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  1. Tack nazi

    J35 Anarchist

    Thank you HHN92
  2. Tack nazi

    J35 Anarchist

    Thanks Lex. I'm assuming the checkstays run from the larger aft block (ahead of the spin turning block) and to cabin top winch?
  3. Tack nazi

    J35 Anarchist

    I just purchased J 35 "Steamboat". I'm not racing it this year (I don't think) until I get some more important things done. I want to rebed starboard turnbuckle and remove chainplate and do some work on bulkhead where chain plate attaches. Yes, I had survey and area is structurally sound. Least of my problems is cushions. They're probably original (1983) Wife hates them and they smell of mildew. I know a couple of upholsterers. Any suggestions? I'll probably remove V berth cushions and quarter berth cushions for now and get cabin cushions done. I need foot pump for cabin sink. Any ideas where to get one? Rudder bearings are good. Motor is good, but I want to replace the bellows assembly where shaft exits hull. Surveyor suggested benetau assembly. Any ideas? I also want to replace lifelines. I don't know if there is a supplier of old J Boat parts or if I just get parts like any other boat. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions once I move boat from Greenwich to City Island. Last question for today: boat has running backstays. I intend to use them, but current owner said he never did. He also said he was never on a blast reach in heavy seas. What say yea?
  4. Tack nazi

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Thank you to all who offered help. There were not nearly as many snarky comments as I expected. I bought the boat. I got a survey from a great guy named Jim Dias from Accredited Marine Surveyors. I highly recommend him. Thanks again for all your help. Time to jump over to J 35 forum.
  5. Tack nazi

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    J35 Steamboat
  6. Tack nazi

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    I suggested that and seller did not seem happy to comply. My only idea at this point is write the check in full and hold in escrow on condition of survey.
  7. Tack nazi

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Got a great price on a boat. I want a survey before I write a check. Seller wants me to have insurance before I move boat to get it hauled for a survey. So far no one will write policy without survey. Seller is very busy professional and we can't get on boat at same time to get it moved. Boat is at Grass Island which does not have hauling facility. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the inevitable helpful and not so helpful responses.
  8. Tack nazi

    caption contest

    Need halyard tension
  9. Tack nazi

    Caption Contest

    You scratched my piling
  10. Tack nazi

    Where the f is my union rep?

    I appreciate the feedback and would expect nothing less than HTFU, but the idea was to share fuck ups from the back of the boat such as "accidental" release of topping lift so as to part scalp, "accidental" release of downhaul so as to sky pole and require getting everything in order in nanosecond etc. Not to whine, but to get a chuckle as to how the "braintrust" is always trying to inflict injury.
  11. Tack nazi

    Where the f is my union rep?

    Foredeck Union is getting weak. Latest abuse was downwind start in a distance race. Five minutes before start, "bear away or gybe set"? Run the line etc and decide on bear away if wind stays where it is. Three minutes, back of boat bear away set. You know where this ends-ten seconds to gun GYBE SET!!! Whatta ya got?
  12. Tack nazi

    bow teams wearing helmets??

    If a bow monkey was smart enough to wear a helmet, s/he would not be a bow monkey. And yes, I have been hit in the head by spinnaker poles, booms and other flying objects from pissed off women. Now what was the question?
  13. Tack nazi

    great riffs

    Alvin Lee, Ten Years After, "I'm Going Home" Woodstock Live. Studio version not bad either.
  14. Tack nazi

    Fawn Leibowitz DTS

    They took the fucking bar!