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  1. Larry, Curly and Moe. Not much of a fan of Shemp.
  2. $&@

    what are they?

    Kriegsmarine U-96.
  3. $&@

    Go Fund My fuck up.

    ‘Mr.’ Butter is sitting in his rocking chair in Kelowna, complaining about the price of bread and why the kids don’t call anymore. My friends call me Pee...
  4. $&@

    Go Fund My fuck up.

    I am so sick of seeing bubbleheaded titfuckers profit from no end of douchery on these fundraising sights. But, then I realized that I’m the idiot, for not profiting from other people’s emptyheaded kindheartedness. So, I am starting my own campaign. I need to raise $263,427.81, to rip the v-berth out of my Fingerbang 33 and build in a dog kennel for diabetic chihuahuas with irritable bowel syndrome, rescued from slaughterhouses that supply restaurants in Southern Asia. Together we will sail the South China Sea, while I drum-up awareness from passing ships by playing my theremin naked on the bow. As a long time contributing member of this forum, I expect all Anarchists to form line and contribute tout-fucking-suite! All donations will be rewarded with a serving of my world famous fermented Adobo chicken. What say you?
  5. $&@

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    More and more I’m thinking I see a Catalina 22 on a trailer in my future. My sailing goals are so much simpler now and I like the idea of keeping a boat in a different area each summer, instead of doing the same milk run every outing. I’d rather spend an entire season exploring the Thousand Islands or Georgian Bay than spend another summer doing laps near the city. Plus the cost of entry and ownership are ridiculously cheap, given the high fun quotient. What I’d love to do is take a little 17-footer up to Algonquin Park and see what kind of route could linked together...
  6. $&@

    Halifax Lodging

    Halifax’ downtown is tiny. You can walk anywhere in minutes. Or take a cab if you really think you have to. Most likely you’ll end up at the Liquor Dome at some point, watching the fights and wondering why everyone’s so crazy about donairs. Guaranteed diarrhea, those...
  7. I loved that set-up. How about those old Mahre brothers K2 ads? S727’s and the Marker 40’s. Classick.
  8. Hey man, I geek out at all the esoteric stuff - summer and winter - too. Even the equestrian events and pole vaulting. But shit like that doesn’t pay the bills and the fact that fewer cities are lining up to host these circuses because there’s no way to make their money back is proof that the death spiral has begun. Besides, newer generation find no relevance in these things. My guess is the olympics will soon be replaced by giant video gaming competitions...
  9. OMG! That’s a big, big rig! What a set-up. I wouldn’t have had the stones to try that. i was working at a ski shop around that time and got friendly with one of the ski reps, who sold me a pair of demo Fischer 223 RC4’s downhill racing skiis (the ones with the tips cut out) he had for pennies because no one else would take them. Only used them a few times. Had to get them up to Mach-whatever to get them turn...
  10. Sailboat racing any kind makes for irrelevant, awkward, boring viewing for the majority of the population. It’s difficult to manage logistically - far from shore, need for sea room, etc. - hard to create a visceral sense of engagement or drama for the average viewer, and low viewership numbers. For the people to whom media is a business, it’s a low payoff, ho-hum proposition. Just think of that scene from ‘The Office’ where Andy is watching a regatta and everyone else is completely lost... Its like watching a chess match with wind.
  11. Speaking of Warren Miller, anyone remember those monoski death traps from Europe that he featured for a few season? Both feet locked in, facing forward with a whole bunch of disco hip wiggling to turn? Seems like they were trying to make them take off over here. I remember a guy had one at Panorama and he always seemed like he was running from the bulls in Pamplona - scared shitless, wildly out of control and a 50/50 chance he was going to make it without being maimed...
  12. Yeah that’s what I’d meant. “Button” was a typo for Burton. I remember following the whole rise of the snowboard thing when it just started getting coverage. I think the first time I’d seen it was in a Warren Miller flick. That was likely a Snurfer. Warren Miller is another brand Id love to still have around. Back in the day, we waited all year for his new release to come around, so we could see all the cools things in magazines brought to life on screen. And, it was always a sold out show. Must have been like people waiting for the newsreels during the war - waiting months and having to line up to see the news...
  13. Moguls got fucked-up and squared off and oblique from boarders - not closer together - because boarders scraped sideways through them, instead of making flowing, linked, round turns.
  14. Wasn’t the first snowboard the button one with the rope leash? That would have been around ‘79-81, I think...?
  15. That huge rock on the run under the Grouse chairlift was pretty cool to go off of though...