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  1. Thanks for all those advices. Those small bugs are quite sensitive :-) You reall must have the right balance and timing: forward/backward, windward/leeward and just in time before capsizing. I imagine that once instinctive it is pure joy... but it can be a significant way to achieve this. I admit that I dream of those modern big buoancy bladders. Even with my additional swimming noodles, it still capsize fast. JMF
  2. Quite slow progress here, because of not adequate weather, or unavailability and lack of skills. The attempt last week end raised some new issue for me. After jumping in the boat (over the wing), I was trying to have the boat start moving. I was on the windward wing. The leeward wing was "flat" at the water surface (with still some water in the tramp). When I started to sheet in, the boat was consistently heading to the wind and stalling. because of the lack of speed the rudder was not efficient to stop the movement. Quite frustrating ! The rake was normal. Just maybe more vang than usual... Would you have some explanation ? JMF
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all encouragements :-) The boat is now fixed (had a crack in one of the wing rear casting) and I'm ready for the second try. I have fixed additional noodles below the wing. This is far from perfect but may help for the first days. My next attempt will be with no wind to experience how to jump in the boat from above, and feel the tipping point. I won't have the support from the sail, but this will keep the situation safe, with no friend needing to motorboat along. Weather will not be suitable in coming days... I'll keep progress posted ! Best regards, JMF
  4. JMF stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Thanks for the confirmation about separate pockets. I was interested by the internal model design. Best regards, JMF
  5. Thanks for all advices and support. I won't give up ;-) I'll reread advices twice, and will use the wing way next time. Thanks also for the mast lowering tips. I like the one from Phil S to attach/detach one shroud last. It make sense on the paper and seems tried and tested on the real life :-) I now have to redo some carbon/epoxy on the rear wing corner that is cracked and don't want it to get worse. I'll install a line between the the wo corners next time (did not came with the boat) Last I attach a picture of the boat with an additional swimming noodle. Not really nice and may not do the job... Best regards, JMF
  6. JMF stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe my question wasn't clear enough. I don't want to buy Waszp tramps. I want to modify my old ones on my Ninja Moth. Waszp tramps seem well engineered and optimized as of fabrication. I looked for inspiration for my design and I have no Waszp nearby. JMF
  7. So for you, up to 15 knots, jumping over the wingbar is the the way to go ? JMF
  8. JMF stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Hi, I have a bit odd question. I have to add bvladdes to my moth and would like to know how the Waszp bladder pockets are done. I looked at the assembly instructions and did not found the information. Is the bladder in the same "pocket" as the wing side tube, or in a dedicated pocket ? From where do you introduce the bladder ? Is the pocket open to the back, toward the tramp lashing ? From where do you inflate the bladder ? Is it easy to install the bladder in the pocket ? I have real issues about too low side floatation and really need to improve this. Best regards, JM
  9. Hi, Yesterday I finally made a first attempt to sail my Ninja. Water temperature had raised to an adequate level. Wind was in the 9 -11 knts. So: good conditions. However I basically failed at stepping and staying in the boat. Capsizing over and over :-). I had watched the videos I could find, but would not have believed it would be that hard for me. Have to think about it hard, because I'm in a small sailing club, without security on the water. So I have to be sure to be able to go and come back alone (no real risks for life as it is a closed space, but...risks for the boat and significant burden). And no other moth sailors around to discuss face to face. My findings: only one swimming noodle at the end of each wing does not looks enough for a beginner. Was dreaming of modern Moth bladders... No wang = no support from the sail when waterstarting. I discovered that the hard way toward the end of the session, When I right the boat, the boat tilts OK up to above horizontal, and then it is difficult to get the winward wing in the water top waterstart. It seems that there is water in the leeward wing. So windward wing is too high and I can't step in... I'm looking for advices to do much better next time: What is the easiest way to jump in the boat: jump into the boat, over the wing, at tilting point (seems pretty high, but didn't tried yesterday) - or "waterstart" (swimming in the boat ? is it normal not to be able to drop easily the windward wing in the water to swim in ? From what could it come: my dacron tramps (watertight) ? boat's heading relative to the wind ? Is it possible to train by low wind or not really a good idea because low stabilization from the wind in the sail ? Any video to see how people do (I have those from Nathan Outterridge, provela, ENVSN)? Tricks to attach swimming noodles below the tramp ? Are Dacron tramps standard or can it be an issue? Other beginner's difficulty, unstepping the mast after the session. I relase some slack in the forestay, then the mast tilts toward the back and it is difficult to make it vertical again and get out of the pin at the mast base. Are there trick to make it easy, or is it related to not anymore enough juice from the sailor :-) And any other advice warmely welcomed !!!! Best regards, JMF
  10. JMF

    Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    Hi, Thanks for the amount of suitable number of swim floaters (2.5), and for the warning that too much may have adverse consequences :-) JMF
  11. JMF

    Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    Hi, thanks for the advices. I will try to find long enough swim floater and try to stich them under the wing bars. Let's hope that 2 or 3 swim floaters on each side can provide efficient training wheels. In parallel, I will investigate the possibility to modify my tramps to make bigger pockets and add bladders
  12. JMF

    Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    Some pictures of details of bladder pocket construction would be very helpful :-) JMF
  13. Hi, I try to get things as clean as possible before begining Moth foiling. It happens that my boat has no " training wheels" = big bladders on the tramps. Only foam noodles slid on the tramp sides. See attached pictures. I'm afraid that it may not be sufficient for the beginning Are there some easy options to add complementary floatation aids to the tramps for beginning (even if not competitive for racing) ? I also consider stiching bladder pockets under the tramps, but can't find infos about the type of cloth for the pockets, how it opens or close. Not many pictures on the net abouth this critial detail :-) JMF
  14. Hi, Thanks for all your advices and support ! I'm now the owner of a Ninja with Elite main foil, Rocket rudder and bowsprit : GBR 3614 (ex Lola). The boat is now in south of France in Club Nautique Berrois. I now have to learn how to use it :-). This will be a bit more difficult as I will be alone : no fleet here... I will have to address all warnings that Samc99us raised ! Thanks especially to 17Mika, Ryanirl and Mike and for their advices. JMF
  15. Hi Thanks for the feedback. The 16.3 is stated to have been used less than 10 times and is 500€. The mast is an Aardvark. JMF