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  1. Mr. Squirrel

    The F1 2020 thread

    Will be interested to see how this pans out. All 8 teams not running Ferrari PUs signed on MS
  2. Mr. Squirrel

    The F1 2020 thread

    I found this story interesting. It may just be to pacify the tifosi and show SF are not asleep at the switch, but then again if SF show up in AUS with a DAS system on their car.... MS
  3. Mr. Squirrel

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Too many to count. The Fog The Thing Jaws Nightmare on Elm Street The Exorcist The Shining A Clockwork Orange Hellraiser Fuck it. Why did I watch horror movies? MS
  4. Mr. Squirrel

    Lake Michigan Sailors - Road Trip Ideas

    When I lived in Traverse City we used to do a cool Leelenau circle tour a few times a year. We started in Traverse City, but if you are coming from the South it works too. Our first stop was Empire and then up to North Bar Lake. It was really cool, super deep lake that is separated from Lake Michigan by a small dune. Occasionally the water would be high enough and the dune low enough that the lake would be connected to Lake Michigan. It has been years but you used to be able to dive in off the edge and not touch the bottom. Next up was Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive to the top of the dunes. From there we would stop for a beer in Glen Arbor and then on to Pyramid Point. A beer in Leeland and then all the way up to Leelanau State Park. A stop for a beer and couple games of pool in Northport before heading to Suttons Bay for dinner and some more beer before heading back home. You can obviously adjust your alcohol intake accordingly, but it is a nice full day in a beautiful part of the state of Michigan. MS
  5. I practice at least 1 hour every week with my EDC firearm and over the last few months I have taken several classes to get better at drawing from concealment, responding to dynamic situations, etc. To this point in my 50+ years on this planet I have never been faced with a situation where I had to choose if I live or someone/something else does. All the practice in the world will not help me rationalize the finality of that decision. I carry because if I am ever faced with that decision I assume my training will kick in. It is my conscious self when I am sitting at the computer that wonders if I can pull the trigger when/if the time comes. MS
  6. Agreed. A buddy of mine once said, "You do realize if you decide to carry a weapon you have to be prepared to be in a gun fight." I am still not sure whether or not I could pull the trigger if the time ever comes, but I would rather have the option than not. MS
  7. Mr. Squirrel

    What's in your arsenal??

    1910 Remington 12A in Dogballs, Ruger 10/Dogballs, CZ 455 Dogballs CZ Scorpion, Sig P365, Sig P320 XCarry, G19 G3, and Shield 2.0 in 9mm. Shield EZ in .380 for the wifey Thompson Contender in .223 and 45-410 FN-FAL in 7.62x51 Browning BPS Trap 12 ga Apparently Mrs Squirrel's dad is leaving her a couple of Ruger Blackhawks and/or Redhawks. I havent seen them recently, but I hear he has them in .357, .41, and .44. I want the .41 MS
  8. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2019 and E too

    Turns out LH was summoned to see the stewards and he declined, thereby obliging the stewards to assess a 5 second penalty. Bummed for Sainz not getting to be on the podium with the rest. MS
  9. Mr. Squirrel

    whatcha think?

    And the price is right. MS
  10. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2019 and E too

    2021 Rules approved my WMSC. Binotto says he sees no point in delaying to 2022 as per MAP and RBR wish, so doubtful SF uses their veto power. Cars look good, but who knows if it is better or not. Different, yes. Better, TBD. MS
  11. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2019 and E too

    You have to decide if you want to take the RD at his word or not. Not matter reality, I think he was always going to say it played no part MS
  12. Mr. Squirrel

    F1 2019 and E too

    The interesting thing is I think Max knew he fucked up but thought only his last lap would get pitched and he would keep pole. He said he didnt see the flag, but saw the car. Seb was on the scene ahead of him and he significantly lifted yet Max chose not to lift. The only problem I had with the penalty was how long it took to announce it. Apparently they were reviewing an incident from earlier on and they couldnt call Max in until that review was completed. All things considered I think Masi is doing a pretty good job given he got dropped into the deep end with the passing of Charlie. MS
  13. I assume this is all related to people's self conceived notion they are more important than you. When you are the first to a 4 way stop and the next person just blows through ahead of you anyways - well they are more important than you. When people decide they dont need to wait their turn when a traffic light is out - they are more important than you. The assholes that drive on the should to get past traffic backups - they are more important than you. And most recent example was the dickhead at DTW airport last night who used a luggage trolley to hump suitcases and boxes onto the parking van and then left said trolley right in front of the steps to the bus blocking the rest of us from entering with our luggage. I kicked it out of the way and said loud enough for the whole bus to hear "What kind of asshole just leaves the trolley in front of the door." But clearly he was more important than the rest of us. Stupid cunt.... MS
  14. Mr. Squirrel

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Looks good. MS