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  1. LTR

    espo is a dick

    Never heard of her.
  2. The first time racing in the ocean. Had a blue whale breach near us. Also, the first time dolphins were at the bow, magical shit.
  3. LTR

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Not sure if it would have changed the overall outcome but he would have been most likely rescued or retrieved on Sat. Thankfully, no other racers were hurt during the SAR except for a minor hand laceration from what I have read. As a general comment/suggestion as it relates to the safety equipment you use. First and foremost, know how to use and inspect your gear, it's your sole responsibility. Personally, I'm not comfortable using guest or group gear. I contacted Spinlock directly and they gave me very clear instructions on what to look for, inspect and replace if necessary. I'm sure most if not all PFD manufactures will do the same. Lastly, do the two day SAS seminar. Being in the water with your follies, PFD, and entering a raft is sobering in calm sunny weather.
  4. LTR

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    You are incorrect, it is within the scope of the CYC to investigate a death that occurred during one of their events. Whether it is their sole responsibility or their oversight of the process ( if it includes multiple agencies) they have an obligation and maybe even a legal one. Not my area of expertise but they certainly maintain and enforce strict regulations for the Mac race. Seems logical that this would be an accident to learn from and if necessary make changes to their existing guidelines to ensure the safety of all the racers. The body recovery was all over the local news. And again, if you think they should not be notified or monitoring events in this tragic accident is surprising. We obviously disagree with the expectations and timing of an investigation that was promised, I'm ok to agree to disagree.
  5. LTR

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Seemed to be a pretty important part of the accident - investigation. At what time/point would it have been appropriate for the RC to request the PDF? Keeping in mind, this is the single most important part of the investigation imho. Let me rephrase - if an accident like this was to, unfortunately, occur again, at what point would it be appropriate to ask, and how should a RC go about the retrieval process? We are all saddened by this tragic accident, we are also expecting the CYC to follow through on their statement to investigate the accident. That's all. I expected a report similar to WIngnuts, maybe that will be provided at some point.
  6. LTR

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    This post is not insinuating, blaming, being disrespectful or any other demeaning word you can find to Imedi, the crew, family, friends or the sailing community in any capacity. Why hasn't the CYC come forward to address the destroyed "equipment" they promised to inspect and report on? The entire process into the investigation of this horrible accident has been handled so poorly it's embarrassing to the CYC and all the other parties involved in the so-called "report." Maybe I am premature and a thorough report will be published soon. The fact that a thorough investigation that was PROMISED and not conducted is so inept I find it appalling. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the Santarelli family, his friends, and the entire sailing community,” Chicago Yacht Club said in a statement last evening. CYC Rear Commodore Nick Berberian said that the club would investigate Santarelli’s death, including his personal flotation device. Flame retardant jacket on, so flame away.
  7. LTR

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    What part of my statement do you disagree with?
  8. LTR

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    This happened in Cook County, AKA Crook County. I'm not surprised by anything that happens in Chicago. Do an annual safety check of your PFD. Not that hard and takes only a few minutes. I replaced my light and CO2 cartridge this year, also performed a manual inflation and let the PFD sit for two days to ensure that there is not a slow leak with the bladder. You and solely you are responsible for your safety equipment.
  9. LTR

    newbie bowman tips

  10. LTR

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    I agree with you to some extent and I also agree with the majority of people in this thread as well. I'm constantly frustrated with Chicago and the allocation of resources for the lakefront. However, this is not the place nor the time to have that discussion which I will be more than happy to participate in. I'm a bit disappointed especially since this incident occurred so close to shore. Again, I do understand and realize that a massive search was conducted and the decision to call it off was heart-wrenching for everyone involved. Years ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited for a race on Imedi. Amazing group of sailors that were extremely welcoming and very experienced. My deepest condolences to everyone touched by this incident directly or indirectly. I raced the Mac in 2011 and I remember the somber feeling on the island once we arrived. Time to provide as much support and comfort to the community as possible. I know we are all sending positive thoughts and prayers to everyone affected and wish a safe return home for all the racers.
  11. LTR


    Post some of your favorite sailing videos from youtube.
  12. Think the Flimsy is sea worthy? Wait, that never stopped him before.
  13. Let's discuss his next move. How long in Saipan? Will he leave via boat or plane? What will be the next land mass he arrives on? So many questions.
  14. Your sailing master...... More like your drifting master.
  15. Has to be FAKE NEWS........ Bwahahahabaah