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  1. Big boat challenge, woxi leading, Comanche not far behind, loyal a light year across the harbour, problems I assume
  2. Would be great if all the tweedledees and tweedledums took their marginally offbeat chat to a new thread, if only because there's so bloody well so much of it. Saw the mention of Comanche back in the water, no mention of the fact the mast is now in.
  3. Sailing man, sure she's powerful, but I wouldn't put her down as a long distance runner with that butt
  4. Ha, truth. Lots of Comanche shirts, they were enjoying standing around looking important. Some crew sighted too (I assume, looked like grinder-apes. pure gorilla). Was too distracted by ridiculous boat proportions to notice shipping containers.
  5. Had a quick looksee after work, even having seen the other shots just posted in this thread, it's hard to believe the width/size of this thing until you see it up close... will upload some pics once i figure out how to reduce the file sizes... doh.
  6. Comanche to Woxi: "Don't worry, it's just the tip..."
  7. I claim first non-team shots posted since the beast was taken off her transport vessel, where's me swag?
  8. There was actually a very large barge between Comanche and the docks, not sure if it was related.
  9. Just a couple of pictures as I drooled my way past on the ferry this morning. Sighted as they waited to go in to Woolwich docks etc