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    Sailing and my 3 crazy kids

    Any trailers ? Sailboat trailer for 32 ft sailboat
  2. Mainsail cloth choice

    Wed night some weekend stuff and sailing around with the family.
  3. Mainsail cloth choice

    Any advice on a new main for J-100
  4. Mainsail cloth choice

    anyone have any experience with this 3di Nordic?
  5. J/100 tuning #'s

    Eastern long Island Im rated @79 with sprit and oversized kite @106 sqm . I would take another 6 sec hit to go to 150 genoa. Any info on rig tune would be helpfull if anyone has messed with it. I have mine set and tend to lossen it if its light or tighten if its breezy. Who are you making your J-100 sails?
  6. Raymarine autopilots

    Can I install a Raymarine Ev-100 Tiller autopilot w/p70s control head below decks. I found this @ Defender under below deck pilots
  7. Tacktick Wind transmiter

    Called today they didn't offer any exchange program, and I asked
  8. Tacktick Wind transmiter

    My original Tactic wind transmitter is broke. If I replace with the raymarine version can I get it to work with my displays?
  9. VC17 Alternative

    Anyone have any experience with the new Pettit Black Widow? Thinking about giving it a shot
  10. Sanding Baltoplate

    Is VC offshore the same
  11. Cruising Around the World on YouTube

    Sweet video I enjoyed it. Would have been nice to see some footage of Dolcezza sailing but the pictures where good.
  12. Interlux Micron 66 and wetsanding

    Think wet sanding will just start removing it. I have heard you can burnish it.
  13. Whats the difference between VC offshore and Baltoplate?
  14. Dogbones

    Anyone have any experience using dogbones on halyards or tack lines. Thinking about trying this on 32ft boat J-100
  15. J boat advice

    I raced on the J46 to BDA and back so I know it well. The J42 is local (or was) and it was really badly crazed. I raced on a J105 for a while and it too had crazing around the winches and the aft corner of the deck house. I've been on a lot of J's, not hundreds but many, and crazing almost seems the norm. My older J35 has none, so there you go. It however, in my limited sampling, pretty common. I'm not grinding an axe, it just was my friend who had the J46 and he got hosed on resale because of the crazing, huge loss. The boat has come back to our Marina for a paint job bcz the topsides are crazed vertically from the shear to under the bottom paint and I assume under the water line. YMMV Drew, Didn't think you were grinding an axe at all...knew you had a J-35...Its all good info. I once looked at an S-2 7.9 fixed keel version. All the gelcoat on deck was horribly crazed. Never had seen anything like it. Have never seen it on any other 7.9 or 9.1 either...so who knows? I agree that if its your boat, its gonna hurt your resale value tremendously...S2 was certainly known for their quality glass work. If not a bad batch of Gelcoat, which would affect a whole string of boats, I wonder if there is some combination of conditions that cause the gelcoat on a certain boat to craze like that, while not effecting other boats built at nearly the same time from the same production line? Crash Gelcoat was put on to thick