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  1. Stinger1

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    Granted, but and how many of those can the OP find in the US? Likely less than the five FT 7.5s that are here.
  2. Stinger1

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    A Flying Tiger 7.5 would fit your needs perfectly. Faster than everything mentioned thus far except the Melges 24 and they are not that far apart. Plenty of room for 4-6. Very stable and easily trailered. There are only 5 of them in the US but there is one for sale in San Diego and could likely be had for the upper limit of your price point. My wife and I double handed ours easily and we are well north of 60.
  3. Stinger1

    Flying Tiger

    Don't know of anyone here in San Diego (4 boats) that has an issue with the foot blocks. Concur that sleeping below would be difficult but acces to gear is relatively easy. A cooler works well for step down. Tiller is not loose on any of the boats here. It might not be overly attractive, but works just fine Locker does leak some but we haven't found it hard to access underway.
  4. I carry mine on and off the boat every time (use it 3-4 times every month). It only weighs about 5lbs so it isn't a big deal. I only charge it at home. Being a lithium battery, I wouldn't be too keen on leaving it on the boat while charging without keeping an eye on it. I don't have any way of charging it on my boat anyway so it isn't an option. I actually take the entire motor home each time because it is a highly pilferable item. I bought an old guitar bag to carry it in and it is fairly easy especially in a dock cart. I read all the discussions about noise and I don't get it. Mine is about a 2013 vintage and I think it is extremely quiet even at full throttle. I don't run it at full throttle very often because it drains so fast though. My only piece of advice is that you spray the contacts on the plugs every month or so with a contact cleaner of some sort. It has been extremely reliable except on the rare occasion when I don't have the plugs screwed on tight and then it will throw an error code and stop working if you go from forward to reverse very quickly or vice-versa.
  5. I have a Torqeedo 1003 that I use on my FT 7.5. It easily moves the boat at hull speed at 3/4 throttle. Boat weighs 2150lbs. As stated above, the biggest drawback is the range. Don't run it at full throttle and you are okay. Running at 3/4 throttle I can get about an hour on a full charge. That is all I need for bay races. Offshore, I would want another battery in case the wind dies. The motor does tilt up enough to keep it out of the water unless the boat is heeled. I take it off and stow it when racing. I love how fast it is to set up and there is no drama with getting it running. Spray the pin contacts with a little electrolyte once in a while and it works every time. I looked at a propane motor, but didn't want the extra weight. The Torqueedo is much lighter than anything else out there and easy to handle since it is modular (motor, battery, tiller).
  6. Stinger1

    Flying Tiger

    The boat is a lot of fun. There are 3 of them on San Diego Bay. One of those is for sale at Academy Yachts. There is another one up in LA. The boat is extremely stable and easy to sail. It feels much more like a keel boat than say the J/70 and is faster both upwind and downwind than that boat. I'm not bad-mouthing the J boat. I like that boat, but the fleet in San Diego never seems to go out and I didn't want to get on the travel circuit with a bunch of pros. It will feel beamier than your 10m and won't require near the crew. I race mine with 3 in lighter air and 4 is normal. 5 for heavy air days would be good. It takes 13 kts or so of wind to get it on plane. I have had mine to 13.8kts in15 kts of breeze with 4 aboard. All of the boats here have new jibs cut to max phrf limits and the boat tracks really well upwind. All the boats here also have newer spinnakers with a fuller cut to almost 900 sqft that allows deeper downwind angles. Give Academy Yachts a call and I'm sure they would be glad to hook you up for a ride.
  7. Stinger1

    Flying Tiger

    I would be surprised if that were the case. Contact Academy Yacht Sales in San Diego as they are the broker for Flying Tiger in the U.S. 619-291-9568. They should be able to give you the straight story.
  8. Stinger1


    I think the words were something along the lines of - "Think of an updated Farr/Mumm 30 with a usable head and some creature comforts below and you got the picture." It makes sense it would perform better than the 92S, otherwise, why would they still offer that boat along with this one?
  9. Stinger1


    I don't get the S&S 30 comparison. I sure as hell wouldn't want to have to sit up on the rail on top of that skinny back rest. The S&S looks classic, but old. The 88 looks interesting. Price point is a little high. Originally at the Annapolis Boat Show the dealer was saying under $100K, but like MidPack I heard they just couldn't do it for that without dropping the head and the inboard. That was a non-starter as a family cruiser. Like others, I have been eyeballing the J92S for a while now. I was told the 88 would outerform that boat by a long shot. Time will tell.
  10. Stinger1


    I had a similar conversation with the J folks at the Annapolis Boat Show and they didn't swear me to secrecy. I told them I was looking hard at a J/92S and the J/70 - Very similar thoughts to what started this thread. The answer was that there was something on the drawing board (J/88 or J/93). The boat was described as an updated J/92S and they are hoping for under $100K with OD racing in their mind. They weren't big on details nor did they talk about when to expect it, but I know of at least another guy that had a similar conversation with them. Maybe they were just floating the idea out there to see how people reacted, but I got the distinct impression they are serious.