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  1. Bring those fenders in; you look ridiculous!
  2. Really nice to see the sport reaching out to the FSLBP (Future Sufferers of Lower Back Pain) community.
  3. Get an old school bow light and run the wire through the rub rail insert if the foamed in wires are toast.
  4. Some days it does not pay to say there are too many mirrors in Versailles or too many heads at Easter Island.
  5. Not my boat as I mentioned. The owners are cruising down the Atlantic coast of Florida so unless there are Ninja Seals about, it was not due to theft.
  6. Posting for a friend. The have a cruising cat with SD 20 Saildives. Lost a prop and had a very reputable yard install another one. Now that one has come off. Any ideas as to cause and cure are welcomed.
  7. We attempted to replace some lenses and the surrounding plastic is cooked/brittle. The owner is outfitting the boat on a budget and it will be used as doctor housing for a medical mission in Central America. The bottom job and new engine has put a strain on the program budget so looking for a potential Plan B.
  8. A good friend is replacing 12 cooked plastic portlights on a Morgan OI 41. He has tasked me to look for an option cheaper than the $170+ cost from Pompanette/Bomar. Any wisdom would be appreciated. The opening size in the deck is 4.5" x 14,5"
  9. Another poor Chinese to English translation. Should be "Migraine."
  10. http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auction/view?auc=1639380
  11. Shake out that reef and hike bitches!
  12. My friend just bought an O'Day 34 and we need to have a bottom job done, The keel is cast iron and I have read a bit on the owners' sites but I'm still lost. The boat is not pulled yet and I don't know what we will find when we do. I have sandblasted a keel on a Beneteau before and it required no fairing. Depending on the condition of this keel, it may require removal of all paint (I hope there is no fairing compound) and prime/paint. If we try to patch over rusty spots I don't know the paint/fairing compound used prior, I could be at risk of patching with a non-compatible material. Any suggestions?
  13. I bailed on a race this weekend in the northern Gulf of Mexico. I never do that but I was on the club's Capri 22 with green crew, 20 knots of wind, a motor that would not start initially and an unknown maintenance history for the recently donated boat. My commands of head up, fall off, pinch and go to the high side were not immediately understood by the new helmsman and his son. We approached the starting area where I noticed that the main was not set up to reef quickly and there was a halyard fouling the roller furling. I took stock and saw that our hand didn't look very strong and turned for home. Sitting by the pool at the club, we heard USCG Mobile's many broadcasts and a boat on our race course putting out a mayday. Another boat on our course had many college student aboard that got to bail like hell as a through hull was overlooked on a recent service. There was a bad mojo in the air Saturday and my crew was awfully glad we headed for home.
  14. BMW

    Oracle just set the record for largest carbon footprint.
  15. We would take the Sun Devil waterskiing. Anchor it in the middle of the lake and drop skiers off to chill and drink beer while someone else skied. We called it "Beer Base Bravo" and eventually tore it in half towing it back home.