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  1. Gracious

    new j/day

    Thats what I thought and no sprit
  2. Gracious

    What’s next for J?

    looks like a J-100
  3. Gracious


    Great boat just sold mine, already missing it. Family got to big wife and kids would'nt cruise in the 100. Looking for a 109
  4. Gracious

    J97 Tuning Hints

    Hows it going? Did you figure it out ?do you like the boat? Im very interested in how this boat does in PHRF
  5. Gracious

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Is that a sprit 99?
  6. Gracious

    J97 and PHRF

    Any other info out there on the 97 ? lm also interested in finding out how its rating has worked out. How many in the states? Thinking of moving to boat with interior space to cruise with the family. Currently J109 and J97e are on my short list. Moving from J-100
  7. Gracious

    Anyone got a J/35c brochure? (info wanted!)

    Pretty sure I have the 34c one .
  8. Gracious

    Non skid

    What is used in current J-boat models for nonskid? Is it gelcoat mixed with an additive or do they paint over it
  9. Gracious

    Good source for VPC line?

    What splicing technique do you use for VPC Class ! or Class 2 core dependent? Us ing it for spin halyard
  10. Gracious

    Aluminum spreaders

    J-100 Hall carbon rig aluminum spreaders. Spreaders need to be repainted or powder coated . Finish is bubbling cracking off. Anyone have an idea off how to go about refinishing them. I believe the stick was awlgrip so I'm assuming the spreaders are also. Can I just sand prime and awl grip these things.
  11. Gracious

    Auto Pilot/ tiller pilot

    Any good recomendations for AP for J-100? I was thinking I could try and mount this( Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Tiller Autopilot Pack w/ P70s Control Head Item # : 261326 below deck and just disconnect when not using. Trying to avoid drilling holes and mounting stuff in the cockpit
  12. Gracious

    109 Gelcoat crazing

    I heard It was specific to certain years due to bad batch of gelcoat not sure which years. Thats what I was told when looking for a 109
  13. Gracious

    Best sail combination for J100

    I think there is a used symmetrical kite for J-100 in the classified section on SA
  14. Gracious

    Best sail combination for J100

    On factory sprit