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  1. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2018...

    Silly season just took another turn Alonso out of F1 after 2018 I also saw a link to a story that Kimi has signed for 2 more years at Ferrari, but I cant find the link MS
  2. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2018...

    Hamilton signs 2 year extension with Mercedes. Rumor is 40M GBP per year MS
  3. Dont let the truth get in the way of bashing the boat. You like the Viper. Fine. Say that and move along. The J/70 class rules are VERY specific about what can and can not be done to the bottom and keel of a J/70, and I can assure you it is far from unlimited. For someone who rarely sails on a J/70 you sure seem to know an awful lot about them. I towed ours to Florida with a Honda Pilot. One of the other local boats did Detroit to Miami and back with a Ford Explorer. Would I tow a J/70 with an Outback, probably not, but it is rated for 2700 lbs and a J/70 on a triad trailer is less than 2500. MS
  4. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2018...

    I am still not so sure the VSC call cost LH the race. If you look at how pasted his tires were, I am doubtful he would have been able to stay out front either. The Merc was hardest on the tires on Sunday and me thinks if they had pitted for Softs during the VSC on lap 14 he most likely would have had to stop again around lap 60. LH had newer softs once he did stop and SV just drove right past him. MVs tires were toast by the finish and with LH out front as a carrot it wouldnt surprise me if MV would have tried to chase him down and wrecked both of their tires in the process.All of that plays into a possible win for KR. It is all conjecture, but blame James Vowles for making a bad call all you want, but it didnt cost LH the win. We need a wet race at Silverstone!! MS
  5. Mr. Squirrel

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I am HIGHLY dubious of your 6 knot claim. We are lucky to get 4 knots on a J/70. The RS is 2 feet shorter and only 320 lbs lighter (18%). Unfortunately the Torqueedo just doesnt have the prop speed necessary to facilitate 6 knots. Please post video of the knotmeter while motoring with the sails flaked and I will be happy to post a retraction. Oh and you forgot the Midwest! MS
  6. Mr. Squirrel


    To the race - I watched a fair bit, but it was easy to fall away because it was not compelling to me and there were plenty of other more meaningful distractions (like watching endless Fusion 360 / CNC Machining videos as I learn to use my CNC). I just did not find the personalities all that interesting. To me, watching the MAP v DFRT duel just didnt catch my fancy. TTOP, TAN, and SHKS were in general not all that competitive and but for the double points legs TB was all but out of it at the half way point. Once V11H cocked it up I lost all interest until TB made a race of it towards the end. To the match - I watched it live. That American referee did nothing to endear us to futbol fans around the world. He barely kept control of the game and had he been the slightest bit unlucky he would have been the muppet that sent someone off with a red card for a phantom foul. Although I also thought if it was a group stage game he would have sent off at least one Columbian in the first half.
  7. Mr. Squirrel


    Rule 69 isnt for that you muppet. Good God I hate all of you people that throw Rule 69 around like that. Grow a fucking pair. JFC.
  8. Mr. Squirrel

    World Cup

    Totally agree. I thought the Columbians were going to lose their shit. A least 1 of them could have easily been sent off. In the group stage it is a red card. England looked scared. That back pass probably should have ended up in the back of their net. Once Columbia stopped whining they played much better. MS
  9. Mr. Squirrel


    The race is dying because the sailors are FUCKING DULL! You know why people watched Avs - Wings - it wasnt because they hugged it out afterwards. It was because you figured every game would end in a brawl. It was must see TV, no matter what hockey team you rooted for. It was kind of similar to why Americans liked Dennis Connor. He was the guy that said the shit everyone was thinking but nobody else had the balls to say out loud. There is nothing compelling in the race itself it you arent interested in the sailing. And when all of the sailors are buddy buddy there is even less to appeal to the NASCAR crowd. How is it that after several trips around the planet we have never seen anyone lose their shit on a crew mate? You mean it is all butterflies and rainbows? Bottom line, the whole fucking thing is too sterile. If you want non-sailors to watch it needs to be compelling -and a bunch of white water over the deck is only compelling for like 4 minutes. After that you need the people to draw you in and either it is the editors, the OBRs, or the Team's restrictions on the OBRs means that after 45000 miles I couldnt tell you shit about any one of the sailors I didnt know before the race started. It shouldnt be a surprise to anyone this race is swirling the drain. It isnt to me and I am not too bright. MS
  10. Mr. Squirrel

    Fake Online reviews in the news

    Try It is able to analyze the reviews and determines how many are fake. Just paste the link for the product or service and it will give you an assessment. MS
  11. Mr. Squirrel

    Do you live in a shithole city?

    Just pray you are able to keep the area free of ill tempered bass MS
  12. Mr. Squirrel

    documentry on pbs last night

    Tonight on Detroit Public Television was "Very Best of the Highwaymen, Live at Nassau Collesium". A cool show with Waylan, Willy, Kris, and Johnny. After that was Alone in the Wilderness. A really cool story about Dick Proenneke, a guy at 51 years old went off to live in the wilderness of Alaska. MS
  13. Mr. Squirrel

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Mathilde Gohler MS
  14. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2018...

    Will wait until tomorrow to discuss details so everyone can see it off the DVR. But a pretty dull race even by Monaco standards. They might need to add water trucks. MS
  15. Mr. Squirrel

    andrews 70 'alchemy'