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  1. Do poor people routinely seek healthcare in the USA? Genuine question - is healthcare currently accessible in the USA? Especially for something that at first looks like a normal viral infection like a bad dose of flu... Last I checked it costs a fortune and Obamacare had done little to help...? Has that changed? If you can get sick people to hospital without the worry they have that their stay will bankrupt them, then yeah, sure. No cause for panic so long as Ebola can be contained in West Africa.
  2. very interesting piece, sorry if it's already been posted http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/04/ebola-zaire-peter-piot-outbreak
  3. Whereabouts do you live? As in, big city, small town...? If you're capable of teaching up to high school level and have an economically okay and decently populated catchment area, here's what I'd suggest: Team up with a maths teacher, english teacher, french/spanish teacher and a careers guidance teacher. Set up what we in Ireland call a private grinds school. Offer high quality tutoring in the key subjects that will give kids a strong enough foundation and core understanding of the essential academic subjects to get college scholarships. Offer both group lessons on certain times, and private one-to-one tuition on certain hours. Offer a careers service that helps kids set themselves up to get into a good third level school by guiding them in terms of their strengths (offer differential aptitude testing?) to careers they would be suited to, then guide them in the subject choices at second level that will benefit them most in terms of where they want to go. Obviously the level of profit will have to be reflective of how many kids you can get signed up and the amount you need to meet your overheads, but it's done here in Ireland a LOT and is a hugely viable and lucrative market. The real benefit for teachers is, you can do all of this after school hours as a sideline initially. The kids will be in school during school hours anyway. You can go from a stressful job during the day, to an evening with kids who WANT to be there, who are motivated and want to learn. Plus, you can offer (should you wish to) continuity from 6th grade through to 12th grade. Surely desirable for parents to have someone who knows their child overseeing their education long-term.
  4. Haha no not buying. Thanks for the info, he thinks he'll take a cycle out towards that direction and see if he can see anything.
  5. Anyone got a position on this? My dad's heading out to SF for a couple of days and is thinking of going to take a look at it. Any suggestions on viewing spots or the like?
  6. Not really, but, hey, thanks for the welcome. Chicago, me too. B dock in Dusable. (And G dock for the powerboat as well.) Don't read too much into my assumptions. I am not assuming that this is a real vessel capable of handling any kind of sea state, hence my use of quotation marks. The guy after all did build "something" and has a certain belief in what it is that he built. So, why not a "shakedown" cruise to see how she handles the sea? The proof is in the pudding. Let's see what she does. Can she sail a "round trip" meaning both into the wind and back? That seems to be the biggest hurdle. Certainly a little shakedown cruise is better than just heading off to Hawaii or wherever it is he is planning on heading. What I don't understand is why all the ruckus with the anchoring. It would seem to be much more trouble to secure a train wheel and bring it out to the barge vs. just getting the proper anchor. I strongly doubt there is really a train wheel. If you haven't followed the story, it's difficult to believe just how full of shit HotRod is... and he's convincing because he's one of those guys who believes anything he says. Agree "the proof is in the pudding"and here is what HotRod and Flyyyn Howyyynn have actually done- been built using a minimum of the cheapest possible building materials, with a minimum of skill, while aggressively ignoring any input or advice, to no sensible design. Survived being launched. Still floating after all these months. Anchored somewhere near the birthing marina after being kicked out (HR and fambly firmly believe you can live on a boat for free), dragged anchor, blew aground, got pulled off by the USCG and blamed the USCG for damaging the boat which has no cleats nor any place strong enough to bolt one to. Assaulted dockmaster at marina for not continuing to let them freeload (the finger-biting episode). Towed to China Camp, then towed by mysterious helpers to Richardson Bay, dragged anchor multiple times until put on mooring which they don't own, aren't paying for, and aren't thankful for. Argued with any/every advice about sails, apparently they have never hoisted any of the sails which is not all that surprising since they have no winches, no cleats, no appropriate places or structure to which to mount running rigging. And all this while, calling everybody who tries to make helpful suggestions a dumbass. And asking for money. Now that you're up to speed, any good suggestions? FB- Doug Tell them that they're being presented with a $10,000 cheque and that the whole family has to attend a ceremony to get it.. Pick them up, bring them for a decent meal. While they chow down, make sure FH is vacated by any non-marine life forms, take it in tow to somewhere deep and sink it.
  7. Tom Cunliffe to the rescue... He wrote an article for last month's yachting monthly entitled "How to tow a 10-tonne yacht with a 2.5hp tender"
  8. My beautiful, wonderful and inspiring uncle lost his battle with cancer today, and what a battle it was. Phil fought til the very last second. We're going to miss him terribly http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/declan-lynch-philip-chevron-was-loved-by-anyone-worth-a-damn-in-rocknroll-29644052.html
  9. Has it started sinking yet? I'm bored. Action please. In all seriousness, has anything actually happened recently? Any "sea-trials" or "shake down sails"???
  10. DA-WOODY Anarchist 21,958 posts Location:I'm in Sunny..-. Warm..& ..Dry San Diego . and your not :-) Interests:Prime + 1 3/4 COUGARS COUGARS & More COUGARS 21,958 + 2 = 21,960 21,958 + 42 = 22,000 21,998 + 2 = 22,000
  11. Fuck cancer - everything about it. But most of all, fuck how long and drawn out and painful it all is. My uncle was given the terminal diagnosis a year ago, just weeks after getting the 5 year all clear, and opted for no treatment. He's so very ill. Not properly living, just hanging on in pain and unable to do the things he loves. My grandmother is elderly and just can't take this - watching her son waste away before her. She's frightened. Hates seeing him in pain but wishing for the pain to end and for this all to be over is wishing for him to die. Then there's the guilt. It's tiring, but wanting it all to be over means wanting him to die, but not wanting for him to die is what, wanting this to continue? Wishing pain, sickness and discomfort the likes of which I hope never to experience on someone? Fuck cancer.
