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  1. Kirby

    Running back stays?
  2. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    Chapeau. Richard.
  3. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    Actually, yes, I have. And while my peers in software back home were just getting started on Palm Pilots, I saw grandmothers using them over there like they were born to it...
  4. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    You’re right, it is one sided. And likely pompous and a bit strident. But it is where things are going, even if the trend hasn’t hit other people’s parts of the world or business category yet. Lots and lots of examples of people who didn’t want to accept the new normal and dismiss it away. Just look at any Main Street these days...
  5. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    Even modern people doing business don't use business cards anymore. Everything's a link or a digital contact. The last time I got a business was from a 65+ year-old, and when he handed them to people at the table, they acted like they were receiving a dead fish... Why not chisel the club info into a stone slab that people can cart around on the back of a chariot?
  6. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    Or, why not join the rest of the 21st century and format a device-responsive image that can be downloaded or emailed to members and used on their phones? It can contain QR codes, bar codes, whatever tracking mechanisms your club uses...? Any remotely tech-competent member should be able to do this for you in short order.
  7. That’s a really interesting concept. Are you posting your progress in another thread by chance? Website?
  8. Forgive. They are old, and know not how to triforce...
  9. Sounds like a cool project. in terms of the rating system, it may have become the norm for apps, but it’s just not credible anymore. Social media has created a tyrannical expectation of postive ratings. Nobody rates honestly, because no one wants to be rated honestly. Plus, there’s no real comparative bar. Example: the unit beside us was sold to an Airbnb guy. One night he rented to a big gang of slum dogs who were doing drugs in the hallway and throwing beer bottles off the balcony. He came personally with the cops to evict them. We checked his site afterwards and both parties had rated each other positively, with comments about how great the other was. Maybe come up with something less ambiguous and more specific to crewing, like a competency or experience rating, and make it more descriptive than just a number. Eg, beginner, intermediate, experienced, advanced, expert, etc. Or come up with your own.
  10. save a legend....Really

    Sounds like a Tijuana donkey show...
  11. Where’s the Viper crowd in this discussion? Seems to tick the boxes, apparently as fun or sedate as one wishes, plus people let their 4-year olds helm, so...?
  12. Kaiger's interesting boats ...

    ...and they’re both home to crabs. How about that...?
  13. never fuckin' mind

  14. Kaiger's interesting boats ...

    Some hungry caveman sitting on a beach, thinking that the seagulls dropping them on rocks were on to something, maybe...?
  15. never fuckin' mind

    Why not? It’s only 20 pages. My original thread of “What are you listening to right now?” Went on for 3 years...