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  1. Gracious

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    Also looking to get into new electronics for 32ft sailboat. I also have a 07 original tactic stuff. B&G Triton is what I was thinking of going to replace with. Is the Garmin sail pack also worth a look?
  2. Gracious

    Best sail combination for J100

    What's your rating? I sail OD jib and 106sqm kite on sprit. I have 85 rating. I get 6 sec for dacron jib or rating would be 79. I can't get credit for smaller spin it is based on spl the J plus length of sprit. If I add bigger head sails I take rating hit and would be back to 79 rating.
  3. Gracious

    Best sail combination for J100

    Id prob go symmetrical before that option . I went with a factory refit to sprit in the hull, not cheap but the sprit is longer and not on deck.
  4. Gracious

    Best sail combination for J100

    I sail with OD Jib and 106sqm kit off sprit. Up wind in light is tuff under 8knts
  5. Gracious

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I got quotes for 3DI Nordac thought they were reasonable for a 32 ft boat.
  6. Gracious

    Change from shoal to rib keel on J/105

    These guys did a sprit for my 100 great guys easy to deal with. International Marine Composites, Inc. 47 Gooding Ave. Unit A Bristol, RI 02809 Office: (401) 254-4322 Fax: (401) 254-4399 Email: Web:
  7. Gracious

    Looking for a J34c

    Nope, but awesome boat had one still miss it sold it in 09 I believe its in your area Bodacious. Also look for 35c same boat 1ft bigger
  8. Gracious

    J100 Polars

    And for sprit
  9. Gracious

    Genoa question

    Mine was done after 3 years maybe less.
  10. Gracious

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    Seems easy enough just haven't figured out if I want to invest in the old 2007 Tacktic system. I was originally under the impression that I hook up to the hull transmitter. With the price of the B&G triton I may just go new with everything.
  11. Gracious

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    You mention a New Micro Talk . I have a Tactic System from 07 still works was considering doing the same thing just replacing everything and going with the B&G Triton and Vulcan but If I can get the tactic to work with the vulcan I will continue to use them till the stop working. So what would I use to get that old tactic system to work with new Vulcan?
  12. Gracious

    J/100 tuning #'s

    I had it done by it around 7500
  13. Gracious

    Old Gori Folding Prop - Any Good?

    Have a geared folder, Gori on sail drive it had a wobble Called Gori the sold me a new hub and I put my old blades on works fine no wobble. Cheaper than buying a new prop but still not cheap just under $700
  14. Gracious

    What Code 0?

    check out Gennaker