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  1. F1 2016

    He flatspotted the tires and therefore had to pit earlier than planned.
  2. F1 2016

    They pretty much all do. Only 5 cars did a one stop race.
  3. F1 2016

    2 out of 5 correct in your prediction - as well as your spelling :-)
  4. F1 2016

    I can't see Venezuela continuing to pay for Maldonado after the economic emergency. Exit Maldonado - Enter Magnussen
  5. F1 2014 Big Changes

    The power is already at max.
  6. F1 2014 Big Changes

    Kind of. The Brawn was not a Honda, but a Mercedes. And the WDC/WCC was not a result of sustained development work, but a result of Brawn's double diffuser. The advantage lasted 7 races, after which Button was very average, but those 7 races was enough for Button to win overall. Basically a lucky punch. Buttons "development skills" had nothing to do with it.
  7. F1 2014 Big Changes

    He is certainly experienced, but his resume doesn't read "development skills" at all. He was 6 years with BAR/Honda and 5 years with McLaren until now. In both cases the teams has gone significantly backwards during his tenures. And by the way, neither does Alonso's resume. 5 years at Ferrari - going backwards.
  8. F1 2014 Big Changes

    What a disappointing end to the season. Hamilton deserves the WDC obviously, but Abu Dhabi could have been a lot more exciting with Rosberg leading and Hamilton in trouble. As a Magnussen fan I had hoped for more there, too, but being pushed off track by Hulkenberg and lated rammed by Sutil on the first lap was too much of a deficit. Awful to see either Button or Magnussen go in favour of Alonso next year. Both of them are much better than many other on the grid.
  9. F1 2014 Big Changes

    Winning is going to very difficult for Alonso. Best chances are Mercedes or Williams. Maybe Massa is ready for retirement? Everybody keeps talking about MacLaren/Honda, but McLaren have Mercedes power and are not competitive. How much difference is Honda going to make? Does anybody really think that Honda will outperform the Mercedes power unit AND that McLaren at the same time are able to improve the chassis significantly?
  10. F1 2014 Big Changes

    Haas doesn't have to. Like Maldonado and some of the other guys at the rear of the field, Alonso comes with money. Santander basically bought him the seat at Ferrari. Movistar is rumored to be ready with money, too.
  11. F1 2014 Big Changes

    Fernando Alonso says his future plans will seem “obvious” in retrospect when they are finally revealed. Ferrari, Mercedes & Red Bull don't want him. McLaren don't need him. Obviously he is going to retire Unless Santander or Movistar buy him a seat.
  12. F1 2014 Big Changes

    That was pretty boring. Good recovery from Rosberg to 2nd after a missing the braking point in turn two and having to switch his flat-spotted tyres already after first lap. Had Massa known that the prime tyres could last the entire race another strategy had put him in the points. Good performance from McLaren in 4th and 5th. Especially Magnussen was impressive taking 5th from 11th on the grid after his 5-place gearbox penalty after qualifying. No reason for McLaren to change their driver line-up for 2015. Very disappointing performance from home-boy Kvyat ending 14th after his qualification. Bring on Austin.
  13. F1 2014 Big Changes

    Button, Magnussen, Maldonado, Ericsson and Kobayashi had all changed to full wets when Bianchi crashed. Raikkonen and Grosjean changed to full wets during the safety car period before the race was red flagged. Vettel, Hulkenberd and Perez changed to new inters. Bianchi was on 20 laps old inters when he crashed.
  14. F1 2014 Big Changes

    They were showing double yellow flags (be prepared to stop if necessary) since marshals were in the racing surface (inside the barrier). The green was displayed as that was the end of the caution area. Flags were displayed properly IAW FIA guidelines. Given the decreasing light and increasing rain, you can argue that the marshals should have put out a safety car once Sutil lost it but the basic rule is "let them race". A double yellow signifying a severe hazard coming out of the S curves (Turn 7) and a green on exit from Dunlap headed for Degner (past the hazard) is observing the hazard but otherwise continuing the race. Unless you are going to stop the race, a safety car at lap 43 of a 53 lap race freezes the field and means the race is probably over. Remember, despite Massa screaming to stop the race, only Button came in for full rain tires and others who came in put on new inters. If it was that bad, the field would have been crowding the pits for extreme tires. Question probably not ever going to be answered is why Bianchi was going so fast entering that corner under a double yellow? Based on Sutil's comments, there was a very wet section coming into 7 where he and Bianchi lost it. 19 other drivers didn't lose it there under green or double yellow. This more complete video might show the reason if Bianchi was going too fast. If you look in the upper right corner, you will se double yellow flags being waved initially. As soon as the tractor has backed off a few feet, the marshalls are already waving the green flag instead of the double yellow. While this might be technically correct, because the tractor is now out of the next flagzone, it was obviously too close for comfort. But how was poor Bianchi to know?
  15. F1 2014 Big Changes

    Poor Jules Bianchi hitting the JCB. Hopefully he will be OK. Absolutely the right thing to call it off. Safety car pulled in way too late at lap 10, but the call at the end was the right one. Race a bit of a lottery, but in the end the result appeared fair. Great win by Hamilton. Great 3rd by Vettel, confirming he can indeed drive a racecar. Good call by McLaren switching Button to inters earning him 5th. Williams disappointing in 6 and 7.