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  1. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Go look for island unloading scenes on youtube for some interesting cargo landings. They unload cars from boats that don't look a whole lot better than the Hawaiian. It can be done. Not that it's a great (or even sane) idea. I still think it will start to tear itself apart when it hits waves, but maybe I'm wrong and it will live to actually encounter big waves and storm conditions. Those side doors look like they have two storm modes: Closed up tight, with no way to get up on the roof and do sailorly things with the rig, or open, with a stairwell up and a giant hole in the side of the boat. I'm in this camp, well maybe sorta. I further think his bigger problem will be acutally hitting Hawaii! As he and merry band of misfits drift downwind in the trades, rig blown down weeks ago, batteries long since dead rendering the gps useless, He'll have to rely on his trusty celestial skills to figure out where the hell they are. Then if they get any kind of fix on where they are, trying to figure out where Hawaii is, and how to drift there. That's gonna be the challenge! With all his skills, talents and certifications, he MUST be a certified navigator. Hell, he probably knows how to navigate the way the Pacific islanders did eons ago. The HR needs to recruit one of the make-do-with-nothing-become-one-with-the-environment folks who have done the Everglades Challenge, or Pete Goss, or f'Chrissakes even that guy who sailed a Sunfish singlehanded around Nantucket. Shackleton and Captain Bligh aren't available. Assuming HR's seamanship and navigation are as coarse and unrefined as his boatbuilding skills, there is absolutely no way to reach Hawaii or the S. Pacific islands. There are surely those rare watermen and sailors who can face down long odds rationally and figure out a way to get 'er done, using maritime jiu-jitsu and carefully minding inadequate or damaged gear. One could probably nurse the FH safely through a small swell with a very very deft touch on the helm -- the "good hands" thing that applies to sailboat drivers as much as hockey players. But this chap ain't got that kind of right stuff. Just a real outrage to have 20 tons of debris plus a perfectly good motorcycle polluting the bay (or maybe just maybe the west side of GGB).
  2. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Those things on the columns are the boat's chainplates? Like, you mean where the shrouds tie in to the overall structure?!????!!!
  3. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Is that an actual patio door? I don't know, maybe it will make a perfectly fine houseboat and he'll have a lot more fun than any of us. Does it have a motor?
  4. J/88

    I don't think a Porta is that bad. Better than driving a tank full of shit around the buoys, no? Who needs that weight and sloshing around? I agree that for ocean races or cruises you've simply gotta have a real head on the boat. But have you ever had marine plumbing go bad? My father used to have a 34' cruiser, and I believe one of the guests got confused as to how to operate the head -- suffice it to say it was a nighmarish mess. I suppose the current 2013 systems must be more foolproof to operate. But I still wouldn't want a tank full of poo on the boat, and it is utterly uncool to just empty the tank into the water unless you're way offshore (although people certainly do it).