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  1. Serge A. Storms


    So tall you'd have to go up on her.....
  2. Serge A. Storms

    2018 DN North Americans -

    And another..... This and the one above are from the Oxelösund Regatta / January 27th 2018 / Kisängsfjärden, Nyköping and the Meijer DN Cup 2018 Want to give it a try? Go to Click the "Get Started" button on any of these sites and join the fun.... Hard water sailing is the BOMB.
  3. Serge A. Storms

    2018 DN North Americans -

    This was shot over in Sweden a few days ago- watch for the love-tap at about 20 seconds in and the spin out just after the first mark rounding....
  4. Serge A. Storms

    Favorite Holiday Song?

  5. Serge A. Storms

    Favorite Holiday Song?

  6. Serge A. Storms

    Favorite Holiday Song?

  7. Serge A. Storms

    Iceboating Anarchy

    Fast is fun.... And pretty much nothing is faster than an iceboat! If you are interested in getting on the ice this year and live in NE be sure to check out the NEIYA Tune Up Clinic tomorrow in Canton, MA... This clinic is always informative, instructive, and if nothing else you'll leave with a head full of knowledge and a full belly! Info here or scroll around Date: Saturday December 9th Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company 85 Jackson St, Canton, MA 02021 Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day Clinics start right off at 10:30 AM 10:30 – Bob Haag will talk about and demo chock and runner alignment. Misaligned chocks are slow! 11:15 – Chad Atkins– Sail Trim – Chad will demonstrate what he has learned developing sails for North and the DN Class. We will have a fully rigged boat and a sail hung horizontally so you can really see shape. 12 Noon – Lunch Rumors of Venison stew, the Lamb’s famous chili and hot dogs 12:30 – James “T” Thieler– He will discuss and demonstrate what your plank should look like and the effects of different stiffnesses 1:15 – TBD Runner profile benefits. Steve will tackle questions we have all had. 18” of flat? More? Less? Why? 2:00 – Eben Whitcomb – Safety and Race Rules- really something we can’t talkabout enough, and a good refresher for everyone. All Ice boaters are Welcome to this Clinic Racers, Cruisers, Voyeurs and Vagabond. OLD ICEBOAT IN THE BARN? BRING IT. WE’LL TAKE A LOOK AND HELP GET YOU ON THE ICE THIS SEASON. In addition we welcome any newcomers trying to get into ice boating and onto the ice this season.
  8. Serge A. Storms

    HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    Anyone tried one of these? Here in RI we are stuck with Cox Communications for cable and internet service and they are expensive and pretty much universally hated by everyone. Wondering if these things actually work? What's the catch? Any type or brand better than another? Internet research makes them sound like a magic bullet but would like to know if anyone here has any real world experience with them- Any and all feedback appreciated! Thanks, Serge
  9. Serge A. Storms


    Hate to piss in your cereal but I had a Cherokee in the early 90's Biggest piece of shit automobile I ever owned. Lousy mileage, no interior space, tons of wind noise on the highway, and it began falling apart before I was off the lot at the dealer. I've been a mini-van guy ever since.
  10. Serge A. Storms

    Walter Becker DTS

    This really hits home- Becker did an album called "11 Tracks Of Whack" that is one of my all time favorites- Check out a song called "Surf And/Or Die" Has a slightly different meaning now but a really good song from a really good album. I'm in that age group where I have "Aja" on vinyl, casette, CD and in my iPod. Amazing what he and Fagan were able to create, and what a roster of musicians they utilized- "Aja" has a different phenomenal drummer on just about every song. RIP Walter- Thanks for the great music and have fun doing take after take in the big recording studio in the sky. Serge
  11. Serge A. Storms

    So Long Spicey, We'll Miss Ya

    1- I understand that Spicer was getting paid about $170,000 / year. Not bad but there is no way I would humiliate myself the way he has for that little dough 2- If he knew he was "resigning" he should have had some fun with it- Some good one-liners at Donny's expense would have been great 3- Good bet that the book advance has been in his bank account for a month, the book has already been (ghost) written, and it will be on the shelves very soon. Look for Spidey on the book tour in a town near you any day now!
  12. Serge A. Storms

    One Small step for man...

    Apollo 11 Moon landing- was not quite a year old but mom held me in front of the TV so I could say I saw it. I remember seeing later launches live- I LOVED all the fire and flames. I was and still am a total pyromainiac. Read how they started the 1st stage engines here- total engineer porn! Challenger- Home from high school (senior year) due to snow. Watching the dishwasher repair guy work on the busted Maytag when my friend Andy calls and says turn on the TV.... Columbia- On the ice in Plattsburgh NY waiting for opening ceremony of 2003 DN Ice Yacht worlds to get underway when I notice one of the scorekeepers is weeping.... Great movie about the moon landing called "The Dish" You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll cheer out loud! Check it out if you haven't seen it....
  13. Serge A. Storms

    Gregg Allman DTS

    Interesting interview from a few years back.....
  14. Serge A. Storms

    Man-buns: finally a reason.....

    The Man-Bun. Known in some circles as a "bitch-handle"