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  1. Former MDR Vandal 1

    which side are you on?

    Steve Goodman wrote the song. Not Buffett.
  2. Former MDR Vandal 1

    which one?

    It's MacLaurin, not "McLaurin." John would want you to know the difference.
  3. Former MDR Vandal 1

    which one?

    Stardancer, not Pendragon. John would want you to know the difference.
  4. Former MDR Vandal 1

    New, to me, J35

    It was long ago and I sailed on it for only parts of two seasons, so I don’t have anything of substance to tell you. Just so you know I am not blowing you off, I can tell you the following: The boat was extremely poorly sailed. Worst crewed boat I have ever sailed on. However, we had Brad Read on board for ’89 Figawi and finished first out of 5 J 35’s. So, at least back then, I don’t think the boat was slow. I know of no collisions, groundings or travel-lift incidents during the period of time I was on it. Anything else I could mention (the owner scrapped the flaking bottom paint off the boat before ’90 Newport NOOD and it was on the mooring without paint for the rest of the season) would have been remediated many times over since I sailed in it.
  5. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    The advantage of the pedestal would be if the primaries have a turbo gear you would have a great assist in the jibes. Also, if the pedestal linked to the pit winch (and the pit winch had a turbo gear) you could have high speed hoists and possibly string drops (they have a roller for a string drop). Where the spin grinder is located seems to be a minimal (or even non-existent) advantage. If on a tight reach, just transfer the spin sheet to the weather winch and now you have the grinder in a more advantageous spot for boat (heel) trim. The disadvantages are the additional weight of the system and the fact that it takes away the advantage of a wide open cockpit by cluttering it up with the pedestal. Wouldn’t want to buoy race with the pedestal right in the path of the on side and off side trimmers. Also, its proximity to the companionway (yes, I realize the opening is off-set for the lifting keel) would still impede any sails coming up from below. To me it is a pass due to weight and ergonomics but I remain open minded if there are pluses I haven’t covered. Were more than 2 FB 35’s built? Any idea where Young Guns is heading?
  6. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Surprised that Weapon would add a pedestal. Saw those results … not familiar with the other boats so hard to gauge. Also, it sounds like they are still working the boat up. Did Young Guns have good corrected finishes?
  7. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Sort of on point ... Anyone know where the FB 35 Young Guns is heading to? Just sold and was not listed too long, I believe. Anyone have any opinion about the FB 35 generally (other than it is out of the price range originally stated some 13 pages ago). Surprisingly short LWL. Thought I saw that at least one other FB 35 was being built.
  8. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Sailing one-liners

    Tactician finally makes a call after an agonizing period of indecision … but the opportunity has already been lost. Rail comments: “That was a good idea five minutes ago.” Also, when coaching a novice driver – “Up, up. No, the other ‘up.’”
  9. Former MDR Vandal 1

    New, to me, J35

    Yeah, that is #16. Raced on it parts of 1989 and 1990 out of Nantucket back when it had a wheel before it went to the USCGA.
  10. Former MDR Vandal 1

    New, to me, J35

    Is this boat Hull # 16?
  11. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Remove DSQ boat from race?

    1984 US Olympic Finn Trials
  12. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Fox Hunter
  13. Former MDR Vandal 1

    He's on the .....

    Cronkite's boats were named Wyntje.
  14. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    He had Armel on his tail and that was deux Vendees ago. Shame Gabart couldn't roar into the finish like Colville and Idec. Still ... one for the ages.
  15. Former MDR Vandal 1

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    I thought North rather than South because South produces an upwind portion in heavy air until at least the Bay of Biscay whereas North might be more conducive to boat preservation. As the great philosopher Lawrence Peter Berra once said, “It ain’t over until it’s over.” Coville and Joyon last year and now this lap have exhausted my vocabulary when it comes to adjectives and superlatives. (I thought Joyon’s solo record was close to unassailable – like Bob Beamon’s long jump or the 56 game hitting streak … this is just other worldly)