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  1. July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    safe travels and good luck with the season. need to get all the 111's to do something semi local to get them together
  2. July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    where is freedom going to be based out of? there is another j111 in cleveland - shamrock (old my sharona), arrived last year
  3. J/88

    don't let jesPOSitaco bother you. he only spouts off on others to cover up his shortcomings.
  4. Tempesta's Broken Mast

    i might have a used mast for sale for a melges 32.
  5. what colors are available for long sleeve?
  6. how much are the hoodies with logo?
  7. J/88

    spoken like a true jepotaco - never really ventured into a one design
  8. J 121

    so is this a real boat or just them testing the waters to see how many peeps will jump on and start the ball rolling? what is draft, price point, and other specs? no real numbers to look at to see what it exactly is. all in all, if anybody can make it work they can. my guess is 15-20 boats sold in first year
  9. Lowering the bar

    lost in all this is greenwald is back sailing in the j70 class after his defying the class rules more than once in the past.
  10. J105 distance race

    stay sail - i have a once used staysail for J105 that i would sell cheap. pm or contact me. jim
  11. J 120 Main

    how much you want to spend and how good does it need to be?
  12. J111's KWRW?

    just like the hundreds of other OD events for many classes if there is no weigh in and still racing under the class OD rules. just like your weight of the boat and or any modifications (bottom jobs, removing weight, etc....) - they don't check it every time, but you are still racing under the class OD rules. for some reason, people think the total crew weight (40 + or -) 2-4 days before you actually race (not actually when the class rule is effect) makes a big difference and crew weigh ins have been part of the scene. as you can see a lot of the more popular classes have done away with them without losing boats on the line. smart for the owners and class to do this, should attract more to the fun (owners and crew).
  13. J111's KWRW?

    good luck and sailing to everybody who is going down the KWRW. may the weight be with you
  14. J111's KWRW?

    sounds like not much fun at all - great way to scare people off and also crew
  15. J111's KWRW?

    then the owners need to step up. here is fact for all - there will be ONLY one class that has to weigh in for KWRW, guess which one. that is a burden for the organizers. isn't like there will be a bunch of people to weigh.