically, you ski the moguls as they come to you. Call audibles on the field. Whatever metaphor suits you. So weather4D forecasts were worthless on your latest passage?
  5. wouldn't constant contact on passage with a professional weather router (or two) via satphone be best?
  6. Anyone charging batteries while on passage with a portable 2kW Honda, or similar? If so, are their limits created by the amount the boat is healing? Other precautions taken? Thanks!
  7. Jeanne Socrates at 70 & Jessica Watson at 16, my favorite RTW non-stop solo sailors.
  8. Ajax: we looked at that but we would never see the boat speed needed to make them practical. and so far have had no need to supplement our system.
  9. istream: for the cruising we do, the non-romantic reality is you motor alot. Really wish it was different. For example, for the whole cruising fleet on average in the 800nm San Diego to Cabo legs, motoring to sail ratio was way in excess of whats needed to run the boat electrically. Those familiar with SoCal, Sea of Cortez and Gold Coast know the true ratios as well. Never done it, but calculation suggests 60-90mins a day of engine run (0.6-0.9 gals for our motor) would suffice for Mexico to Marquesas.
  10. yes, commuter crusiers on a sailboat. typical pattern is flying in, some local cruising around for a few weeks, then say 300 miles to the next area of interest. local cruising again. then leave boat in marina. repeat. not what you're doing living at anchor for long periods. but I think our system would scale. BTW like your posts.
  11. Year 6 now running an all-electric single-fuel (diesel) boat in SoCal, Baja, Sea of Cortez, & Gold Coast mainland Mexico down to Barra. Love it. 16 KBtu reverse air central HVAC. Electric oven, burners, kettle, & microwave. Electric outboards. We are active cruisers and don't live at anchor for long periods of time. When not on the boat it lives in a marina. No genset, no solar, & no wind generator. all power from 2 small frame high output alternators into 860Ah high charge acceptance rate AGMs. can honestly say we have only run the propulsion engine less than 10 hours in 6 years just to charge batteries. recharging is a free consequence of normal cruising itineraries. surprised the hell out of me. boat is safer, more spacious, quieter, lighter, faster, greener, more comfortable, much more attractive, lower windage, & hugely easier to own & operate.
  12. WHK, thanks for the continued interest. I did not get to the RM issues that trip other than recalibrating the AW display via the i70 and using a WeatherFlowWindMeter sensor that I bought and plugged into my iPhone. I wound up setting the cal offset back to "none". With the 5-10kts apparent I had to play with during an evening sail on multiple tacks, they were in fair agreement this way. The RM display averaged about 0.5Kts lower. However, the earlier cal multiplier setting I had set to greatly derate the RM sensed windspeed in the 15+ kt range will now probably make that again too high. I did that a month ago after a 50 nm sail in company of 2 other boats that were reading 20-26 kts while I was sering 25-40kts. So I need to retest at higher wind speed, I suspect it will still read way high. Hopefully I get the higher wind on the next trip to retest and have the time to test the B60 through the ITC-5, TriData, and the 744V ducer on a pole if needed. Debugging electronics on a boat 1,000 - 2,000 miles a way is a bitch, this last trip I only had 4 days and decided to enjoy it rather than work on it! Really wish there was a good RM tech in Cabo/La Paz to pay to solve the issues. I found one struggling RM guy in PV that was able to condemn the faulty AIS to RM's satisfaction (via diagnostics on a PC I provided connected to a port on the AIS) and get RM to replace it, but that took weeks. Next trip is a work trip. Sigh. Chute
  13. I am trying to find a surveillance camera or a Wi-Fi mobile hot spot (to support a surveillance camera) that can auto-reconnect to cellular service if disconnected. Anybody know if that exists? Thanks in advance for any input.
  14. Anybody using a cellular modem connection in Mexico to support a wireless router for a Wi-Fi interfaced security camera? I'd like to use my AT&T "Mexico Roam" data account to remotely monitor the boat while in the USA. Thanks!
  15. Anybody using a cellular modem connection in Mexico to support a wireless router for a Wi-Fi interfaced security camera? I'd like to use my AT&T "Mexico Roam" data account to remotely monitor the boat while in the USA. Thanks!