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  1. kbaack

    Radio Control Multihulls

    OK, so for the RC part I need: 1 radio transmitter (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__8338__Hobby_King_2_4Ghz_4Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_2_.html ?) 1 radio receiver 1 sail winch (http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXN670&P=7 ?) 1 rudder control servo (http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXDEL5&P=ML ?) And maybe another of those ^ to change the camber later? Batteries- 1600, 3000, or 5000 mah ? (http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXVTG1&P=7 / http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXVHY4&P=7 ) Thanks.
  2. kbaack

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Alright Doug, one last question: i still don't fully understand the RC Gear. Currently in my cart I have a Radio control and receiver, and a sail winch. Do I need an ESC? What about batteries, the servo for the steering...Thanks
  3. kbaack

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Alright Doug, thanks again. I'll go with a square cat then. One other thing, I remember a link that Steve Clark or maybe Blunted posted to the right shrink wrap to use for wingsails. Does anyone know where that was? Thanks
  4. kbaack

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Alright, sounds like a tri is the way to go- moveable ballast is too expensive and complicated for me right now. 48 x 48 again, or could I then make the hulls shorter? Sail area still about right? Thanks Doug, the D4Z looks awesome
  5. kbaack

    Radio Control Multihulls

    OK Doug, thanks for the tips. How about a 48 x 48 cat with T-Foil rudders. Would that be manageable with 850 sq in.? I really do want the boat to look like an AC45, but I guess I'd be willing to go tri if they're that much better. I also found this website (http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/materials/ponoko-united-states) and was thinking of having them 3D cut a mold which I could glass over. Would any of those materials work? Plastic, ceramic, stainless... Also, just to make sure, those RC parts should work? They are definitely at the lower end of the price spectrum, but this is a smaller model. What size carbon tubes for the beams? Thanks so much guys.
  6. kbaack

    Radio Control Multihulls

    OK guys, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and building an RC Multihull. Non-foiling as of right now to keep it simple, and not necessarily part of any class. Looking to loosely base it off of an AC45- ie catamaran with wingsail, and hopefully it'll look similar to one. Currently I'm thinking about 36" long, and 36" wide, 56" tall wing sail ~850 sq inches, no jib as of right now. Basically, I've never built anything RC before, and need some help with the basic parts for that end of the build. I'm pretty sure for the wing I'll be doing a balsa or plywood frame, with shrink wrap over it (any recommended sizes of wood, or brands of shrink wrap?). I'm not sure what method I'll use to build the hull, but I want it to be non-cored fiberglass- what's the best, easy way of doing this?. I'll use premade carbon tubes for the beams (will these work? what diameter?http://dragonplate.c...asp?cID=102&p=2 ), and RC helo blades for the daggers and rudders (what length?). Here's some RC parts I've found, are these suitable? Thanks so much guys. Sail Winch Servo http://www.hobbyking...360deg_55g.html Radio http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html