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  1. Change

    Transpac 2019

    looking at the Hamachi vid I'm guessing that sail stacking is legal in the Transpac?
  2. Change

    AWKR Australian Womens Keelboat Regatta

    Hey Hoppy Who got dismasted?
  3. Only when they are not sailing on a bigger boat
  4. Change

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Why would you bother going to Hamilton Island race week if WOX1 is racing or any other boat that Ricko or Vila are on. You would have to abide by the rules & SI's etc, but you would have to expect after this that you couldn't win or fare well in a protest. My guess, Vila will be toast. The sad part about it, like last year is that only the boat's name gets struck off, not the people. The boat is being used like a hooker, spend money on her, fuck her and then walk away.
  5. Change

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The 7 30 story only told part of the facts.. 3 of the guys in including Jim L didn't get lost overboard but were apparently separated from a raft they were in.
  6. Change

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    No Voodoo in Cabbage Tree? Hmmm
  7. Change

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    IMHO Philosophers not in as good shape as photos suggest. Going to need a lot of sails and a new keel to be competitive
  8. Change

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I doubt it will be at Hammo
  9. Change

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Lydia I guess someone will have envy??
  10. Change

    Chicken Chute

    Banks Starcut, great heavy air running chute in their day
  11. Hoppy, do you know what's happened to Magic? 0knots 040 for a while now
  12. Change


    Hey LB do you offer advanced courses on how to deliver pizzas?
  13. Change


    Two rudders, I wonder why she couldn't be heeled over on the other tack to reduce water intake and have a crack at a getting rid of damaged rudder and sealing the damaged area with sails floorboards etc?. Rio got to Hawaii that way...............
  14. Hoppy GE had mods done more recently than Corum. Corum would require 8 switched on people to get the best out of her and imho I'm guessing Hugh W would strongly insist on dropping the keel and checking