  12. http://forums.radioreference.com/marine-monitoring-forum/41494-pon-pon-pan-pan.html Evidently pan pan is the spelling, Pahn Pahn is the pronunciation and they appear to mean the same but not positive As an ex-Coastie, I can affirm: you be right. The words "maidez" ("mayday", said 3 times, repeated), "securite" (said 3 times, repeated) and "pan" (said in pairs, repeated) are all French words, but English in origin. "Mayday" dates to 1923 in England. I wouldn't say they're English in origin so much as a phoneticization of the French words. The French were pretty much the first with an established radio comms protocol, so (and despite the grammatical inaccuracy of M'aidez - it should be Aidez-moi) it was accepted. It's pretty much just semantics, but to me English in origin would suggest the word originated organically in the English language and that's not the case here. It originated in French and was anglicised for international use. But hailings are very loosely anglicised.. what with "seh-kur-eeee-tay" and all that
  13. Can someone do a summary update from the FH getting stuck in the mud? Real Hot Rod and family came on here (?), threatened people (?), wasn't listening to a helpful word anyone said and then...??? Arrest?
  14. or anyone near the stern or high side thrown into the boat as it folded up. Folding requires a somewhat circular trajectory for the extremeties... The initial direction they're tossed in is different to the direction that the hull will proceed in. Basically, they're tossed free. The only way they'd be trapped is if the leeward hull lept out of the air and clammed shut around them.
  15. just throwing this out there, I'm not familiar with US law... but is there concern that if anyone was being charged with being criminally negligent/responsible it would be prejudicial to their right to a fair trial if the vide had been released when it could easily have been kept out of the public domain? Showing un-edited video, though, would not seem to be anything more than showing facts. If facts lead to someone being held responsible, then so be it, and I hardly see where anyone is obligated to protect those who actually are responsible. Not really. I'll give you an example. I was running up out of the hatch, someone else was reaching over to the other side of the hatch to put the winch handle back. I think they slipped or something, but either way, as I was running up I was hit clean (& hard) between the eyes with the sharp end of a winch handle. An hour later I had NO memory of the event and went to bed. Only found out about it the next day when I woke up and wondered why my head was so swollen I couldn't open my eyes. If I had died and there was a camera on board, it would have looked like someone reached over and aimed for me with the handle. Juries are human, they can be more influenced by what they saw on the internet than by the more convoluted chain of events that's actually true, but appears less convincing because sure "on the video you can see them reach around and hit her with it". Which is why video footage can be misleading. Things can look all different from different angles. The thing about the simple video of what happened, all it would really give is a timeline, rather than a how things happened. In that light, I'm not sure how it would be misleading. I understand your point about the actions of people, but the timeline of actions is different. Kind of like the video we all saw of the space shuttle breaking up. You could see the flame coming out of the booster and and know that is what happened, but not know what caused the fire, which is what came out after the investigation took its course. It has the potential to be misleading. If it's presented in court to a jury who've never seen it before as a tool for determining a timeline of events then it can be much more safely used. If it's already in the public domain, chances are that they'll have seen things, drawn their own conclusions as to what went on and despite the best efforts of everyone involved, those self-drawn conclusions can colour everything. I won't disagree about the shuttle breaking up - because it's simply a timeline video. Footage of a crew on a high performance yacht when nothing is going wrong would be confusing to a non-sailor at the best of times. There are PEOPLE visible in it. There are actions visible, from which conclusions (right or wrong) can be drawn. I don't think I'm explaining my point very well. I'll try again: I don't know what happened on Artemis, but I can see how video could be misleading because the timeline cannot be separated from the actions of people until you're educated in what those actions are and why they would be carried out. Which is why I gave my own event as an example. To a lay person it would look like I was coming up from below and a crew member reached over and smacked me with the handle. The events and actions are implicitly inter-linked and the probably critical one, as well as the reason for the actions, missed unless you know what to look for. The handle was out because we'd just rounded a leeward mark, they had to reach over because we were hard pressed and had to get up on the rail before putting the handle back. I was running up at speed because we were hard pressed and I needed to get back to the rail from flaking the kite. And the critical bit - the boat probably lurched a bit, or fell off a wave or something (I don't remember ) because something made the other crew member lose their balance enough to hit me instead of the winch handle holder. But that bit of the timeline is missing if you're not a sailor and it's not pointed out to you. So a non-sailor sees the footage of me (no doubt cropped to get the action bits only as this ALWAYS happens, as well as people producing dramatic versions with action replays) getting hit with the winch handle and that I (thankfully I didn't but for the purpose of an example as it could well have happened) died of a concussion afterwards. They watch again and go "wow, they actually did just reach over and hit her with it!". Then the dramatic version replays the contact a few more times for effect. They go into a courtroom as a juror and the video is shown for timeline purposes. They've already decided that the person reached over to hit me. Before they can be convinced of the real timeline, they have to be unconvinced of their own perceived timeline. It doesn't matter that what was released was the full and unedited version. They didn't have the knowledge to make sense of it. That's what it's prejudicial.