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  1. tfuller

    who what where

    Sorry Viggo. Glad all you guys are OK though. Good luck on the slog home. I know the pain of that Yanmar 3 banger on a long delivery.
  2. tfuller

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    I don't have the boat listed at this time. The boat is flawless, and set up for turn-key inshore and offshore racing with a great record for both . In the 40' range for both types of racing there is not a better boat on the planet. For serious inquiries please message me directly. Tim
  3. tfuller

    Transpac 2017

    Hey Chris, congrats again to the Varuna team on a great race, and so cool you could do that with your daughter. See you soon out on some race course someplace. I bought a Finn just before TP. You may want to jump into that "old guy" fun (pain) class. Tim
  4. tfuller

    Any J/125 for sale?

    Shaggy, I think there may have been some attempt to put (2) pipe berths in the bow for cruising, but certainly not for racing. Honestly I've never cruised my 125 either. I have (4) sets of carbon brackets bonded to the hull aft so we can symmetrically stack (2) sleepers on the high side aft racing offshore. That is not for the faint of heart I can tell you, and yes the primary winch is in the face of the upper sleeper. Any creature comforts are immaterial though as these are just the coolest boats of all time. Yes I am biased.
  5. tfuller

    Any J/125 for sale?

    Someday maybe for my 125 baby "Resolute." In the mean time bring on Transpac 2017!
  6. tfuller

    Transpac 2017

    Chris, I figured I'd bring a couple of trimmers this time vs. '15. It gets boring out there with nobody to talk to, and you can't trim the kite! I'm just going to sit in the back of the bus and go for a ride. Good luck in the Islands Race. Tim
  7. tfuller

    Transpac 2017

    "Resolute" (J125) entered, crew selected and ready to go. A J125 class would be very cool if you TPYC organizers are reading.
  8. tfuller

    J 105 NAs

    Same boat and their fast.....
  9. tfuller

    Rolex Big Boat Series SFBAY 2016

    I feel compelled to jump in here. As an "old school" BBS grinder/trimmer in the 90's for the most part on SC 70 - Silver Bullet, and some IOR beasts mixed in, I have paid my dues on the BAY. After skippering my J122 and J125 five times we finally pulled out the ORR-B win this year. With all that, and granted this is no longer a "Big Boat" Series, the constant for me in all those years up to now is the BAY. Though our class was smaller than a few years ago, as I see it 90% of the battle is against the BAY and the remaining 10% is against your competition. Our first BBS adventure on the J125 was the windy 2011 regatta. Us San Diego dudes thought we had it all figured out, and hammered the first beat of race #1. Then out of nowhere from behind the SF boys on "Double Trouble" blew by us half way down the first run and held us off from there. I was blown away.....literally! We don't typically sail in 25+ knots of breeze which was a constant that year, but with help of those guys we eventually figured out how to sail on the BAY on the step. Tweaking sails and rig tune for the BAY followed. It also helps to have the right mix of crew that is not intimidated by the BAY, and toughs it out on every race. This year I was fortunate to have assembled a pretty diverse group that was spot on while racing, and doing their best to win the party following. It was just a blast! I can say that the folks at StFYC did a great job managing all the moving pieces. I do recognize their hands were tied behind their backs in terms of storing boats, trailers, etc. The Mt. Gay party was fun too as a first timer. My only complaint was for us docked on the Marina Dr. side of the marina, we did not have access to the free beer on the dock. That is somewhat tempered now by knowing what time it is when I'm on the dock! My two BBS cents......
  10. tfuller

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    James3232, I first owned a 122 (original version) and sold it in '09. I bought the 125 shortly thereafter. When I bought the 122 I had no idea the 125 model existed, and the first time I ever saw a 125 I thought it looked like crap. That particular boat was in pretty bad shape, but still caught my attention. It did not look like any J Boat I'd seen prior. Granted if you find a 125 "fixer" it will cost quite a bit to trick it out, but it's worth the effort and return in my opinion. The 125 is the only boat I can think of that has gone up in value in recent years. They are just to cool and such a blast to sail.
  11. tfuller

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    I've been fortunate to own both a 122 and a 125 (both "Resolute"). Aside the design spec's noted above, the comparison in my mind is like a stock Ford Mustang GT (122) and a fully restored 50's vintage Porsche Spyder (125). If the two of them are side by side at the dock your first glance is likely toward the 122. It commands attention with it's visible stance and muscle. Quickly though your eyes would move to the 125, and the word that would likely pop into your head is "wow." If you knew nothing about the design difference, but were a sailor at least, you could not help but see how light it was in comparison to the 122. The narrow beam, the carbon wheel, the open transom, the rake in the rig, the huge cockpit will draw you in. The "505" like impression that would certainly come to mind will hold your attention. When hooked you could not help yourself to inquire more about what's under the hood. If you are lucky enough to go for a ride on the 125 in more than (15) knots of breeze, and you hear the word "hoist," your heart will quickly jump. At that point if there is any kind of swell, and a driver that understands the phrase "up on the step," you better hold on! In my mind the 125 is simply the coolest boat out there, and I feel a certain responsibility to keep it that way as I'm sure those old Spyder owners do. fullres
  12. tfuller

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Greg, are you planning on doing BBS?
  13. tfuller

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    I thought I might breath some life back in this thread.... The re-fit of Stark Raving Mad (Now TRY??) looks good. What I'd like to suggest to my fellow 125 owners is to get a class together for Big Boat this year, and mix it up. It will be good to see if the pedestal on TRY makes a significant difference in boat handling. Call me a purest, but one of the cool things about the 125 is the huge cockpit. I don't say that from a racing perspective, but from just hanging out on the boat where you need a place above deck for a big cooler full of beer! On that same note, I just cannot see putting a tiller on the 125 despite so many telling me that would be great. For me I'd rather stand up and look at the waves in front of me when sailing in a breeze with a kite up. Anyway, I hope to hear back from some of you considering doing the BBS. The regatta folks told me we need (6) boats to call it our own little friendly regatta, and we can haul ass around the Bay looking for T-Bone opportunities among just ourselves. Respectfully submitted, Full Res (51517)