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  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Apparently she recently said yes to marrying the mustachioed douche noodle. That is not going to help their click count - especially when she inevitably pops out a kid. Not sure about the rest of you, but I am not interested in watching someone else's pregnant wife in a bikini. YMMV MS
  2. S2 7.9

    Grosse Ile, where S2 7.9s go to die.
  3. 2017 Rules Rule 69

    I believe rule 69.9 should read "Anyone who tries to call Rule 69 on another competitor shall be subjected to repeated kicks to the nuts at the regatta party." All of you Rule 69 whiners need to STFU and/or find a different sport. Here is a good rule of thumb for you Rule 69 dumbfucks: Would the same actions if committed on shore result in the person being arrested by the police? If YES - MAYBE Rule 69 worthy. If NO - fuck off and grow a pair you pansy. MS
  4. "National Cleavage Day"

    This is Natalia Siwiec. The funny thing is, the tattoo right above her Vag says "Enjoy the View"
  5. "National Cleavage Day"

    Gadzooks. And who pray tel might this be? MS
  6. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    Keep reading.... From the same NTSB report "Between 1958 and 1973, the FITZGERALD was permitted three reductions in the minimum freeboard required by 46 CFR Part 45. (Freeboard on the FITZGERALD was the distance from the maximum draft permitted to the weather deck at side.) A comparison of the requirements for Great Lakes cargo vessels and those for vessels operating on the oceans shows that for vessels of similar dimensions, the freeboard required for a Great Lakes Load Line and that required for ocean service would be approximately the same." MS
  7. tp 52 crop 2018

    When I read Dean Barker was going to be driving Quantum Racing, I assumed he would drive the old boat while the NYYC boys would get the new boat. MS
  8. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    I have found several references to the changes in load line. According to the book "Lake Superior Shipwrecks" written by Julius Wolff, the owners of the Edmund Fitzgerald convinced the USCG in to move the load line a total of 3.25 feet, over the years 1969 - 1973, allowing about 4000 additional tons to be carried aboard. There are also references to the load line change on the EF wiki page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Edmund_Fitzgerald) and a article published by Dr. Steve Ackerman of the University of Wisconsin - http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/wxwise/fitz.html. MS
  9. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    That is a completely untrue, or fake news if you will The Fitz was 729 feet long and 75 feet wide for its entire life. What was changed was the load line that allowed an additional 4000 tons of cargo to be carried aboard and reduced the available freeboard. MS
  10. NFL 2017

    Waa waa waa. Actually you need a QB MS
  11. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Base for the SC33 in SD is 129. The adjustment for Ed pissing off everyone who ever thought about sitting on the PHRF-SD rating board is -30 = PHRF 99. http://www.phrfsandiego.org/gridRoster.php MS
  12. Anti-Texting-While-Driving poster.... what do you think?

    I dont know what you all are bitching about. I can text and drive, while eating a burrito, and not even spill my beer. MS
  13. Jeep.

    JL will be unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show next month. It will go on sale in early 2018. I believe you can place orders at your local Jeep dealer for one now though. The truck, JT, is NOT launching at the same time as JL. It used to be a 2019 model and is now a 2020 model year vehicle - if they dont kill it before then. Same goes with powertrain options. You will only be able to get the 3.6L Pentastar at launch. If you want any of the other engine options you will have to wait - maybe as long as 12-18 months. MS
  14. "National Cleavage Day"

    Man oh man. She looks like a Grade A Bunny Boiler. MS
  15. "National Cleavage Day"

    Never heard of her, but apparently a hip-hop artist - Liane V https://www.instagram.com/lianev/ MS