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  1. Jackett

    DSS Foil Why did Wild Oats stop using it?

    It's not a matter of context. 'An order of magnitude' has a very well defined that is not changed by the context it is used in. What you're saying is makes as much sense as claiming that it's correct to say that a yacht that increases it's speed from 5 knots to 6 knots had tripled its speed, because of the context in which it's stated.
  2. Except where ever I've said 'centre of gravity' it should read 'centre of bouyancy'. Not sure why I can't edit my post.
  3. It's not the distance between the ballast that's important - is the horizontal distance at the angle of heel you're considering. So let's say for simplicity that when the hull is upright the crew are 2 meters horizontally or from the centre of gravity, and the keel is 2m directly below the centre of gravity. So when upright 100kg of crew provide 2 kNm of righting moment (2m x 0.1tonnes x 10m/s) and the keel provides zero righting moment. A typical sailing angle might be 15 degrees. So 100kg of crew provide 2 x cos15 x 0.1 x 10 = 1.93 kNm of righting moment, 100kg of keel ballast provides 2 x sin15 x 0.1 x 10 = 0.52 kNm of righting moment. So in this case, you need 400kg of ballast to replace 100kg of crew at 15 degrees of heel.
  4. Jackett

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    You state that you want a cruiser/racer, then list three boats that are very much coastal cruisers / marina holiday homes. I think you need to clarify what you really want (both to yourself and the forum) if you want useful suggestions - just now you're getting suggestions that range from racers with a bit of accommodation through to yachts that can barely get out of their own way. Your annual maintenance budget also seems somewhat optimistic for a yacht of this size. Might get away with paying that little some years, but others are going to be way more expensive.
  5. Jackett

    I hate Yacht brokers

    Agreed - whoever hired the skipper pays him. My comments where in regards to whether on not the party who hired him then has any grounds on which to claim the cost back from the other party.
  6. Jackett

    I hate Yacht brokers

    If this was under English law, then responsibility would depend on how the purchase agreement was produced. OP states that 'I wrote in the purchase agreement that delivery across the border was included in my offer'. Now, if he prepared the purchase agreement and sent it to the broker and PO for review and signing, then yes, responsibility would lie with the PO for paying the delivery skipper. However, if (as would normally be the case, at least in my experience) the broker provided a purchase agreement to the OP, the OP added a clause about delivery and returned that to the broker without highlighting that he'd made the change then generally arbitration panel or a court would decide that the 'modified' agreement was void ans that original wording of the purchase agreement applied. Obviously US / Canadian law is different, but I'd be surprised if the above didn't apply - certainly has in every country I've worked in. So come on OP, tell us how you wrote the clause into the purchase agreement.
  7. Doesn't that make lowering it rather tricky? Or are the rigid windows cunningly placed to still allow it to lower?
  8. Jackett

    This is Wing Surfing

    Am I the only one who thinks its mad that he's doing that in such close proximity to conventional surfers? We've all heard of the kind of injuries foils can case if hitting someone in the water. Here he is, coming in much faster than other surfers, from directions they wouldn't be expecting people to be coming from. Got to be a serious accident sooner or later.
  9. Each year, Yachting World magazine does a long article presenting the results of the survey of good and bad equipment which they ask ARC participants to complete after the crossing. It might be worth you ordering a couple of past copies including these answers. More boats are using parasailor chutes each year, and from memory they get very positive reviews.
  10. Jackett

    Coolboats to admire

    If you saw one in person you wouldn't be worried. Mizzen is tiny - smaller than most dinghy mainsails. Combined with the fact that Fishers are hugely overbuilt, no way is the mizzen sheet damaging the rudder, even if you crash jibed it during the height of a hurricane.
  11. Jackett

    Coolboats to admire

    I'm with you - I'm pretty sure those 'rub rails' are the lower bearing point for some leeboards. If you zoom in on the photo, you can just make it where the swivel for them attaches to the top sides, and also what looks life it might have been a fairlead for the tackle to raise them. Certainly looks Bolger. Raised topsides, bowsprit for anchor, rig etc are all very much his style. If it's not one of his, it's very much influenced by his designs.
  12. I've always liked the hard dodgers that HR produce - much nicer looking than many you see, presumably in part because they don't try and squeeze full standing headroom in under them. Out of interest, roughly what is the headroom at the forward end of the cockpit?
  13. I think that overlay is misleading - unless the Lion 870 has a transom that's immersed by about 300mm, you haven't lined up the waterlines on the two drawings - so actually the Lion 870 has significantly more freeboard than your composite drawing makes it appear to have.
  14. Jackett

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    The 500 hours is the life under an accelerated aging test (i.e. high intensity UV light). As with all tests of this trope type, it would be impractical to test under 'real' conditions, as it just takes too long. Also, what are 'real' conditions? UV varies a lot depending on latitude, but also longitude location (e.g. very different for west coast UK, with all the clouds coming of the Atlantic, than it would be for acentral location in north America at the same latitude, a long way from the coast). Also affected by your altitude. There are ways of converting the test life to a real world predicted life at different locations, but for most of us the best we can do is compare the 'test' life of different products to get an idea of how they behave.
  15. Jackett

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    You and I obviously have very different comfort level requirements. I could happily spend months cruising on one. (But then I did spend six months cruising a GK24 before switching to a Hurley 22)