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  1. Hi Samc99us, I love sailing my A-Cat, especially not foiling. Ease of use and pleasure are both incredible. You have a point for the Moth launching: this really puzzles the neeby I'm and seems anything but easy. And I can sail my A-Cat all the year round "dry" (just have to put the feets in the water to launch), where Moth will definitively a wet activity, event in low wind conditions. My position about sailing foiling A-Cat could change once fully sorted out and if class rules against foiling are killed, allowing a free and optimized foiling design. I'm interested about yout statement about the wind range. I can easily imagine the thing in low winds. I'm not clear about the sailing of the Moth in higher winds. We does the boat starts to be tricky to sail and to request "more expert" skills ? Can the sail be easlily depowered in higher winds ? (on the A-Cat, I'm comfortable up to 15-16 knts of wind. Above, I start to think twice) I'm afraid not to have the possibility to try a Moth before buying one :-) Hence the importance to find a boat at the right prioce tag, So I can (easily) resell It if it doesn't fit. By the way, could it be that you also post on RCGroups about gliders, CNC and so on (as there is a similar ID) ? Kind regards, JMF
  2. Hi, Ryan, sorry for the late reply. I hadn't subscribed to the topic and missed the answer. As I'm not a native English speaker; I'm not sure what you mean by "The pricing of these boats seems to be all over the place". Is it that you can find boats on a budget in many places (easy), or is it that the price of the boat is distributed all over the price range (from cheap to very expensive) ? I agree with your previous statement that price of some boats will decline with the push of the Exocet at the top of the fleet, as a similar thing happened in A-Cats here two times, with the happening of the DNA first, and then foiling boats. I just don't know how fast it will propagate... JMF
  3. Additional questions: - is there a best season to buy a Moth ? before / after some events ? - is there some reference web source to learn how to recognize the different boats versions (which is part of the learning curve and knowing what you buy)? - shall one wait a lot to see £4000-£5000 early Ninjas, or £6000-£7000 later boats with the rocket foils and newer rig? - are there some other adds source than Mothmart to monitor the adds in Europe ? - on Mothmart, there is a Manta with Ninja elite foils. Does the package makes sense or is it an unknown combo ? (I found almost no information on the Manta) - what about the Prowler if a well priced one is advertised ? - I understand the foreseen decline in the price of the older boats in the fleet, but I'm afraid that it will mainly impact the 15k€ to 10k€ boats than the 7k€-5k€ ones. Am I right ? Kind regards, JM
  4. Hi, Thanks all for your answers. Those are very helpful. Need: I want to experience the "essence" of foiling Background: I'm 50 and a (non foiling) A cat sailor since almost 15 years. A Cat provided to me up to now the best pleasure / burden ratio: high pleasure, little maintenance, easy to setup and go sailing. There is a club fleet and it was the active area fleet in the area up to foiling / non foiling (local ) drama, My personal perspective about the foiling A cat is that we set rules to prevent them to fly. Clever people found ways to foil in this constrained set of rules, and that this does not allow to have a sound flying design at the root => it will be complex, tough and expensive. This is not my way to discover foiling I also sailed laser , wind surf, some small trimarans and bigger boats, My scope is pleasure is sailing for pleasure and curiosity: how that thing can fly, how it feels, how it works practically, I'm afraid to be in a foiling moth "white area": South of France, near Marseille seems pretty inactive: no club races, no used boats, no test mate. I won't race. My key criteria would be: Well designed and healthy boat, Rig suitable for my 65 kg, As large as possible comfortable/safe wind range to maximize pleasant sailing time => are there differences there between the boats / rigs ? Benefits from a Mach2 / Exocet / Rocket performance increases won't be justified in my case in front of cost increases. I imagine that a Blade Rider could do the job, but I like better the story behind the UK foiling boats, and the superior boat for a bit more money. I have to consider that reselling may be an issue as it seems that there are no (at least in that area) amateur races and strong second hand market for "expert" class and not so competitive boats. Last, I believe I more on the side of the proven and consistent foiling moth package than the UFO. But that's a question of taste. Il also believe that after reading and thinking to it, I discarded the WASP option. JMF
  5. Hello, I would be happy to learn about the budget to consider for a used Ninja Moth in "normal" condition. I have not seen so many on Mothmart. looking a bit at the question, this model seems to be a good cost/performance ratio to discover foiling here in Europe. I'm not in a hurry, and the aim is to have a reasonable reference. As it is not my intention to race, I would like to cap my budget under 5000-7000€ and don't know if it is realistic or not. Thanks for your advices. Best regards, JM