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  1. Yeah, the LBFM Model 101 makes great coffee, no doubt about it.
  2. The reality is that you are trying to secure a barge from drifting here. You got no steering, you got not solid place to secure those motors. It's a barge, and a pretty flimsy one at that. Speaking of home brew sailboats, has this one been discussed here yet? http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2013-07/semitrailer-size-boat-thats-completely-pirate-proof It is a variation on a Bruce Roberts 532 vessel according to the magazine article. (Popular Science) It's no beauty, but it does look 1000 times more seaworthy than the FH. I mean that is an actual boat. The pirate-proofing idea seems a little optimistic though -- those dudes carry RPGs ...
  3. Great pics. I thought we had established that it was a trike though. What's this about falling over?
  4. I am surprised at the 8 foot draft stated in the documents... I'm surprised by the level of knowledge displayed by people in this thread. First we have people trying to explain a Pon Pon call as anything other than a badly spelt Pan Pan now this. Depth is not draft it is the distance from the bottom of the hull to the weather deck. Next you'll using the gross ton age figures to discuss the weight of the boat. And who the fuck are you? Some fucking academic? I couldn't have told you the difference between depth and draft. Fuck off, asswipe.
  5. It looks to me as if the boat was splashed without any bottom paint. Either that or they painted the waterline much too low. so much for "floating on it's lines" I don't know -- pretty damn close! It would be better to have the waterline an inch or two higher, but he's got it about right. That kind of blows me away -- just the pure dumb luck of getting the waterline right. I don't see one single other thing to like about this project, but giving credit where it's due, I would love to know how the ^&% he figured that. Pro yacht designers spend a lof of computer cycles getting those kind of things sorted out. I still want to see the sails. That diagonal mast is at least as sketchy as the rudders. That being said, I sat at a desk all day while this fellow was on the water.
  6. What do you suppose that tilted intermediate spar is for? I am drawing a blank.
  7. Good shots. Rig looks okay though -- it's just the jib having been mostly dropped. Not the neatest drop but the forestay's surely fine -- just not enough resolution in the photo to see it. Looks a little breezy and choppy -- should give him some indication of whether/how much the hulls and crossbeams are going to work in a seaway. But he'll surely run into much, much more difficult conditions than that. Hey. Look. It got launched. It floats. It floats more or less on the waterline. It has been in the drink for over a month. Of course it will fail at some point but the guy deserves more than a modicum of credit. Doesn't look like he's even had much help with the whole process.
  8. There must be something good about them, or so many people wouldn't like them. I just can't get a damn thing out of a Harley. They sound cool, but so do a lot of other bikes. Cornering clearance is nonexistent and that's a shame because it's really one of the key parts of why motorcycles are so damn fun. Ducatis sound cool too -- but many Ducs being yellow or red are a little clownish-looking. I favor sport/touring bikes these days. Triumph triples sound amazing with decent exhaust pipes, and they have a whole lot more gravitas than, say, Suzukis. I really like modern Triumphs, their well-conceived throttle curve and their long-legged gearing is great, but their distribution network is obviously a fraction of the Japanese bikes. Simple fact of the matter is, if you can live with a Honda, you're probably not gonna be too unhappy over time.
  9. Looks japanese to me. Kawasaki Vulcan or the like. Definitely a metric cruiser. Ugh. As Hunter S. Thompson said, "I'd rather see my sister in a whorehouse than my brother on a Japanese motorcycle."
