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  1. As Charley on Absolutely said "There must have been about 5 "restarts" but glad the RC kept their nose to the weather and held their guns! I think they gave it away when Crossfire announced "we are rounding Duamish Head....." and the RC said "keep going, we have a southerly up here". Agreed on the lights. You have to be equipped for P2P racing.
  2. W/L in OD is like a Chess match... no need to change the board. Example: nothing better than racing on the Gorge W/L in a OD class. But last W/E we sailed in the PNW a P2P (35 miler) "Duamish Head". There was all walks of life on the line. Forecast: SE winds to start switching to NW and later back to SE with a chance of snow!! Last year they stopped the race at 1pm and there was a huge outcry! IT'S a PTP!!! This year we finished in the dark and I can guarantee that those that raced it had a wonderful time! There must have been about 5 "restarts" during the race, but it didn't matter. Point being, for the pure tactical aspect of racing nothing beats OD on a W/L but it's EXTREMELY elitist! It's very daunting for a newby to step up to the line of a OD fleet. But P2Ps are for the masses. It's more about the journey then the results. It's the test of "one's meddle". In the PNW, the largest fleets are the "Cruiser/white sail". They usually start 30min ahead with the crew looking like they are ready to sail to Alaska and the mains with the triple reefs!! Most have never done W/L or OD. The PNW have got it right with RTC, Race the Straits, Winter Vashon, Blakely Rock, Scatchet Head, Southern Sound Series, Center Sound Series, as well as the more well known Swiftsure and Southern Straits. This is the kind of events that need to be encouraged.
  3. My vote is WIRW "Summer camp for adults"!
  4. We (JAM) had a great race against Longboard! We passed them 6 times but they passed us 7! Almost had enough time on them at TA but they were deadly down wind and passed us by Halibut Bank. We then caught them again but in the light stuff off Bowen Is we lost them. (38,000lbs vs 5000lbs empty). Great race Peter and crew...maybe next year!
  5. Has anyone found that switching to ToT slows down the "arms race". We have short courses in light breezes (most under 5kt) and there seems to be "he who has scratch boat" wins the pickle dish.
  6. I found that with the square top main and shorter foot, the stock rudder was fine. I don't think any of the stock ones have broken. The Rocket is a big, fat assed boat that needs a lot beefier rudder than any other 22fter except maybe the 6.5s. When I complained about the size of the rudder and the stalling, he said "that's what your mainsheet is for!!! Let it out!"
  7. Could be a big run on rice and toast at Safeway!!!
  8. There are 6 on Okanagan Lake. In various forms of modifications.
  9. I must be dense… are we talking about PNW, VI and BC all joining together or just VI joining with BC?
  10. I hope I'm shovelling my driveway soon!!! BTW the proto boat is way faster than a J80. At WIRW in 2013, #1 gave Kilo a run for his money (when they went the right way). I'd put on new rags and leave the rig alone. The symmetrical setup was fast for the W/L courses especially in non planning conditions.
  11. I honestly don't know. Ivan would be the one to talk to. If you are interested PM me and I can give you his #.
  12. Ivan has an "almost finished " one in his yard. Too busy to finish it. Got a SS foil made for it, got the bulb, got the mast, boom, rudder, hull/deck done with all the gear put on, sitting on a new trailer. Just needs finishing. #16
  13. Sorry I didn't post earlier.. I was sailing to Maui… the long way!! Wow there is a name from the past…Finn Neilsen, builder of the Pocket Rocket 22 in Duncan around 1981-82. Sorry can't take credit for being part of the design team… Couchsurfer probably had more input into the new Rocket Don Martin drew up.
  14. Do they have polars for M24? If so, it would be real close to that. In non planing there's not a lot of difference. M 24 will jump up on a plane quicker (skinny hull shape).
  15. Here you go.