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  1. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    Hi, Thanks for the amount of suitable number of swim floaters (2.5), and for the warning that too much may have adverse consequences :-) JMF
  2. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    Hi, thanks for the advices. I will try to find long enough swim floater and try to stich them under the wing bars. Let's hope that 2 or 3 swim floaters on each side can provide efficient training wheels. In parallel, I will investigate the possibility to modify my tramps to make bigger pockets and add bladders
  3. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    Some pictures of details of bladder pocket construction would be very helpful :-) JMF
  4. Hi, I try to get things as clean as possible before begining Moth foiling. It happens that my boat has no " training wheels" = big bladders on the tramps. Only foam noodles slid on the tramp sides. See attached pictures. I'm afraid that it may not be sufficient for the beginning Are there some easy options to add complementary floatation aids to the tramps for beginning (even if not competitive for racing) ? I also consider stiching bladder pockets under the tramps, but can't find infos about the type of cloth for the pockets, how it opens or close. Not many pictures on the net abouth this critial detail :-) JMF
  5. Hi, Thanks for all your advices and support ! I'm now the owner of a Ninja with Elite main foil, Rocket rudder and bowsprit : GBR 3614 (ex Lola). The boat is now in south of France in Club Nautique Berrois. I now have to learn how to use it :-). This will be a bit more difficult as I will be alone : no fleet here... I will have to address all warnings that Samc99us raised ! Thanks especially to 17Mika, Ryanirl and Mike and for their advices. JMF
  6. Hi Thanks for the feedback. The 16.3 is stated to have been used less than 10 times and is 500€. The mast is an Aardvark. JMF
  7. Hi, I come back looking for some complementary advice. I may have found a boat and I'm dicussing with current owner. A Ninja with first generation rocket foils by the way. The boat can come with an "original" Hyde sail (seems well used) or a Ka MSL 16.3 almost new at an additional price. I'm 65 kg and I'm always cautious of too powerful sails I can't manage. I would like to learn how those two sails normally compare as of power, depowering /flattning, ease of use (some sails are harder to use than others). I understand that the sail is not the most critical item to start discovering the activity, but I have to decide about that opportunity now :-) Happy new year and best whishes for 2018. Kind regards, JM
  8. UK Moth Nats

    Hi thanks for sharing, and pointing out the steep learning curve :-) I believe that you are right: the more important is to step in and start learning... JMF
  9. UK Moth Nats

    Hi Michele, Interesting clarification for the beginner I am. Good to know about the foils that more easily tack than others. This is imporatnt for the "beginner kit". I would not have imagined that stiffness and tolerances of components in the control system would be difficult to fix. But it seems to be (at least to handle difficult conditions). JM
  10. UK Moth Nats

    Hi, I raise that somehow old message. As IU'm looking at entering the class to learn aboit foiling, I try to understand what makes a "good" boat. It seems that there are several good platforms, but according to this message Simon Maguire seems to have an edge at setting its boats up perfectly. I would be happy to understand what it is intended to mean exactly. How it can help people to foil tack straight away having almost never done one in their mach 2. From the message, it looks like it is related more to fine tuning the whole thing, more than boat/rig/foil basic design. Do I misinterpret the meaning of the post ? Are there things more difficult to set up correctly even in last generation Mach2 and Rockets ? Help to understand welcomed :-) JMF
  11. I went through some more learning about Moths. I had a look at 2 youtube videos from Chris Rashley and Mike Lennon, stating that beginners should look at "newer boats" as they are much more easy to sail than older boats. If this is true, I would like to know about what are the key improvements to achieve that result. Is it related to: additional controls (ride height, gearing...) ? Hull design ? Foils design (more tolerant ?) Rig design ? I also looked at some crashes, and it looks quite impressive. Are there some accidents ? Is sailing a Moth more dangerous than some other boats ? JMF
  12. At some point I considered the idea of home building one, seeing that Aardvark was proposing the molds, and that a lot of spare parts are proposed on sale. But I stepped back: molds are far, ans sourcing all bits would take a time that I can't aford (or that I prefer have sailing). By the way, thanks to Aardvark to propose that option ! JMF
  13. Humm, not so good news... This limits the probability to find that entry level well designed Moth I'm looking for. I start to think that, even if the more mature from my perspective, foiling Moths may not be the easiest class to discover foiling because of: - price of second hand boats / small number of affordable boats (subjective, I know), - landing to swim ratio (or crash/capsize). However, the way they fly capture some part of dream the you really want to experience. JMF
  14. Thanks Ryan, Cristal clear now :-) JMF
  15. Hi Samc99us, I love sailing my A-Cat, especially not foiling. Ease of use and pleasure are both incredible. You have a point for the Moth launching: this really puzzles the neeby I'm and seems anything but easy. And I can sail my A-Cat all the year round "dry" (just have to put the feets in the water to launch), where Moth will definitively a wet activity, event in low wind conditions. My position about sailing foiling A-Cat could change once fully sorted out and if class rules against foiling are killed, allowing a free and optimized foiling design. I'm interested about yout statement about the wind range. I can easily imagine the thing in low winds. I'm not clear about the sailing of the Moth in higher winds. We does the boat starts to be tricky to sail and to request "more expert" skills ? Can the sail be easlily depowered in higher winds ? (on the A-Cat, I'm comfortable up to 15-16 knts of wind. Above, I start to think twice) I'm afraid not to have the possibility to try a Moth before buying one :-) Hence the importance to find a boat at the right prioce tag, So I can (easily) resell It if it doesn't fit. By the way, could it be that you also post on RCGroups about gliders, CNC and so on (as there is a similar ID) ? Kind regards, JMF