  10. The article is at http://issuu.com/latitude38/docs/l38201307, page 82-83.
  11. I think you're mistaking "success" for "ill-gotten wealth." The vast majority of people are honest. If they weren't, this complex web of interdependent action, of mutually beneficial action, that we call "society" or perhaps "civilization" would not work. After all, there are only so many policemen (matter of historical fact: there weren't any policemen until a few generations after the beginning of the Industrial Revolution). +1 I get criticizing the design. It's likely his adventure won't meet his expectations. He'll face some real problems down the road. That's for sure. The rest? It says more about the speakers than it does HotRod. I don't see any entertainment in cheering *for* his failure or hoping for a good show in whatever problems (of his making by the way) may befall him. I called him a deadbeat because he's looking for a free ride... and a luxury ride at that, not just asking for a free lunch. It's pretty obvious he's shit all over the marina, why do you think they want him out? Because he always pays his slip rent on time? Maybe you should check in with some of the other posters in this thread, who suggested that HR and his family are meth heads. Now I thought that was a bit much, perhaps you have some friends who are meth heads but you're offended by my calling this deadbeat a deadbeat. Yeah I'm the bad guy all right. Tell you what, start a new thread over in "Always Talk Nicey-Nice Anarchy" and I promise not to come over and ruin it. FB- Doug I'm not trying to single you out, there are others. But you're missing my point altogether. It's been documented and discussed that the design is going to fail. Same with the method of construction. The sail plan is under-powered, and aux power is nonexistent at this point, save for a V-twin on the back porch. We all know how this is likely going to end. Hopefully it's inside the gate and without the loss of life, but his dream is going to crumble before his/our eyes, and it won't be fun to watch. For me anyways. However, to pile on the guy and his family (whom you've never met) about his character, based solely on conjecture or what you read in posts by others who have never met him, or a few pictures in a thread, is cowardly and weak. I very much agreed with you a couple of months ago. These chaps helped me change my mind, but any thinking person would have anyway. This is really irresponsible stuff. It's, what, 10-20 tons of pollution that will be just dumped into the bay. Of course HR won't conceivably get out past the GG -- that's an unforgiving piece of water even for very well made vessels, unless he is magically able to find a dead calm day. The boat is most unlikely to sail upwind; that's a given. Problem is, the prevailing breeze is WSW'ly (locals, correct me if I err), and it almost never does anything other than that. So it's a Hobson's choice for HR: he could use the ebb to push him out of the Bay, but risks a horrendous sea state (and certain disintegration of the FH) if the prevailing breeze kicks up while he's doing so. Or, on the flood, he'd likely have a much nicer sea state, but 3+ knots of adverse current to deal with -- an insurmountable force given the limited auxilary power on board. I think that the boat is without question trapped in the bay for eternity, and is a lot of pollution to ask that environment to absorb. Additionally, if other things happen like the boat gets stuck in the San Rafael Channel, he will have all but ruined boating for while for the poor blokes in that marina. The other boaters don't deserve it, the public doesn't deserve to foot the bill for the USCG rescue effort, and the environment most certainly does not deserve the wholly unnecessary pollution. Simple fact is, HR could have bought a used multihull, which would not mean deforesting Oregon to keep him in 2x4s, for less than the cost of the FH, and that would have provided a safe, seaworthy way to get around in that would last a long time as well as keep one more old boat out of the dump.
  12. Guys, completely out of curiosity, what about Romex wire makes it unsuitable for marine use? I ask this out of ignorance as our little J24 has no electrical system and I never looked too closely at the wiring on bigger boats I've been on. It would seem to me that this is the least of HR's problems, but I'm just curious why the type of wiring has been brought up several times.
  13. That's true. Mooring tackle is usually galvanized i guess. It just seems like using galvanized nails below the waterline is awfully sketchy -- i mean, as you hammer or screw them in, I assume you chip off a bit of the zinc. It's just shocking how fast steel rusts in a marine environment. I have a couple of times mistakenly omitted to use a stainless fitting or bolt on my stupid J24, and just used plated steel ones, but quickly found that anything other than SS goes to hell in matter of days.
  14. BTW, who said that the boat had 3200 s.f. of living space? The hulls themselves aren't habitable. It's just the bridge deck. Maybe 500 s.f. It's truly amazing that he got it into the water and more or less nailed the float lines. But I too fear the end is nigh. Galvanized fittings obviously won't work. Incidentially, I wonder why the assymmetrical bow sections of the hulls? Any particular reason? Won't it make them want to sail into each other?
  15. Give the guy a little credit. No one thought he'd get it into the water undamaged, much less that he'd be just about right on the money as far as the waterline. No one here thought he'd even get to this point. 99% of your criticisms are surely apt, but this Memorial Day let's just give it a rest and applaud his perspicacity this far.