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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    One problem with the Russian doping bans is in theory they banned some of the VERY hot Russian Women's Curling team Hot Russian Curling Chicks MS
  2. "National Cleavage Day"

    Okay this is such bullshit. Everybody knows there are no hot chicks at Michigan. MS
  3. NFL 2017

    Ballsy call with the pass to Foles for the TD MS
  4. F1 2018...

    Updated to include AR Sauber and Renault dates
  5. prism

    You forgot the battery. I have taken apart upwards of 10 tackticks (micros and racemasters) and gotten a total of 2 to come back from the dead. The fact the Prism has a user replaceable battery is like plus 17 to me. So make that 18 plus 2 minus. Enjoy buying a new tacktick in 2 years when the battery dies! MS
  6. Fuck you im sick anarchy

    But then I could catch autism. MS
  7. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    Fugly! I dont see a kelp cutter and that T keel means if you have weeds like we do you pretty much have to stop sailing this boat come mid-summer time. But the good news is the adult learn to sail people will get good at going in reverse - on purpose. MS
  8. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    In case anyone was wondering if it was safe - https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/01/27/national/cryptocurrency-exchange-coincheck-loses-58-billion-hacking-attack/#.Wm511KinE2w The Japanese crypto exchange was hacked to the tune of $538M USD worth on NEM cryptocurrency. They claim they will repay all of the people who lost out. To say I a skeptical is an understatement. MS
  9. F1 2018...

    No. Drivers are Stroll and Sergei Sirotkin. Reserve driver is Robert Kubica. Stroll and Sirotkin bring big sponsor/family $$. MS
  10. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    It may not be as dire you might think. Leg 5 is from HK to ML China. Then another stopover for the DRT sponsors. Then the boats return to HK for Leg 6 - HK to NZ. To participate in any of that would mean moving all of the boat repair logistics to China and back, and then there may be a concern that once on ML China Mark may not be allowed to leave. I know HK is part of China, but it is also a very different place than the ML. Skipping the IPR and Leg 5 is the best chance for them to have the boat right by the time Leg 6 starts. All that said, I personally feel V11H will no longer be participating in the VOR. MS
  11. Not a Dead fan so it starts there for me. But, maybe if they got it right the first time they wouldnt have to release 140 albums. Following your link shows the following: Studio albums 13 Live albums 10 Compilation albums 9 Video albums 10 Singles 27 Box Sets 6 Retrospective live albums 58 Dick's Picks 36 Road Trips 17 Dave's Picks 26 Digital Download series 15 Out of 140 albums you claim, you basically have 13 actual albums with original content. The Live albums, Retrospectives, Dick's picks, Road Trips, and Dave's picks are all compilations or recordings of live shows. The same people that would travel across the country listening to the same show over and over are the same people that would then buy all of the "new" material. Only band MORE over rated than the Dead is Rush and they just announced their retirement. There really is a God.... MS
  12. Let'd discuss the Environment!

    I looked at your page. Why dont you try creating content instead of just reposting that which was created by others. I guess that is actually par for the course. SUYGTOFO MS
  13. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    Well actually it wasnt all that long ago that it was called Anthropomorphic Global Warming, but that didnt play well with the focus groups. I mean what if things didnt actually get warmer. What do we do if the polar ice caps dont melt like we say it will? What if Polar Bears dont drown. How many of our donors can actually spell Anthropomorphic. Lets just go with Climate Change and that way no matter what happens we can say "See! Climate Change." MS
  14. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    So when it is supposed to be getting warmer, but actually isnt, it is climate change, but if it gets colder it is just the weather. Got it. At least you people are predictable MS
  15. Delta IV on the pad T minus 4 at Vandenburg

    Looks like the Falcon Heavy static test will take place today (Saturday) between 5p-10p - IF it goes as scheduled. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/space-news/test-fire-of-spacex-falcon-heavy-rocket-moves-to-saturday MS