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  1. Serge A. Storms

    Most egregious cheats?

    Thanks- Part of the history of the boat I guess! Crazy times back in the day....
  2. Serge A. Storms

    Most egregious cheats?

    Can you tell me what happened with Louisiana Crude? I got to sail on her once, always thought she was a cool boat- would love to hear the story- Serge
  3. Serge A. Storms

    Aquarium Anarchy

    My little pond in my living room.... Set up to look like any pond here in RI- gravel, branches, bottles, beer cans, rocks.... Wish I could get the plants to grow better- PM me with any advice! Also note all local fish- one largemouth bass and three catfish- they live in the cans and bottles, generally only come out if they smell food. What a life! Serge
  4. Serge A. Storms

    Random PicThread

  5. Serge A. Storms

    Old pics you found

    Thanks Steamer- interesting to finally dig into this one- You can just make out a "U" on the mainsail of the stbd tack boat- Would it be odd for a challenger and defender to be that close to each other in those days? F-1 sailed the challenger trials in 1974 and COURAGEOUS won that year so it could be COURAGEOUS.... Looks like she had all the grinders and gear and most of the people down below deck level- I guess that was still legal in 1974?
  6. Serge A. Storms

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    Old canvas jib bag... Boat was built in 1907, have to wonder how old the bag is!
  7. Serge A. Storms

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    Classic snap-front jacket, stylish yellow fuzz lining from early 1980's. I found about a dozen of these when I was cleaning out the boat shed. Damn if the thing isn't still warm!
  8. Serge A. Storms

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    My old Skelley Sails hiking pads from 1988! I used them last summer and they still did the job- The Aigle dinghy boots I had from back then literally turned to dust up in the attic a few years ago....
  9. Serge A. Storms

    Old pics you found

    A much younger version of yours truly with my first racing DN- I still kick myself for breaking that mast (operator error) later that season!
  10. Serge A. Storms

    Older well known IOR Boats

    INTUITION- Not sure if these are the same boat, but the one on port is INTUITION- Another boat that ended up being donated to St Mary's College back in the day.... Can anyone tell me what the boat on starboard is? Thought it was also INTUITION but it has a different sail number...
  11. Serge A. Storms

    Trump stopping funding for the WHO

    So the US has sent just shy of 58 Million to the WHO- Isn't that roughly half of what the Orange Man's golfing habit has cost the American taxpayer? Priorities.... Ugh.
  12. Serge A. Storms

    Old pics you found

    FRANCE crossing another 12- Can anyone tell which boat is on starboard? And what year? Have been wondering about this since I found the photo years ago...
  13. Serge A. Storms

    Old pics you found

    SVERIGE in 1977 or 1980. One of my favorite 12's
  14. Serge A. Storms

    Old pics you found

    Looks like the headstay has let go in the photo....
  15. Serge A. Storms

    Old pics you found

    CAYANNE in about 1983 All I know about this boat was we sailed her at St. Mary's College- Don't know much about her history before that but at SMC she was the first "big boat" a lot of us ever laid eyes on or sailed on- Also partied on. It was known around campus that the donated boats at the waterfront (also ROGUE'S ROOST, REVELRY, RACONTEUR) were left unlocked so the students had a place to go hump without having to deal with roommates- many thanks to the waterfront director for coming up with that policy! Great times....