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  1. Ophelia

    Took a quick wander down the marina this morning. Boat okay, none of the boats I saw looked damaged. One motor boat fishing type thing had a little potted plant (/pot of random neglected looking weeds) on the stern. Thought for sure the plant would be a fatality. Was sitting there this morning completely unharmed. East coast seems to have escaped very lightly.
  2. Ophelia

    https://afloat.ie/safety/lifeboats/item/37471-rosslare-harbour-rnli-rescues-three-people-during-storm-ophelia-after-yacht-mayday [video of rescue in link]
  3. Ophelia

    Not sure if the bit about the kitesurfers is true. Heard they were windsurfers who were out before the wind hit, passerby thought they needed rescuing but they got safely ashore themselves before any of the strong wind arrived.
  4. Ophelia

    Man in his 30s killed whilst clearing a downed tree with a chainsaw. Why do people go out in these things?
  5. Ophelia

    One coast guard station has had roof blow off. Yachts in West Cork dragging anchor. Hang in there my poor little boat.
  6. Ophelia

    One woman in her late 70s died when a tree fell on her car. Yacht in difficulty 10 miles off coast, rescue underway. 22,000+ buildings without electricity.
  7. Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    These are cool and a bit different: http://fantasticsailingtrophies.com/
  8. Ophelia

    Getting windy here. Boat tucked in to the best of my ability. Some pretty strong gusts coming through. Wouldn't be inclined to go dinghy sailing for a week or so... By 0930 there was already an awful stench of sewage. Clearly being blown straight back in to land from the outfall.
  9. Most likely scenario is you shove whomever is blocking the tiller out of the way, shout at them for a little bit and they learn to stay out of the flipping way. If that fails, shout a little more and bang the tiller extension hard against the deck to emphasise where it is located in the boat. Remember, what happens on the boat stays on the boat (good and bad!) so when you get back to the bar order everyone a drink and comment on how nice the sail was. Shoot the shit with the crew. Just remember, if you drop it through your own fault, they'll shout at you for being a flipping idiot. Actual consequences during a tack... Feck all. Careful on the gybe though,
  10. Hi Has anyone had any experience of stripping 1 pack paint off GRP topsides to repaint using 2 pack polymer? There was a decent DIY job done on the paint about 12/13 years ago but the topsides are in tatters at this stage. I'd prefer to go 2 pack because it's a horrible job and I'd like to make this one last a bit better and longer. Current situation is GRP - Gelcoat - paint. Will nitromors do the trick, or am I stuck with 1 pack for the future? Thanks
  11. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Do poor people routinely seek healthcare in the USA? Genuine question - is healthcare currently accessible in the USA? Especially for something that at first looks like a normal viral infection like a bad dose of flu... Last I checked it costs a fortune and Obamacare had done little to help...? Has that changed? If you can get sick people to hospital without the worry they have that their stay will bankrupt them, then yeah, sure. No cause for panic so long as Ebola can be contained in West Africa.
  12. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    very interesting piece, sorry if it's already been posted http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/04/ebola-zaire-peter-piot-outbreak
  13. Haha no not buying. Thanks for the info, he thinks he'll take a cycle out towards that direction and see if he can see anything.
  14. Anyone got a position on this? My dad's heading out to SF for a couple of days and is thinking of going to take a look at it. Any suggestions on viewing spots or the like?
  15. Not really, but, hey, thanks for the welcome. Chicago, me too. B dock in Dusable. (And G dock for the powerboat as well.) Don't read too much into my assumptions. I am not assuming that this is a real vessel capable of handling any kind of sea state, hence my use of quotation marks. The guy after all did build "something" and has a certain belief in what it is that he built. So, why not a "shakedown" cruise to see how she handles the sea? The proof is in the pudding. Let's see what she does. Can she sail a "round trip" meaning both into the wind and back? That seems to be the biggest hurdle. Certainly a little shakedown cruise is better than just heading off to Hawaii or wherever it is he is planning on heading. What I don't understand is why all the ruckus with the anchoring. It would seem to be much more trouble to secure a train wheel and bring it out to the barge vs. just getting the proper anchor. I strongly doubt there is really a train wheel. If you haven't followed the story, it's difficult to believe just how full of shit HotRod is... and he's convincing because he's one of those guys who believes anything he says. Agree "the proof is in the pudding"and here is what HotRod and Flyyyn Howyyynn have actually done- been built using a minimum of the cheapest possible building materials, with a minimum of skill, while aggressively ignoring any input or advice, to no sensible design. Survived being launched. Still floating after all these months. Anchored somewhere near the birthing marina after being kicked out (HR and fambly firmly believe you can live on a boat for free), dragged anchor, blew aground, got pulled off by the USCG and blamed the USCG for damaging the boat which has no cleats nor any place strong enough to bolt one to. Assaulted dockmaster at marina for not continuing to let them freeload (the finger-biting episode). Towed to China Camp, then towed by mysterious helpers to Richardson Bay, dragged anchor multiple times until put on mooring which they don't own, aren't paying for, and aren't thankful for. Argued with any/every advice about sails, apparently they have never hoisted any of the sails which is not all that surprising since they have no winches, no cleats, no appropriate places or structure to which to mount running rigging. And all this while, calling everybody who tries to make helpful suggestions a dumbass. And asking for money. Now that you're up to speed, any good suggestions? FB- Doug Tell them that they're being presented with a $10,000 cheque and that the whole family has to attend a ceremony to get it.. Pick them up, bring them for a decent meal. While they chow down, make sure FH is vacated by any non-marine life forms, take it in tow to somewhere deep and sink it.