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  1. Wow, thanks Spoffo. Apparently the Rod was still convinced of his barge? "Brand new boat"... The sense of reality is weak with this one. I had the feeling he was somehow getting a little closer to reality over the last weeks, apparently not.
  2. Some pagan Redneck-Seafarer-Ceremony thingy? "May there always be a rock nearby to climb on when your vessel sinks"
  3. Sir, I take offense at your derogatory tone! Oh god you have to love the internets... Now, back to the the SHIT SHOW! HEY! Aren't you Batman? Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... BATMAN!
  4. I hope HotRod´s mother in law is prepared, if not she should talk to this fine woman: http://blogs.shawconnect.ca/tech/woman-explores-the-ocean-with-custom-wheelchair/
  5. Don´t tell him, he might build a bigger one.
  6. http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/pls/webpls/cgv_pkg.vessel_id_list?vessel_id_in=1234524 Hull Material: FRP (Fiberglass) Sure thing. Hailing Port: LAHAINA HI Im wondering if he still thinks he will make it there at least once. Can you choose whatever you want as your "Hailing Port" in the US?
  7. Would you really donate an old raft and a beacon to him? Insanely generous of you, might save his life that gift. I really do feel for the guy, I don't want to see anyone get hurt when one of those plywood sheets shits the bed. I think I have an old radar reflector somewhere, I'll look for it. Does he have at least life vests? Someone should really stop him from going anywhere without any life saving equipment. A radar reflector would be of great help too, as this boat was obviously under the 10.000 designs he studied:
  8. Thanks for the pic! It seems there is some damage on the starboard hull? Anyway, go HotRod!! Show them haters... how it collapses later.
  9. First of many failures to come. Thanks for the information lilmurray.
  10. +1 Please someone cover this. I love this thread and i would even click on some random ads here for a video of the launch!